sumif condition

  1. W

    Sumifs+index formula help!!

    Hello , NEw to this forum and would to get help(first thank you in advanced)!! I need help to create a formula that sum the following Summary below? <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>
  2. T

    Array formula to sum data that meets multiple criteria.

    Hi, Everyone I am having trouble finding the best formula to calculate how much i spent on a particular item per year. The issue that I am having is when my monthly payment spreads across multiple years, I can't seem to create a working formula that can account for the cost that spreads into...
  3. A

    Sumif using indirect function

    I have a series of tabs, all of which are named by week end date. I also have a totals tab. What I want to do is have the totals tab autosum all of the other tabs even when new tabs are added. All tabs are formatted the same, Is the best function to use here Sumif with indirect and if so how...
  4. C

    Conditional Sums

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet. See below I need to count only rows that have the correct text in the same row and 1 row off. <tbody> Backs Paid Bonus Combos Paid Bonus Client 1 Combos Paid 100 Bonus 50 Client 2 Combos Paid 100 Bonus 50 Client 3 Backs Paid 150...
  5. J

    Sum IF Duplicate Value in New Column Without Consolidation

    I am struggling with a datasheet that has the results of every email campaign I have run. It Contains columns: <tbody> EMAIL NAME COMPANY OPENS TITLE LIST Email List </tbody> Email addresses appear on the sheet based on their presence on the email results, so many email addresses appear...
  6. T

    Question on SUMIF vs SUMPRODUCT and how to return a total in one column based on values in other columns

    I have a massive excel spreadsheet of data that contains thousands of URLS and web performance data. My table structure is: Col B = Microsite Col I = URLs Col S = Total Page Views I am trying get extract the total in range S3:S1048576 where the values in range B3:B1048576 = "xyz", and the...
  7. D


    My Scenario is as follows:- in Cell G5, there is a value of 20 USD in Cell K5, there is a value of 15 USD I want to add G5+K5, but if K5 or G5 value is 0 then it will not show the result on M5 How to do it? Regards Desert Fox
  8. W

    SUMIF of multiple occasions

    Hi All, Im trying to find a formula that will allow me to return a sum from one column every time a match is found in multiple other columns... The book is detailing work done on different projects during the week and reporting the total time for each project for that week <tbody> Mins Time...
  9. R

    How to use ISFORMULA() as a criteria for SUMIF function?

    Good day! What I'm trying to achieve on the example below is to show on cell D8 the sum of the values on column D plus a constant factor from either column A or B, depending if the value in D is a Formula or a Number. If the value in D is a formula, I have to add to the total the...
  10. A

    Sum Specific cells if match criteria in another cell

    Hi, I have over 8000 line excel report which lists all items in a quotes. I need to add column for "Extended List Price" only for the lines that are for the same quote Example: I need for the code to be able to scan my report and average the discount % but only for the same quotes . Currently...
  11. A

    Multi variables in sum if , not working.!?

    Hi I want to run a table whereby it looks at 2 variables from a data list and populate a table. Eg see below. I want the formulae to look up the spend figure where a match to say Car 1 and Green ( ie 3). Any advice? SUMIF not working! Thanks alot <COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 116pt...
  12. C

    Multi-conditional sum across multiple sheets.

    =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT(""&list&"!J$22"),"=1",INDIRECT(""&list&"!J4"))) This formula works great for summing cell J4 across 94 sheets based on the condition that J22=1. However, I can't figure out how to add a second condition - K22=1. If anyone could help me modify this formula so that...
  13. B

    SUMIF with an OR As a follow up to this question yesterday. Same document, same Or statment, but now I want to do this... A1$20 B1 Registered A2$70 B2 Walked A3$100 B3 Ordered A4$50 B4 Registered A5$60 B5 Pass A6$70 B6...
  14. P

    SUMIF problem

    I tried to get totals per months of a list of transactions: Col B: date in yy-mm-dd (dates are not always in chronological order) Col C: transaction decription (not needed) Col D: amount Cells I9 to I20 month in numbers 1 - 12 I would like to have the totals per month in cells J9 to J20 I have...
  15. T

    Troubleshoot SumIf

    Need help with troubleshooting sumif, using Excel 2003 In the Total column, I want to sum Jan to Mar only if the Fruit is equal to Oranges; so desired value is 15. Using "=SumIf(A3,"Oranges",C3:E3) returns a value of 5 (only January). What's the correct formula syntax so that I get a value...
  16. M

    sumif where date is empty or later than today

    Hello, I have two columns. A with date, B with numbers. Both have several lines of headers. I want to sum the cells in B where the corresponding cells in A are either empty or have a future date. How? Thank you,

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