sumif /sumifs vertically

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    Returning a value in a column offset from its criteria

    Hello I need help summing data in a column if the range of columns falls on a certain day. See below for an example of my Gantt spreadsheet. It is divided into 8 hour days. The jobs are on the left side "Y" axis and their progress is depicted in each row. To the right of the job are the...
  2. H

    SUMIFS Using 3 Distinct Criteria

    Good Morning, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out with the following question: I have built a spreadsheet that generates data on a monthly basis for 100 distinct "blocks" (January through December, vertically oriented, 100 times; the example below features only 2 months for 1 of...
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    weighted sumif not working as expected

    Hi I've got a formula that's not working, as expected. Please find below a very simple sample of the data and formulae I've used: If you copy and paste the data below, it should go from cell A1:H7. I'd like to use a sumif to do two things 1) get the weight of the "Promo sales" for each...
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    Sumif/sumifs in vertical value

    Hi, I have a question regarding Sumif As we all know Sumif doing sum of horizontal data there is any way to sum the vertical value while using of Sumif/sumifs function .? Please I need ur help

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