1. M

    Not Equal To (<>) not working in SUMIFS

    Hello all, I can't get Not Equal To <> syntax to work in my SUMIFS formula. SUMIFS is returning value as if Not Equal To criteria does not exist. Data tab is queried data table that contains text...
  2. G

    SUMIFS with Multiple Criteria in one column

    Hi, would appreciate any help with this, I want to have multiple option matches against one column, is this possible ? =SUMIFS('Finance'!$M:$M,'Finance'!$V:$V, OR(AL7,AL8,AL9,AL10,AL11,AL12,AL13),'Finance'!$C:$C, D29) Thanks Gavin
  3. D

    Excel VBA program to detect automatically

    Hi folks Need your help, I am beginner Excel VBA coder. I got stuck on developing a program, I have following data set: - There is a database of card transactions of individuals - Time coverage is more than 3 years - Number of transactions is more than 1 000 a day - each transaction has...
  4. R

    sumifs + table error

    Hi. I'am currently working on a simple in out inventory using barcode scanning and im having difficulty in arranging things. mainly Im using sumifs and vlookup function to make this possible and Im stock. I hope someone can help with this. i have created table with headers this is my master...
  5. H

    Sum values based on multiple words found in string of text

    Hello, I have what I think to be a tricky VBA job. I have two tables, one with single names, and the other with full names. I am going to assign a numerical sum based on the combination of single names found in full names. For example: Bob = 5, Michael = 6, Scott = 7. With name and number...
  6. S

    SUMIFS based on text criteria between selected dates

    =SUMIFS($K$17:$L$1000,$G$17:$G$1000,"win**",$B$17:$B$1000,">="&$R$663,$B$17:$B$1000,"<="&$R$664) K:L range I want to sum in [h]:mm G Text condition B date range. I can select dates in R663 and R664 I have tried the text condition (G) at the end but both returns #VALUE!. Where have I gone...
  7. L

    SUMIFS/INDEX-MATCH based on criteria in 2 rows and 1 column

    I'm using Google Sheets. In another tab, I'm trying to match in the values (in the white part of the table) based on the three criteria. So for example, I'm wanting to match in the 0.2856... for criteria: Member #1, 1, A.
  8. L

    SUMIFS with 2 row and 1 column Google sheets

    I'm trying to match in a value (either using SUMIFS or INDEX MATCH) based on multiple criteria (two rows, one column).
  9. D

    sumif or sumifs with concatenated values

    Hello folks, I have problem in collating the results from table. Following is the data i have . Here i need to combine the count for test names and test names(failed). i.e., I need to take and collate Blue and Blue(Failed). However this shouldn't include "Blue ocean" entities. Test runs...
  10. F


    I have 12 sheets that needs to be summarises based on months and withdrawals and item codes. so i created a range name and named it Donors I then proceeded to use this formulae. however, the answer ends up being #ref! I8:I200 has the withdrawals, D8:D200 has the months, Table13[[#Headers],[Jan]]...
  11. J

    HELP - Complex SUMIF - SUM of PRODUCTS of two cells IF another cell is within a specified date range

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and so apologise if I have posted this to the incorrect thread, etc. What I am trying to do is quite simple in theory, but I cannot get a variation of SUMIFS, SUM and IF to do the job. The context is this: I am looking to create a resource for a client couple...
  12. C

    Sumif(s) with OR criteria in multiple columns

    Hi everyone. I am trying to write a SUMIF() formula that pulls in a total from one column if either one of two other columns is greater than zero. Value1 Value2 Value3 500 0 1000 0 200 2000 100 100 5000 0 0 4000 So my psuedo code would be: If value1>0 OR value2>0 SUM...
  13. M

    SUMIFS with multiple criteria multiple columns

    I need to write an excel function to find total recorded cars based on Region and Direction Please consider that I can ONLY use Sum, Sumif, and Sumifs and i can't use Use SUMPRODUCT or if.
  14. L

    Reference to a specific 2 cells

    Hi, I have sales for Target product A, B, C, D and then sales for Amazon product A, B, Walmart product A, D. How do I calculate what were the percentage of sales for each customer/product referring to Target/ specific product? Thank you in advance. Lena
  15. A

    VBA SumIfs return both 0s and correct results

    So I have a piece of codes using SumIfs to return Quarterly Totals, breakdown by Quarter and Yearly Total, breakdown by year. However, The Yearly Total, Q1 Total,Q1 breakdown, Q2 Total, Q2 breakdowns return correct results while Q3 and Q4 breakdowns all have 0s, even though Q3 and Q4 Totals...
  16. L


    Good Day, I am trying to solve this issue, but I didn't find any mistake in the formula. Could someone please help me check or correct the formula? Thank you You can check the file in this link: TEST FORMULA.xlsx 😁😁😁
  17. H

    SUMIFS VBA Code on multiple worksheets

    Hi All, I would like to know on how to write VBA code for SUMIFS on multiple worksheets. Right now I am using SUMIFS but my data is more than 60000 Rows and using the function SUMIFS is very slow. I need a VBA code to extract the data from worksheet 1 and into the rest of the worksheets by...
  18. P

    Consider first occurrence while using SUMIFS

    Following table data is my challenge. Can anyone help me to resolve this. I need two formula that can 1. Return -5000 on the first line using criteria company, code and month in a cell and 2. Return -5000 on the second line using the same criteria mentioned above in another cell Sometimes...
  19. D

    Extracting Data From SUMIFS

    Okay so on a pivot table if you double click a search result you get a new sheet showing the results. I am wondering if there is a method to replicate this from data returned by a sumifs formula?
  20. C

    SUMIFS with IF and AND functionality

    Team, the code and formulas i have typed into a few of my cells trying to figure this out has turned into a monster i have lost control of. Details are below. This spreadsheet is used to summarize overtime for everyone on a shift for a single day. Column F gets numbers manually entered. Column...

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