1. D

    DAX Addcolumns

    Can someone help with addcolumns, I have SUMMARIZE; EVALUATE SUMMARIZE ( Table1, Table1[Date], Table1[Item], "JA", CALCULATE ( SUM ( Table1[Units] ), ALL ( Table1 ) ), "RA", SUM ( Table1[Units] ) ) but want to use ADDCOLUMNS, so, EVALUATE ADDCOLUMNS ( VALUES (...
  2. A

    Summarize data from five different columns and maintain column labeling and format

    Hello, I have set of data of time spent on various activities, tasks, and projects for a set of clients over a period of time. I'm looking to summarize that data to determine how much time was spent each day on each combination of the activity, task, project, and client. I tried a pivot table...
  3. B

    Sunmarize list

    Hello, I need help summarize list on people ordering which items. I currently have 50 lists of items and more than 100 people. I’ve done most of the part but it’d be nice if I can show which person order which item and how many in a different sheet. Please do help me.Thank you
  4. C

    Summarize data with multiple criteria

    Hi, I need help to summarize data as shown in picture. sum up duplicate invoices amount. Thanks [/URL][/IMG]
  5. A

    SUMIFS wrong for one specific time frame.

    I am trying to make an excel sheet where I summarize values happening between different hours. So for hour 02:00 I want to summarize everything happening between 02:00-03:00. That would include time frames 02:00-03:00, 01:00-04:00 etc. The values I currently have are the ones seen below, which...
  6. S

    Summarize two different tables

    Hello, I have a Question. I want to add two different columns from two different tables. How do i realize that in Dax. Which Function should I use? headoffice[Auftrags-Nr] and headpointofsale[Beleg-Nr]
  7. E

    How to summarize info with formulas?

    Hi, Can someone please help me with this? I have 5 column of raw data like this: Employee, Month, Day, Type of task, Hours Without using pivot tables, I would like to summarize the information in a table like this: <tbody> Dec-18 Jan-19 Feb-19 Total quater Days Days Days...
  8. A

    VBA to summarize data

    Hello, Can someone help me out with creating a VBA code to summarize the following data set? <colgroup><col style="width: 25pxpx"><col><col></colgroup><thead>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] D E </thead><tbody> 1 SKU Ordered 2 #FFFFFF[/URL] "]00001-BLACK-S #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: right"]1 3...
  9. M

    SUM Several Workbooks with Worksheets into one

    HI Forum I've got a question on how to create a summary workbook Here is what I have. - about 15 files, all with 20 sheets - all with different content, but exactly the same structure Here is what I need: - 1 file with the same 20 sheets and the same structure but all the cells are...
  10. M

    Get MEDIAN from summarized column?

    I would like to get a median value for refund checks. My ERP data however lists checks multiple times in the table: Voucher # Voucher $ Check # Check $ ABC $10 001 $20 DEF $10 001 $20 and so on. So it is necessary to...
  11. Y

    Excel SUMPRODUCT question

    Need help please: At cell P177 this function apears: =SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(2,OFFSET(P8,ROW(P8:P162)-ROW(P8),0,1)),--(P8:P162=1)) At this situation the function summarize the total appearances of number 1 between cells P8 to P162. Now I want to update the function, that it will summarize the...
  12. L

    Macro to summarize data from forms made in excel

    Hi I have a folder with 100+ forms made in excel, and I need to summarize them in a new workbook as a data base. The data is in certain cells and merged ranges, like Name:"K30", Date of Birth:"D32:E32", Address:"G27:H27" and I want to paste them in single cells (Name in A1, A2, A3, etc. DoB in...
  13. M

    Calendar/Scheduling Sheet

    I manage a small business and have been asked to summarize a calendar we have in Excel. Basically we clean buildings every quarter - 1x a year is a full cleaning, 2x are just outside, and 1x sweep/vacuum but not full cleaning --> full and sweep can't be right after each other. We schedule out...
  14. S

    What is Microsoft Access?

    I personally never used this program before in my life. So if anybody can be so kind to summarize what the purpose of this program is for, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  15. M

    Remove filter from results of SUMMARIZE

    I have created a measure to look at the top 500 SKUs (by forecast) which are then bucketed into forecast unit volume groups returning count of SKU. The measure works at company level but when a hierarchical range slicer is included on my pivot, this slicer also acts on the summarize function to...
  16. Z

    summarize values by year and month

    Hi, I have sample data: 2016-11-20 12 2016-11-23 10 2016-12-01 45 2017-03-08 34 2017-03-09 20 2017-05-15 13 How can I summarize it on column chart in such a way as values would grouped by month and year? November 2016: 22 December 2016: 45 March 2017: 54 May 2017: 13 ?
  17. S

    Summarize Data by Person, Location, and, Week

    Our HR department wants me to create an easy way for them to summarize the following data: Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="width: 30px; font-weight: bold;"><col style="width: 138px;"><col style="width: 138px;"><col style="width: 109px;"><col style="width: 74px;"><col style="width...
  18. C

    Determine the right formula

    I have a very large data set, over 600k rows, that will eventually be a pivot table, but I want to summarize the data. Creating a pivot table and trying to summarize using that isn't working. I need to figure out whats the count of customers that receive 4 or more cases in a single delivery...
  19. M

    Rank summarised results...

    Hi, I know I can use SUMMARIZE to create a grouped and summed table using DAX, but how do I then sort/rank the resulting table? Here's my DAX formula as it stands Aggregated Table = SUMMARIZE( 'Table1,Table1[Column1], "Total", SUM(Table1[Column2]) ) I was hoping to add a function...
  20. D

    Vlookup in a range and summarize each total

    Hello guys, Can someone help me with this case? I want to sum all impressions per item in the LOOKUP list. The Input Name often contain others words which can be before or after the city name. Also there can be a difference in capital letter and small letter for city names. Please see the...

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