summary report

  1. N

    VBA Summary in excel

    I have a table with repeated and data I need to add up from those repeated names. I have some vba code that summarizes the data from all worksheets, but only gets the first match of the name, and I need all matches in a sheet. Can someone please help. I have the names in column B, and data I...
  2. N

    Excel summary from 4 tables in the same sheet

    I have an excel sheet that has 4 tables, one below the other, and they have a set of names and costs in certain columns. I need to make a summary, that includes the four tables in all the sheets in the workbook. This is the code I have, but it only works for the first table, and the other tables...
  3. W

    Consolidated data in the Summary page

    HI All, Nice to meet you all. I am a study currently working as an assistant in an educational institution on a voluntary basis. I am going to consolidated the exam result of students and performing analysis. The system we currently using is able to generate the result of each student as...
  4. L

    Daily Statistics from a List

    Hello- Newbie here. I am generating data from a small water supply meter every minute and want to get statistics from the data. There are 1440 lines every day and I would like to get a summary report for a month. Ideally I would like Daily statistics. Like Min, Max and Average for each day...
  5. L

    Summarizing several workbooks

    I have worked in excel for a number of years but have always done things the hard/long way I guess you could say. Looking for a little help with a fairly large task to save a bit of time and sanity. I have 4 years of data that I need to total and summarize. Within those 4 years I have 25...
  6. M

    How to create a weekly summary of entries contained on multiple worksheets...

    Hi, I've created a macro that searches and then auto populates a form based on customer details. It then keeps a record of customer contacts made by sales reps. I am now trying to add the functionality to produce a weekly report of activity by reps. Each customers records are stored on its...
  7. T

    copy paste calendar tab cells to summary page

    I have 52 tabs that i want to link to a summary tab. each tab has a different date, by week (7 day increments) i have 14 different columns for 14 different 'districts'. i have already linked the first column (52 rows for each week of the year) to the summary page. Question - how to i copy and...
  8. J

    Populating a summary sheet with selective data

    ok, I appreciate the title of this post is not going to attract many viewers... but i've a problem, and it's one that is starting to make my eyes bleed...! so... i guess a brief idea of the situation, and an example will help: I have a day-to-day spreadsheet with a list of clients, and info on...
  9. C

    I have no idea even how to ask this! LOL

    I use an excel template that I designed for estimating. In the template, I "Save As" each time with a new client or estimate that I do, to create a unique Excel Workbook. What I want to do, is figure out how to get the value in a certain cell (total of the estimate), to go to another Excel file...
  10. O

    interactive drop down list

    Problem: how to create an interactive drop down list Version: Office 2007 I have been working quite some time on making an excel sheet and gone through quite a lot of tutorials. If this is already posted can you can please refer me to the original post. I have been working on a summary excel...
  11. S

    Summary Report?

    I'm working on some homework for a CIS class, that is pretty straight forward...except I don't know how to make a summary report in excel. any ideas? -Stan

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