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    Pulling specific data from multiple workbooks into one

    Hi all, I have been reading many of the posts on this board that have helped me immensely in learning VBA, however the macro that I’m working to create now hasn’t had a discussion that I’ve been able to find. I have about 15 files with different financial data in a folder; each file has...
  2. R

    FIND Question

    Hi! This seems like it should be pretty easy, but I can't get Excel to accept my formula. Maybe there's a better way to do what I am trying to do. There are two relevant tabs, "Total Summary" and "List." I am entering the formula on "Total Summary" to count items that meet specific criteria...
  3. J

    Count multiple worksheets qty of rows

    Hi, I have a number of workbooks, named by date they were created, and need a summary of how many rows each workbook has. Thanks Jon
  4. J

    Add Totals Column on multiple sheets

    Good day, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets and a 'Summary' sheet. I have a column in the Summary sheet named 'Balance as Per Schedule' and I want to sum the amounts in the 'Total' columns on each sheet by using the ID No as the criteria. Basically there is a column for 'Total' on...
  5. J

    Update columns with summation based on criteria in multiple sheets

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible and I have limited knowledge of macros. Here is what I want to achieve: I have a Summary Sheet with a list of names and ID numbers vertically and each month of the year horizontally as columns - e.g Jul 2019, Aug 2019, and so on. I will then have a tab...
  6. F

    Copy Data from One Workbook to Another

    Hello all, Should be a simple piece of code, but I'm getting a timeout error. I've got a workbook, let's call it "summary", which I want to put a macro in that will open another workbook, select all the data from a specific tab "CFG", and paste it into a tab, of the same name "CFG" within the...
  7. K

    Importing data from multiple workbooks to one sheet in master workbook

    Good day all. I'm busy to automate some of our time sheets and overtime reporting. Each employee completes his/her own timesheet in a Excel Spreadsheet. Some of this information is then merged into a monthly summary. At the end of the month the employee is using a button, with a Macro, to print...
  8. B

    Changing the month in a sheet name

    I have several files that I use every month. I have two sheets which include the current month that I am working on. For example, I'm starting the November file and I need to rename a couple of these sheets from Sept to Oct (I do commissions so we I am preparing the Oct commissions to be paid...
  9. Q

    How to create a search command box sheet to input one factor and display results specific to that factor

    Hi All, In case my subject line may not be self explanatory, apologies for that, I shall try to explain it better below. I have a data dump of a sheet. I want to create a sheet where I can get a summary of specific criteria/columns based on an input. I believe I would need to have an input...
  10. A

    Copy data based on column header from one sheet to another sheet with added criteria

    Dear All, Can anyone please help me with the VBA code for the below requirement ? I have a workbook with few sheets in it. I want to copy data from "Detailed" sheet to "Summary" sheet according to some selected column heading in row 2 of the "Summary" sheet. The same column heading are...
  11. J

    Sumproduct with Multiple Rows and Columns

    Hi guys, Although I've been reading for a number of years, this is my first post. Please bear with me if I do something incorrectly. I have a workbook that is basically taking invoices and rolling them up by date, truck number, and expense type. The problem is there can be multiple invoices...
  12. R

    Sum cells in different sheets - do not update relative location if cell moves

    Background: I am trying to build a rough what-if tool for team resource planning. I have separate sheets for different projects. I have a summary sheet that has totals. I can sum cells for a given resource across the sheets to show all planned work by person for a given time period, however if...
  13. K

    Mark a cell based on latest date (Excel 2013)

    Hello Excel Guru's, I need your help on how to do this in Excel 2013. I have 2 tabs, 1 for details (source data) and 1 for my summary (target). In the summary tab, I need to mark the Name of the animal with X if in the Remarks column the cell value is blank based on the latest End date. Hope...
  14. T

    VBA for copy/paste values of all workbooks in a folder

    I'm trying to find and figure out the vba code needed to copy selected cells from all workbooks in a folder and paste the values only into the new "master summary" workbook, incrementing each pasted value to the next available line. I've tried several different codes but still can't seem to get...
  15. G

    Merge different workbooks into one workbook. Setting order

    Hi all, I hope you could help me with this. I have 3 closed WB in a folder, in the following terms: A) WB "A". With one sheet called "A" B) WB "B". With one sheet called "B" C) WB "C". With one sheet called "C" I have another workbook, called "SUMMARY", in the same folder. What I need is to...
  16. T

    Sumproduct and offset issues

    Hi, I managed to have certain cells of my sheet1 reference others from sheet2 If a condition was met by using sumproduct. I managed to get this reference by using offset as I wanted to automate it by having it index numbers every 4 columns. it went smoothly while I was using no column offset...
  17. T

    Issues using Sumproduct with Offset

    Hi all, I'm having issues with a file I'm working with. to make it brief. I'm trying to get data from a second sheet (1) into my main sheet (2). the second sheet has data of budget spent every month for a range of work numbers, the total spent (which is the figure I want) is every 4th column...
  18. M

    Finding the Min and assigning to that category

    I have a spreadsheet with 2 separate sheets set up as follows List Department Shift State Home Health Nights Toys Nights Toys Days Sporting Goods Days Grocery Days Toys Nights Furniture Days Pets Nights The goal of this is to look at the summary sheet below and...
  19. K

    Adding information to a table with vba and userform

    Hi all. I have a spreadsheet for weekly time sheets. It has a sheet for each day of the week that the user fill his time and other job descriptions in on a daily basis. This is then converted with formulas to a summary sheet. Now they wants a additional monthly summary sheet for all the...
  20. A

    Formula to Find and Replace sheet reference in individual sheets

    Hi I have a workbook with 250 individual worksheets (named C1-C250) and a 'Data Summary' sheet. On each of the individual sheets (C1-C250) in need to display data from the 'Data Summary' sheet using a cell reference. So for example on sheet C1 I need to pull data from row 3 of the 'Data Summary...

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