1. S

    Excel for Mac - Visio ad-in does not work

    I just upgraded my software to 16.29.1 for Mac. The release notes tout a new Visio ad-in for excel. I loaded it from the store and it just show me a blank rectangle when it is supposed to have functionality. Anyone else having this issue? FYI, I am logged in to my O365 license (although...
  2. G

    Workbook not finding duplicated and missing entries

    Hi I have this workbook that is supposed to compare data in columns B-F against data in columns I-L and if missing from columns I-L it supposed to say MISSING in affected row in column G. It then supposed to look in columns I-L for duplicated entries and then if duplicated it marks one of the...
  3. B

    how to see if there's any unique values

    I've got data like this below. All the weights are supposed to be consistent. So for example all 3 pound weights are supposed to be $5, regardless of province. But there could be an error somewhere, such as in the last line. Is there a way to simply find all the difference prices for each...
  4. M

    wild window appears

    Hello everyone, I am facing a problem I never had so far while using vba : a specific lign of code bloc the programm and make a window appear but it is supposedly not supposed to do so. The window isn't an Excel control or anything, just a normal file directory's window asking me to select a...
  5. T

    Help to resolve last value

    Hi to all, I’m tried to make a formula to get the last value acomulative in cels from B thru E. This is the formula and the result that I obtain is 0. =if(E2<>””,E2,if(D2<>””,D2,if(C2<>””,C2,B2))) The last value is in Cel D and it’s supposed to be 3. Value in Cel B is 1, Cel C is 2 and Cel D...
  6. G

    Help with GetPivotData

    Hi, I cannot seem to get all parts of my formula to calculate. I have created the formula for 243 rows, but even though the formula is supposed to calculate correctly for all rows, it seems to work for some rows but not for the rest where it is supposed to calculate. My formula is as...
  7. DataBlake

    Formula to return value if cell contains a character within the first 10 characters

    I am stumped. i don't know why i can't figure this out. Or maybe theres a more efficient way to do this so i'll be super descriptive. So in column C: #1 is how it is supposed to look, but it may also have a P or LT in front of it. #2 & #3 are examples of P and LT, but they are also...
  8. S

    second grader homework

    Hi I am trying to work on a puzzle for my second grader to learn math. I am trying to dupelicate it in excel with rand number generator. Its a subtraction problem and sometimes the second number or third # is bigger than the first. Is there a way to program excel to hit F9 if the result is...
  9. L

    workbook.colors , what is used for?

    Hi I wrote the code below but did nothing. What this code supposed to do? Thank you so much. ActiveWorkbook.Colors(5) = RGB(255, 0, 0)
  10. R

    Saving as csv

    Hi Excel gurus, Excel csv format when i save my date as yyyy-mm-dd, as text. Then i open the file, it converts into yyyy/mm/dd which is not supposed to be. please advise how to keep the “-“ format. Cheers!
  11. M

    Formula gone wrong after it was working fine

    Hi guys, I used this formula before and that I had to make some changes, it stopped functioning the way it supposed to in I7, this is the formula IF(A7="","",INDEX(C$1:H$1,MATCH(MAX(IF(C7:H7<>"",C$15:H$15-C$5:H$5/1000)),IF(C7:H7<>"",C$15:H$15-C$5:H$5/1000),0))) The formula is supposed to...
  12. E

    ExecWB Issue

    I am trying to copy a web page into Excel. If I manually go to the page, right click and choose Select All and the Copy, I can then paste everything into Excel. If I use ExecWB 17, 0 which is supposed to be Select All, and then ExecWB 12,0 which is supposed to copy, not all of the page gets...
  13. D

    Inverting Chart Colour

    I would like to be able to add inverted chart colours with vba using RGB Here is what I tried to do but is not working correctly The first part is supposed to set the positive colour and the second part is supposed to set the negative colour ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 6").Activate...

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