1. V

    Compare 3 sets of data and display percentage of new entries

    Hello, we are running 3 surveys and we would like to compare how many new participants we are getting each time. We have 3 sets of email addresses from each survey. I will really appreciate your help on that, Thanks!
  2. S

    Having trouble building pivot, do I need to transform my data?

    Hi all, I'm trying to build a pivot on data from a survey. The survey is very simple in that respondents were just asked to rate 5 different items on a scale from "not important" to "very important." I want to build a pivot that has a column for each survey item and a row for each of the 5...
  3. B

    RE: Formula help

    RE: Formula help Hi All I am after some help if you dont mind.. I basically have a sheet called "Survey's & Checklists" and within that I have a Cell E3 (PS Survey Completed) for which I would enter "Yes". I also have another cell in that sheet (PS Survey Completed Date) G3. I also contains a...
  4. K

    Counting values based on dates across two datasets

    Hi there, I’m hoping someone here can help with this. I have two sets of data that I want to match up. One set shows me when a person used an app: The other set shows me when the same people answered a survey (about the app): I need to know how to put these two sets of data together...
  5. G

    Count only rows with data, without using fixed columns

    Hello I want to count only the rows that contain at least one cell of data (text OR numbers), within a specified range of columns. However, I don't want to specify the range of columns using their fixed column letter names, but using the text in row 1 as the column header. (This Row 1 text is...
  6. S

    Dragging INDIRECT Formula with a COUNTIF

    Hi I've been pulling my hair out for hours trying to figure this out with no luck. I am collating data this is pulled in via a Google Survey to a Google Sheet. When the survey gets a submission it adds a new row so I have used the INDIRECT and COUNTIF formula on a separate sheet to count the...
  7. N

    Searching a survey for responses using VBA code

    Hello! I'm making a survey that requires a response on every question. I have everything coded in VBA so that when an answer is selected on a check box all results are tabulated. However, I'm at a loss as to how I would create a button that interrogates the entire survey to ensure an answer has...
  8. S

    Inserting and resizing pics

    I will apologize up front. I am not a VBA guy. I have modified some code in the past but even with what I am finding here I can't seem to put it all together. What I have is a site survey where techs need to add pictures into one particular sheet. I need to accomplish the following: Import...
  9. E

    Chart to compare two data sets

    I'm trying to produce an excel chart to show responses to a survey from two different sources. e.g. What trends do you think are permanent or temporary? Apples - P,T,NS Pears - P,T,NS Now there are results from a National survey and then results from Local survey. The options people select...
  10. C

    Survey Question with Multiple Answers in Multiple Columns

    Hello, I have received a spreadsheet with survey results and many of the questions have multiple answers in multiple columns. For example: <tbody> Respondent Where do you keep the product? Home Car Work Home Car Rental...
  11. B

    Creating a merge from a folder

    I have situation where we have an ongoing survey where the survey file needs to be merged with a master member table to bring over certain fields (age, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation) in the survey table for analysis. I tried to create a one to many relationship in Access and PQ but...
  12. B

    Lookup, match then sum to matrix .... is this possible?

    Hi, I have limited excel knowledge and I am not sure how to tackle this task. I have a survey that is for mentors and mentees wanting to participate in a mentoring program. I want to compare the responses from the mentees against the responses from the mentors to see how compatible the two...
  13. J

    Can you use sumif or V lookup to total elements in one column based on values in another column?

    Good morning, I am trying to use sumif and/or vlookup to solve my problem in my worksheet and there are too many variables for my expertise. The data is set up like this: <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> A B C D Eng Hours Survey Hours Rate Total 8 0...
  14. C

    Survey Results in Excel

    My organization conducts a survey of 75 companies and currently processes the results and generates the report using SQL. The process is about 20 years old and involves several different programs. It is incredibly complex and requires coding experience just to make any changes to the survey. My...
  15. K

    CSAT Score Predictor

    hello there! it's been a while since i last dropped by. once again, i am here seeking help in coming up with a Customer Satisfaction survey score predictor where possible scores in 1 survey are only: 100, 80, 60, 40, 20 & 0. say in order to pass, 1 must aim to have a 93% as an average score for...
  16. L

    Autopopulate a column based on a cell value

    Hello :) I am creating a survey in an excel workbook where the first tab contains a unique number for each row (survey number) and then each column has a question with a yes/no answer. There is a second tab which only needs to be completed if for example the answer to the question in column P...
  17. L

    Find a value in a column and bring back a corresponding value

    Hello I want to populate a column with survey numbers from another worksheet. However I only want the survey number to appear if the answer to the question is yes. In worksheet 1 I have a column with yes/no in. There is another column with the survey number in. On worksheet 2 I have a column for...
  18. K

    Customers took two separate surveys : How to extract customers that took both + survey score?

    I have an excel worksheet with 4 columns. Around 10,000ish customers. Column A (Customers took 1st survey) Column B (Score on 1st survey) Column C (Customers took 2nd survey) Column D (Score on 2nd survey) Now some customers took the 1st survey, some took the 2nd survey, some took both. I...
  19. M

    How to approach multiple countif scenarios

    Hi, I have an enormous amount of data (again) that I am currently using filters to disseminate. It basically is a ton of raw surveys, with responses that could be categorized as either A - text (like guest name), B - information data (like arrival date, whether they used mobile check in, etc)...
  20. L

    INDEX MATCH LEFT for first 25 characters (all text)

    I conducted a survey and I am trying to return a value using index match. I am realizing that some of the text of the survey has been edited, so my index match isn't finding what it needs to. I thought I would have a better return rate if I instead of matching the whole cell, I would match just...

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