1. C

    =$B2 not working how I expect

    I'm not really sure what to call my problem, probably something very easy to look up if I knew what to call this. I have a sheet where column and row labels are the same values in the same order (B column is Mike, 2 row is Mike, C column is Suzy, 3 row is Suzy...). So B3 (Mike x Suzy) should...
  2. S

    Vlookup with specific row count

    Hi, is it possible to combine vlookup with get value in specific row. Do i need to do macro behind or it can be done with cell formula only. When using vlookup only value in first row retrieve.Example as =VLOOKUP(B4,B3:C9,2,FALSE) In scenario below, i want to get payment date result based on...
  3. F

    Cell reference doesn't work with sort

    Can someone tell me if there is a simple way to retain the original results of a formula when the source data is sorted? I have two sheets: an Organization List and an Organization Chart. The Chart is a visual representation of the hierarchy (who reports to who). If you can imagine some arrows...

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