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    switching rows to columns and removing multiples with variable row count

    Hello, I would love o get some help with this problem, since it was quite some time i used excel for more than summing things up. So - I've got a table with about 1000 rows, and four columns. The first column has the ID of a place. The second column has the name of that place The second...
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    Switching data in two different rows

    Is there a way to swith the data in two rows without using the insert & delete properties? Possibly creating an array?
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    VBA Chart Switch Row/Column Help

    Is there a way in VBA to do the equivalent of pushing the 'Switch Row/Column' button seen in the Excel 2007 chart wizard when selecting the data range for a chart? Essentially my chart data range is correct but the x and y axis values are backwards. I am trying to avoid having to write...

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