1. W

    Formula to measure length of pipeline within specific depth brackets

    Hi all, I am struggling with a formula on Excel and was hoping you could help me with this. I work for a construction company and one of the things we do is the installation of manholes and pipelines. We get paid a rate for pipelines between 0 and 1.5 meters deep. Then there is a separate rate...
  2. Y

    Userform UI Language Customization

    I have some userforms created in English, how do I code it such that using an option button, I can switch / change all the text to another language?
  3. M


    I'm trying to learn some new formulas & have come across SWITCH. I know how to use VLOOKUPS I have a list of names of Fruit in Column A - in A1:A5 & a list of costs for each next to them in B1:B5 In D1 I want to type some fruit e.g. Apple, which is also in A3, the press Enter when I have...
  4. M

    VLookup on 3 Columns Formulae

    Good Morning Thanks for Reading I have two spreadsheets one called Switch Info and the other Database Master, I am looking from the Database Manager to the Switch Info Both Have three columns called Login (Column A), Device (Column B) and Numbers (Column C) First Formulae I need a lookup to...
  5. H

    Match The Switch & Grab The Value From A Range

    My Data Range is B2:G9 (contains values) with ‘headers’ in B1:G1 (Non -numeric) ‘switches’ are in B12:G12 which are EITHER 0 OR 1; AND at a time ONLY 1 ‘SWITCH‘ FOR ‘UNIQUE’ HEADER WILL HAVE 0 OR 1 ‘MATCHING SWITCH’ is in I1:L1 Output is required in I2:J9 as: MATCH THE SWITCH & ‘grab’ the...
  6. N

    SUMIFS between two dates noted in cells

    Is there a way to switch it so that instead of listing the dates in the SUMIFS formula [ =SUMIFS($F:$F,$A:$A,">=1/1/19",$A:$A,"<=1/26/19") ] when totaling the value between two dates to make it so I can put the beginning and end dates in cells and having the formula refer to the cells? It gives...
  7. wadergirl

    Macro to open another program - shortcut target has a command line switch

    So, in my spreadsheet, I have an existing macro that uses: Shell ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe") So I'm pretty sure that it is the base of what I need to use for this other program, but the other program I need to use a shortcut which has a command line switch...
  8. B

    Pivot Tables - Locking the Chart Type and Formats

    Hello, I created a pivot table that is being linked to a slicer. My slicer allows me to switch the data being presented by different views. However, when I switch around, my pivot charts keep changing the chart type (i.e. my intention is to have a combo chart, but it keeps switching to a bar...
  9. F

    Need code to switch between application

    Hi all, So I m using Excel VBA. I need code to switch between Non Excel program and copy their information for my Excel spreadsheet It could be MS apps, Chrome or some old app like Command Prompt Please help !
  10. S

    "there's a problem with the clipboard, but you can still past this content within this workbook " error

    I know this is old news, but maybe someone knows a workaround for this error. I copy and paste up to 10,000 entries to an external program. I have reinstalled and tried every fix I've seen on the web. I simply cannot use excel with this error. I have had to switch over Open Office and it works...
  11. V

    Excel Switch Between Workbooks

    Hi, Is it possible to get a macro to switch from current workbook, to previous workbook in code, similar to what 'Alt + Tab' does ? Thanks for any assistance !
  12. M

    Custom views

    Workbook has no tables and no protected sheets. Have created several custom views but excel does not successfully switch between them e.g. view “males only” works. Switch view to show people from e.g. certain town - also works but switch back to “males” only view and it fails - includes “females...
  13. R

    VBA code to create vlookup formula in range

    Guys: I have to create a vlookup for a range of cells. I have included an example below. Here is my problem. How do I account for the formula when I do not know how many rows there will be in my range? I already created a variable to store my row count, not sure on the rest. Example: here is my...
  14. V

    XRL Report - Calculations switch off

    Hello all This is a bit of a strange request I update a report with an add on tool in Excel called "XRL" When the report is updated "XRL" has switched the calculations function off. I thought of trying a worksheet event change to switch the calculations back on but this is not working unless...
  15. S

    Is the new SWITCH function worth using?

    One of my colleagues has come back from training all fired up and excited by the new =SWITCH function in Excel ... but I'm struggling to see what the fuss is about. From the help guides that I have found, it just seems to be a way of hard-coding a lookup table into a single formula. While that...
  16. J

    Auto-Create Tabs VBA crashes

    Hello everyone, I'm encounter an issue with Excel when using the formula below. I have a button with the VBA code on it and it works perfectly but if my list consists of more than 15 entries, Excel crashes when trying to auto-create the tabs after the 15th entry. Is there any way to modify the...
  17. J

    VBA help

    I have a 3 work sheet workbook Sheet2 is Dropdown Sheet3 is Questions Sheet6 is Switch config Im using this to create config for a network device by answering question on the questions sheet. I am building it so going to the other sheets wont be needed. The issue I have is I need to run Switch...
  18. T

    PowerPivot Duel Clause Switch Statement..

    Is it possible?
  19. I

    Dashboard Macro Automation

    Hi All I have created a dashboard using excel. I will be displaying the dashboard on anoffice TV. I have around 5 differentworksheets on the dashboard and I want to switch between the worksheetsautomatically say every 10 minutes and loop back to the first before repeatinguntil the...
  20. D

    VBA Remove variable text from a string

    Hi , Is there a way to remove variable text from a string in a cell, there will be variable rows of data that may or may not contain the W/MW values, and it's not case sensitive either. Can someone help with this please From this <tbody> Voltage Switch 1/16W Ceramic Wirewound Regulator...

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