1. S

    Tick and cross symbols in same cell based on formula

    In cell A1 I have a formula which comes up with either 0 or a number greater than 0. In cell B1 I want: 1. A tick symbol to appear if A1=0 2. A cross symbol to appear if A1 >0 Not sure how to do it or what formual would allow this as I have never dealt with symbols in formulas? Can this be done?
  2. H

    Search for text, insert a row above when found, insert text in that new cell, then repeat. How????

    This is probably an easy one for you gurus, but it has me stumped. What I want to do is search for the ! symbol. When it's found, insert a row above it and insert some text. Then go to the next occurrence of the ! symbol and repeat until the end. I created a macro that would do this, BUT, the...
  3. B

    Formula seperators

    I have just upgraded to office 365 for Business All my formulae now contain the semi-colon symbol instead of the comma symbol and I have to capture a formula now using the semi-colon. Is this a setting I need to change to continue using the comma? e.g. vlookup(A15, A7:C14, 3, false) now shows...
  4. K

    Symbol for "DOES NOT CONTAIN" in a formula

    Hi everyone, I am using the formula below on conditional formatting which looks up the staff name (R5), Matches it with the data in BD5:BD150 and if the adjacent cell (BE5:BE150) does not contain W then it highlights for me. =VLOOKUP(R5,$BD$5:$BE$150,2,0)<>"W" My problem is that I have three...
  5. M

    Using '&' symbol in RibbonX

    I'm creating a custom tab in my Excel workbook, using the Office RibbonX Editor. For the buttons that will be on my tab, I am using supertip to show a description of what the button does, if the user hovers over the button. In the text I want to appear, a character that I want in the string is...
  6. R

    How to use a graphic font

    I have a font which has graphic symbols that I what to use in Excel. The font works perfectly in Word, but in Excel it displays the font letter instead of the symbol that is assigned to that letter in the font file. How can I get Excel to display the symbol that is assigned to that letter?
  7. J

    Formula result displayed along with text symbol

    Is it possible to have the following formula display thedifference between cell C15 and another cell? =TEXT(ROUND(C15,0),IF(C15,"#,##0","0")&""&IF(C15>C28,"▲",IF(C15=C28,"●","▼"))) The formula is useful as it shows the value of a designated cellalong with a symbol indicating whether the...
  8. K

    Amend Symbol & With Date Formats

    Is it possible to use the amend symbol (&) with a date and keep the date format? The purpose would be to create a unique identifier for Vlookups but the result is not user friendly. Example: A user could show up multiple times, their duties could show up multiple times, the only thing that...
  9. S

    Custom Number Format, with Special Character, Macro

    Hello, Thank you for your assistance! I have a macro that applies a custom number format to selected cells. The number format works great within the workbook as: 0.00%" →";0.00%" ←" I'd like to apply this using a macro. The VBA window won't display the "→" arrow symbols. They are displayed as...
  10. James_Latimer

    Currency List

    Excel 2016. Hello Excellers. Here is the 'stupid question du jour'... is there any way to loop through the list of currency options using VBA? I'm referring to the options when you format a cell, click currency and then you get a long list of options (currency symbol and region). I'm wanting to...
  11. J

    Make value negative based on symbol in row

    Hi there, I have two columns In the one column is a symbol and in the other an amount if the symbol in D = P then the amount in Column E should be negative. I then have a total box that will add and subtract the value's together. How do I insert a line automatically when I want to make a new...
  12. G

    Email hyperlink

    Hi there I'm having a small issue with my email hyperlink in that what I have works correctly, only when there is no "&" symbol in the cell that the link is referring to. If there is an "&" symbol in the middle of the string, the hyperlink only extracts the part prior to this. Is there perhaps a...
  13. E

    VBA Format cells(values) with correct accounting symbol

    Hi, I'm struggling with formatting values using VBA by using the standard accounting symbols. My plan is to take the information from a report that provides me with values and currency information in two separate columns. The currency is a three-letter code like USD, EUR, AUD etc. and I...
  14. R

    How to sum up the values of the working schedule symbols from a range that matching the value legend for these characters

    I have a shift schedule with symbol and legend with duration value of each shift symbol. I want to summarize the value corresponding to the symbols for each employee. Now I use: =COUNTIF($D5:$AH5;$A$13)*($N$13*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$14)*($N$14*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$15)*($N$15*24) where D5:AH5 is...
  15. D

    VBA to look for an @ symbol and shift rest of row to right if not there

    Hi everyone. I'm having a hard time trying to sort out an Excel VBA. I need to search column D and if there is not an @ symbol anywhere in the cell, shift the rest of the row to the right 1 cell and empty the cell without the @ symbol. I'm looking to see if the cell has an email address, if it...
  16. ask2tsp

    understanding BB codes

    Hello fellow developers. I would like you to give feedback on this macro I coded. educational value: the code contains comment lines to explain various coding techniques. Did it help to understand how some things can be done? Working with a dictionary Return multiple values from a function...
  17. D

    VBA Code to remove a cell if certain conditions exist before the @ symbol

    Hey guys! This is my first forum post in Mr Excel so hopefully I do this right. I am also new VBA so my apologies if this is an easy answer. I am trying to write a macro that deletes a row/cell if there are less than 3 characters before the "@" symbol or if the same letter is used repeatedly...
  18. B

    Return a symbol where 2 columns match

    I have 2 worksheets. Sheet 1 has different data in column A and Column B Sheet 2 has the same data from column A:A but not in the same order and Sheet 1 Column B data is transposed to row from B1 I want to place a symbol (Wingdings 3 "p" which is a triangle) at the intersection on sheet 2 by...
  19. A

    Conditional Formatting 3 based on cell values

    Hello all, Can someone please help me with the following: I need to look at 3 cells then colour one of them depending all values. I.E. cell A1=10000, B1= 5.7 and C1=a symbol like >>. So i need B1 to change to green if A1= between 5000 and 15000 and B1 is less than 6 and C1=>> Thanks -...
  20. ask2tsp

    List variable usage in workbooks. Is this a usefull tool to have?

    Hello fellow developers. I would like you to give feedback on this macro I coded. educational value: the code contains comment lines to explain various coding techniques. Did it help to understand how some things can be done? Working with a dictionary Return multiple values from a function...

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