1. F

    Can't assign value to variable

    In the following macro a value shows in cell A61 when theworkbook opens and remains until line “Cells(D + 1,"A").Value = intPrice” is executed. It then disappears so no value isassigned to intPrice. Can anybody help with this problem? Thanks in advance forany assistance. Sub Macro3() Dim symBol...
  2. F

    Cannot exract value on Google web site

    In the following macro a value shows in cell A61 when the workbookopens and remains until line “Cells(D + 1,"A").Value = intPrice” is executed. It then disappears so no value isassigned to intPrice. Can anybody help with this problem? Thanks in advance forany assistance. Sub Macro3() Dim symBol...
  3. E

    Extract text before/after a certain symbol?

    I tried several formulas I found online but they won't work. I have a huge list of strings like this: ABB_SEARCHOPTION_LBLHEAD=Search now <tbody> ABB_SEARCHOPTION_CHK_SAMEFILE=Same search option </tbody> Is there a formula to extract the text before (or after) the = symbol?
  4. F

    Variable does not accept value

    I have installed Excel 2016 on a new computer and when I run the following macro, the variable symBol does not accept the value GDX. It just shows "" as the value. The macro works fine on another computer running Excel 2013. <tbody> Sub RunBTSlong() Dim symBol As String symBol = GDX...
  5. B

    i need help with formula

    i have 6 numbers in a cell there is a Qusetion mark symbol with my 6 numbers i want to remove this symbol from Huge Data i have tried fnd and Replace ,but its not worked properly it is changing all my values iam looking for formula to remove that symbol
  6. B

    Can't Move between monitors - Minimized Excel 2016

    I work with 2 monitors and move programs between monitors frequently. I'm having a problem when minimizing Excel 2016 to move a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet minimizes to where I only see the bar containing the minimize symbol (-), the maximize symbol (square) and the close symbol (x). I'm...
  7. F

    Replacing cells that contain a particular value with a symbol

    Hi, I'm trying to work out how to get a symbol to pop up in a cell when two other cells contain a certain value. For example: If A1 and B1 contain x and y combination, C1 has a rule attached that inserts a particular symbol or text (doesn't matter what) for that particular combination. I'm...
  8. F

    Remove this symbol "

    Hi I have quick question. Ive run into a problem I dont know how to remove this symbol from a string " Ive tried this: sTitle = Replace(sTitle, """, "") Anyone know how I can replace this symbol with nothing ? frederik
  9. M

    using googlefinance to get stock exchanges

    Can googlefinance() return the stock exchange for a given ticker symbol? I track a porfolio of shares in excel and until last week I was getting share data from the yahoo API. They just pulled the plug with no warning so I'm now getting it from google finance by importing a google sheet which...
  10. C

    VBA Textbox Requires @ Symbol

    - I have a userform textbox in which applicants input their email Question - I want the @ symbol to be mandatory - I want a message box to show if there is no @ symbol inputted My current code is as follows (I have both a Change and Exit sub, I know I can dump them into one Exit sub, but I...
  11. R

    delta symbol new issue

    Hi again, my last post asked about putting the delta symbol in a validated cell from a list, which also included the letter Y. That is working great thanks to the help i got. The new issue is that I have a cell with a formula referring to the results of the choice in that validated cell. The...
  12. R

    How to get mutual fund symbol price in excel

    Hi, I have a column of 10 to 15 share symbol in which I need to get price updated on daily basis from NASDAQ. Is there anyway that the same can be automated?
  13. R

    delta symbol

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to get the delta symbol to stop showing up as a capital D? Thanks, Rick
  14. D

    Modify Button Images?

    Hi There used to be a way to modify custom buttons and I wondered if this was still possible? I've added some macros to my quick access toolbar and also the ribbon. Renaming and assigning a symbol is easy enough, except none of the available symbols quite fit what the macros are for. Can the...
  15. M

    Colouring Blank cells

    What should be the formula to color blank cells yellow using conditional formatting. "" symbol is not working.. Can anyone help me please
  16. M

    Icons to put in excel

    Hello How can i upload new icons to excel to use them as symbol in macro??? Thankssss
  17. M

    Delete row if cell contains an asterisk symbol

    Sub DeleteRow() A = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row For i = A To 2 Step -1 If Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(i, 6).Value Like "***" Then Worksheets("Sheet1").Rows(i).Delete End If Next End Sub For some reason the code above deletes all rows. I am only trying to...
  18. M

    Change currency symbol when converting currency

    Hello, I have a worksheet where I have several currency options, and all the values are converted based on the currency selected. I have also added the a macro to format the cells using the symbol for the currency selected. The code I am using is below: Currency_Symbol =...
  19. F

    VBA: How to find a symbol in string by position number?

    Hello! How to add to HappySymbol the 5th symbol of HappyText? Dim HappyText as String Dim HappySymbol as String HappyText = "Hello friends!" HappySymbol = "o" '5th symbol in HappyText Thank you in advance.
  20. E

    Extract text from between the second set of inverted commas (double quotes)

    I could REALLY do with some help, as I cannot find an online answer to this question. I am extracting text from a large chunk of text in a cell, and most of it is pretty simple. However, the one bit of text I need to extract occurs in a section of the cell where symbols and suchlike vary too...

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