1. R

    Macros to copy image

    I have written a macro which calls a symbol based on a cell value (For example: if the value is <4 a red circle appears, if it is > 4 a green circle appears). I have 10 different worksheets which has either this red or green symbols. Now I have a cover sheet where I need to populate these...
  2. M

    Help with symbol

    Can someone tell me what the symbol ^-1 means as I am trying to work out a formula =IF(ISERROR((((B7*0.48888)^-1)-(371^-1))^-1),0,(((B7*0.48888)^-1)-(371^-1))^-1)
  3. H

    Change the current Symbol

    I am using Windings3 to get 2 kind of arrows to denote 'down pressure' & 'up pressure' Sheet4 <tbody> B C 2 L M </tbody> Currently L & M gives represents itself into ONLY 1 arrows for each cell. My requirement is: Can the arrow numbers be made TWO (in each cell using Windings3) to denote...
  4. H

    4 arrow sets

    C2=Either of 1,2,3,4 or null Output required: B2=CF1 for C2=1 else CF2 for C2=2 else CF3 for C2=3 else CF4 for C2=4 CF1=1 THEN 2 arrows UP (straight) CF2=2 THEN 2 arrows Horizontal & UP CF1=3 THEN 2 arrows DOWN (straight) CF1=4 THEN 2 arrows Horizontal & DOWN How to accomplish? Using Excel2007.
  5. S

    Changing Currency Symbol

    I am having problems trying to convert my USD$ currency symbol over to BRL $R currency. I read through a few other threads but didn't see any solutions that could fix my problem. To address some of those earlier solutions: - Everything is right aligned, so not an alignment issue - Not being...
  6. M

    How to insert Symbol Ampersand into ButtonName in VBA

    Hello, How can I insert a "&" symbol into the text of a ButtonName dialog?. My formula is set to name the button but when displayed, "P&L" becomes "PL". Here is part of the formula that I need to edit. Do I use CHAR function? fDialog.ButtonName = "Upload selected P&L file" Thanks for your...
  7. andrewb90

    Showing the degrees symbol in a formula

    Hello all, Is there a way to have the format of a cell set to display degrees? I have the formula = A12 in the cell, but I want the number to appear with the degree symbol. Any possible way to do this? Thanks
  8. jasonofshanghai

    Automatically converting all CURRENCY symbols to the ONLY currency selected

    dear Mr.Excel members, could anyone kindly teach me a way, if possible bypassing serious VBA macros, : how to make EXCEL 2007 Automatically convert all my CURRENCY symbols in all cells formatted for CURRENCY in THE SAME SHEET to the one and ONLY currency selected in JUST ONE cell ? (i...
  9. B

    I need the @ not to be seen as email

    I am using Windows 7 and Excel 2010. I need to use the @ symbol but I dont whant the computer to see it as email. thanks
  10. A

    Remove Chr(10) symbol from a text box.

    I need to remove the Chr(10) symbol (a square) from a multi line text box. The text box is on a form and then the contents are entered into a comment box by a button. The "returns" are not sighted until entered into the comment. The nature of the data requires a new line in the text box like...
  11. L

    VBA String Manipulation Help

    Hello, I need help with manipulating strings in VBA. For example I would like to convert: CALL GOOG:US 12AUG2011 560 into GOOG1112H565-US CALL C:US 21JAN2012 40 into C1221A40-US PUT ABX:CA 21JAN2014 30 into ABX1421M30-T Format would be.. ie first example..: SYMBOL (GOOG) YEAR (11) DAY (12)...
  12. F

    2010 Modify Button Symbols

    Does anyone know of a supplemental symbol pack for Excel 2010, for use when modifying buttons in the QAT?

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