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    Errors in Account Numbers exported from MYOB AccountRight Premier v19 to tab-delimited txt files & converted to Excel.

    Whenever I export GL Reports to tab-delimited txt files and convert them to xls files some of the Account Numbers are displayed incorrectly, due to errors in how Excel is reading them. I know there is a way to ensure that the account numbers are all converted as text formats, thus preventing...
  2. S

    new to Excel 2010

    In Excel XP I had Excel set as my default program for opening tab-delimited text files. I can't seem to do that with Excel 2010. I tried searching, but did not find any helpful information on this topic. I right-click the file saved on my desktop, and choose Open With... and then click Choose...
  3. J

    Export Tab-Delimited File Inserting Unwanted Quote Marks Around Fields Containing Commas And Other Special Characters

    Excel is inserting "unwanted quote marks" around text fields containing commas or other special characters when exporting a file in "tab-delimited" format. Is there a standard option or something to disable this behaviour without having to write a macro to prevent it? Thanks. J. David...

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