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  1. D

    Losing Table theme in RangetoHTML VBA

    Hi! I'm using the popular VBA code for range-to-Email functionality. My emailed range includes table with header + a few extra rows below, all belonging to "MyRange". I want to improve the visuals of the emailed range and enabled "Banded rows" under "Table Design". I also considered a different...
  2. X

    Add Table as a Shape in Excel

    We know that in case of MS Word, it lacks the concept of cells as a means to store data. So in that case if one were to add a Table it would be somewhat a free floating shape. However that is not the case of Excel, wherein if we insert a table it stores the data in cells. The problem with that...
  3. S

    Excel Table Auto Edit

    I have to edit a table containing my product items in such a way it only shows boundaries till the values i have entered . E.g I have set max no of rows i.e items as 10 for my invoice table and given them boundaries . Now it is not necessary that in every bill I have all the items ,for the...
  4. O

    Copy Values VBA

    Hello, I need to transform a table like table 1 in a table 2. I need to do this in a very repetitive way. Each calculation output is something like Table 1 and in fact I need the data in a Table 2 format. Honestly I don't have many clues in how to do it. Table 1 <tbody> x y z a b c aaa bbb...
  5. S

    Need a Useful Pivot Table from a SharePoint Document Set Export

    Hello Team, I've exported a list of metadata from my SharePoint Document Set library. The library is where we manage our "kaizens" which are a kind of standardized meeting. For each kaizen, I've captured the Topic, Date, and Members who attended the meeting. Because the Member field in...
  6. bs0d

    Table Row Mirror Rows of Another Table

    So I have a corporate database that lists unique items and properties for the items in a table. This table is linked to a local access db, and I cannot add fields to it. Therefore, I'd like to create a table that mirror's all the same unique rows of the corporate table -- and have my own...
  7. F

    dynamic table

    hi, in sheet1 I have source table: <tbody> Car Year Color Type Audi 2000 Red Sport BMW 2001 Black Coupe Volvo 1998 Yellow Combi VW 1996 Black - Fiat 2003 Red Family </tbody> Then in sheet2 in A1 I will be selecting car name (Audi, BMW etc). Now if I choose "Audi" I want to in...
  8. T

    Plot graph based on a set of table data

    Hi, i'm very new in VBA.. Currently I'm on my project which required me to creating a automation tool by plotting 2 bar chart automatically based on 2 table data as shown below View image: VBA1 *I got no idea why i can't attach the picture here, so I pasted the link here =/* However as the...
  9. T

    Generate Graph Based On Set of Data Using VBA

    Hi, i'm very new in VBA.. Currently I'm on my project which required me to creating a automation tool by plotting 2 bar chart automatically based on 2 table data as shown below However as the table data was generated out from another automation tool thus the number of rows can be increase or...
  10. B

    VBA help needed. How to extract values from a table to itemised as 3 column data

    Hello Forum, I was wondering if you can help me with a vba code to extract values from a table like this to multiple rows of 3 columns only. <tbody> Name of Students Apples Lemon Oranges Pineapple Strawberry Grape Lime Coconut Peter 4 2 1 John Derrick 3 1 Stuart 7...
  11. A

    VBA code to turn on cell protection for a row, based 'Yes' value in one cell - applied to all rows in table

    Excel 2010 Data formatted as a table One user inputs data into the table for a charge they are making. Our finance person later reconciles the charge by changing the cell in the 'Invoiced' column to 'Yes' and entering an invoice #. I'd like to have VBA code that changes the cells to locked so...
  12. R

    excel 2010 table

    Hi all, anyone can tell me how can i delete intireRow (in slected row), with VBA code in excel 2010? tnx Rafi:confused:
  13. Z

    Excel 2007 VBA: how to design table from various spreadsheets?

    Hello, I try to build a table with various formulas in Excel 2007 using VBA. The input data are in 2 different spreadsheets and I will build the table in a 3rd sheet of the same file. In my sample case, I use about 10 rows even though later on that number will increase significantly. I give...
  14. T


    Hi Guys, I hope you can help me. I received some data in the following format: Mr|A| Jones| $500| 15 Sunset Road| Claremont||| 15/3/2010|Invoice|$2000| 20/3/2010|Payment|$1500| Mr|G| Moses| $2000| 20 Musket Road| Bellville||| 15/3/2010|Invoice|$4000| 30/3/2010|Payment|$2000| I need change...
  15. B

    Auto-populate cells from table, but not the ones with zero balances

    Table 1 Looks like mine table. (but mines actually 34 rows long including the header) TABLE1 <TABLE style="WIDTH: 343pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=457><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 118pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 6698" width=157><COL...
  16. G

    Table design for questionnaire data

    Hi There (Apologies if this doesn't make sense!) I need to store results from an paper audit so that the data can be entered via a form and interrogated through queries. I have 6 text fields but the remaining 30 questions are multiple choice. I also need to store date, time, who the auditor...

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