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  1. K

    Split one table into multiple sheets based on criteria

    PLEASE HELP!!! This community has never let me down and I doubt you guys will start now!! I have a table on a Data tab. This data has multiple values for the Vendor Name column. I need to create separate sheets based on each individual vendor name and name each sheet by each vendor. I don't...
  2. D

    copy tables, then transpose and paste into other sheet.

    hi everyone, I'm not the best in marcos and I've been searching for a solution to this for a while. So what I'm doing is copying a table in a worksheet into another worksheet and transposing it. Some worksheets that contain the original tables can have a lot of tables which is way a marco...
  3. Z

    Run-Time error and crash after deleting a row in a table in vba

    MR. Excel Help Hi all, I am having trouble with a delete row macro for one of my tables in excel. When I run my "Call_Delete_Row" code in an existing table after I open my excel spreadsheet, the last row for two tables on two different sheets are deleted. However, AFTER I run...
  4. S

    Calculate average for filtered rows dynamically - VBA

    I have a table where I need to find the elements present in different samples. For every sample, the no of iterations is a variable - I can have two rows of sample 1 and 3 rows of sample2 or 5 rows of sample4. the number of columns which are the elements can also be different. I have considered...
  5. M

    VBA add row to table based on cell value

    I have created several tables on an excel worksheet and I need help creating a VBA code that will move the rows into the table that they belong in when I add more data. For example if I have a tables based on the color of notebooks and in the table it includes the price of the notebook and the...
  6. R

    Macro for cutting and pasting from one table to another table

    Hello, I have a worksheet with two tabs, each tab has one table. Tab "Main" has a table called "Current" and tab "Past30Days" has a table called "Old". I need the macro to look in the "Date" column in the "Current" table and if the date is past 30 days from today to cut the row and paste/add...
  7. B

    for/next referencing rows filtered on table

    Hi all! I was trying to make use of table/list functionality (filtering and referencing) while looping. I was thinking it might allow for something more efficient /elegant than what we have which loops through every row with if/then statements. I am starting to think I am making it more...

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