1. W

    Convert Table to Range in all sheets but only for a given range

    Sub TurnTablesIntoRanges() Dim wks As Worksheet, objList As ListObject For Each wks In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets For Each objList In wks.ListObjects objList.Unlist Next objList Next wks End Sub Hello, A novice here... I have few tables in each workbook in a multiply sheets excel file. Can you...
  2. A

    Referencing values from different tables and ranges

    Hi.. I need help to develop an excel formula in referring values from different tables and ranges and add the value to basic size and place the results in respective cells. the demo file is at below link, and also one small explanation of my requirement. Kindly help... Thank you in advance...
  3. gheyman

    Updating Linked Tables to Back End Problem

    I have a Back End (BE) with all my Tables. When I am solely in the Front End (FE) Database everything runs fine. As soon as another user opens and uses the Front End database the database somehow is loosing the links. We get a message that it doesn't recognize the back end and we have to...
  4. U

    INDIRECT in Data Validation

    I've got three tables TableA: <tbody> List of Tables Other Info TableB Info1 TableC Info2 </tbody> TableB: <tbody> Column A Column B stuff morestuff otherstuff extrastuff </tbody> TableC: <tbody> Column A Column B onestuff redstuff twostuffs bluestuff </tbody> I ultimately...
  5. P

    Error message when opening an Excel workbook

    I don't know if anyone out there has experienced the error message when opening an Excel workbook. I have a workbook with 37 worksheets. A few of them have Tables, not Pivot Tables but regular Tables with drop down arrows. I also have many macros and most of them create the Tables for me...
  6. M

    Formatting OLAP Pivot Table Measures via VBA...

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of applying formats to pivot table measures conditionally based on their name? For example, if my measure has a (£) in its name, then apply a currency format, else apply a simple numeric format. I've done this kind of thing successfully with ordinary pivot...
  7. M

    insert row into multiple tables

    Hi all, I have a worksheet that I set up with 47 tables I need to be able to insert a row above the last line of each of table and copy formulas, cond. form. but not values. I have a code but excel has to reference it 47 times and in turn it takes for ever to complete and it copies cell format...
  8. B

    VBA in Excel to format all tables in Word document

    Hello All, My inexperience is showing here and I hope someone can help. I have some VBA code in an Excel workbook that creates a Word document then copies various objects from the workbook to various associated bookmarks in the Word document. After I have completed copying and pasting some...
  9. T

    Pivot Tables with multiple data tables

    I need to create a pivot table that references two data tables -- Budget table and an Actual Table. They are on separate worksheets, but how do I reference both data sheets? Thank you, Tom
  10. R

    Auto Filter Pivot table

    I have file that on a monthly basis I dump an extract into. That extract feeds pivot tables on 3 other sheets displaying the information at varying levels of detail. I already have a VBA to auto refresh the tables when new information is added but I'd really like one that could auto filter the...
  11. H

    converting a formula to be read as date format for sorting Pivot tables by date using timeline.

    Hi, I have a worksheet which has approximately 60 entries added to it each day. The worksheet is summarized into pivot tables on another worksheet with a timeline to sort them by dates. I can get this working no problem however with multiple people adding data to the main worksheet my pivot...
  12. M

    sort two columns, one from each of two sheets

    I have looked and do not find a solution to acquire one column's data, insert it into a new sheet. Then acquire another column's data from a different sheet and enter that into the same column that the first column's data was inserted. This way the data from two columns, each from a different...
  13. K

    Print area using table/range of cells

    I have a sheet with about 20 tables of data (one table per tenant), and I would like it to print as many of these tables as can fit on one sheet, but I don't want it to split any of the tables across two sheets. For example, if page 1 could feasibly fit 2.5 tables of data, I would want page 1 to...
  14. B

    Does Access support pivot tables now

    Hi, I am new to MS Access. I wanted to know, does Access support Pivot tables now. I am required to edit couple of existing macro. These macro has pivot tables in this. However, I guess, pivot tables are no longer available in Access. Please correct me if am wrong. How do I proceed if pivot is...
  15. P

    how to create pivot tables for all existing tables dynamically using VBA

    suppose I have three data tables in same worksheet, I need to create their corresponding Pivot tables Is it possible EX:- tbl1 -> Pivtble1 tbl -> Pivtble2 etc also I am notsure what is table range and table name can I create pivot table for such scenario using VBA ? Thnks
  16. B

    What guidelines I should follow while editing ‘Globe with blue arrow’ table

    Hi I understand ‘Globe with blue arrow’ tables are liked to external tables. Have few of such table in my database. What pre-cautions I must follow when trying to play or edit such tables. For example, if I try to check ‘Design View’ of such table, access gives me warning. Table is a linked...
  17. F

    VBA - With each table on Activesheet

    Hi I am trying to set something up in VBA where it would cycle through each table on the Activesheet and if the 3rd column header says "Start Date" then add 7 for each element on the 3rd column of that table. How would this be written in VBA?
  18. DRSteele website; How to get tables into PQ

    Can someone please help me? I am trying to import this webpage to PQ but the Navigator lists no tables at all. Is there some special technique?
  19. A

    Copy & Paste Table

    Hi, I have a workbook with 3 different sheets containing tables. All 3 sheets are the same exact format, the only thing different is that it is divided into 3 regions. So column headers are exactly the same in all 3 tables. I am trying to copy all 3 tables into one new sheet. Is there a simple...
  20. W

    Filter and hide multiple tables with vba

    Hi, Im trying to filter multiple tables by a common table header cell called "Match:". If the row in any table on the worksheet in column "Match:" is True, then show that row with the table that it is in, otherwise i want the entire table hidden including the first row right above the table. I...

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