1. B

    Week over Week Change for tickets that are Open, Resolved, and Pending

    Hello I need help setting up a weekly report table or pivot that shows the number of open, resolved, pending, and new added tickets. The new data for the report comes out every Monday morning and I will send my report every Monday afternoon showing the number of open, resolved, pending, and new...
  2. wsnyder

    Excel Table Is Slow

    Hi all, Using Excel Microsoft 365. I have an Excel Table. I deleted all data from the Table and then resized the table to $A$1:$A$2 I then added 13k rows of data beginning at Row 2. That is where the slowness began. Why does it take so long for Excel to resize the table to include all 13K...
  3. M

    Excel Tables & VBA - Adding data into a table with two separate macros

    Hi everyone, I am working on a program that has kind of a lot going on. I have a sheet that I manually input data into cells then use a macro to add that data into a "database" table in a separate sheet. that table has roughly 25 columns in it. from the initial macro only about half are...
  4. S

    VBA extend table to include new row

    Hi, I have a workbook with a macro that extracts information from row 1 and pastes it as values as a new row below the Data table. I want to add a step to extend the table over the new row, but none of the options I have found so far seem to do it. My VBA knowledge is negligible (I'm usually...
  5. C

    VBA Table producing too many rows

    Hello, I have a search sheet to loop through my entire workbook and return results into a table-style format. for some reason it is producing 500 rows, but I only want it to produce enough rows for the data that is returned. I will paste the code below, and color the font of where the problem...
  6. C

    Total (SUM) 1 column of a table VBA

    Hello again, I have a Table of Contents sheet that will change size on a constant basis. The VBA is written to format it into a table, for ease of filtering the data. I'm wondering if there is a way to add the values of a single column (specifically column "D") and have it show the total at the...
  7. M

    sum and 2 tables

    i am creating a document for work to help things flow faster and easier. This is a shipment plan, it is mainly done but its just the last part which im struggling with and hoping someone will have an answer. I am trying to summarise 1 sheet with 2 tables (for printing purpose) on another sheet...
  8. Sangar_338

    Macro Error: Refreshing multiple worksheets using Power Query

    When I run a macro that refreshes a Power Query table that is itself the combination of four (4) other tables, whose data is imported from external sources, then the action does not complete, and I receive the following when I select to debug: “Selection.ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh...
  9. tomsov

    Combining sum result from multiple tables

    Hello, I'm struggling with a combined table result issue as follows and I'm hoping someone can help. I've got 5 seperate sheets, all with named tables that are exactly the same format - the tables refer to customer orders that contain the same data - so order live/dead, order number, part...
  10. L

    Sorting number of tables via 2 slicers to pull data onto a dashboard

    Good day to everyone on mrexcel i hope you can all help me with a complex issues I have.. I'm trying to create a dashboard, for our CCG and GP. So that they can select which CCG and if they want data on the CCG or GP or both. Via the use of 2 slicers. These slicers then have to filters...
  11. B

    "PasteSpecial xlPasteFormulas" with relative reference with destination ListObject

    My goal is to copy-paste formulas from tableSource (a ListObject) to tableDest (also a ListObject) and to have those pasted formulas refer to tableDest, not to tableSource, which is what I get when I do a little something like this: ListObjSource.ListRows(1).Range.Copy...
  12. B

    getting runtime error on VBA when creating totals on a table listobject because it hasnt completed making the table

    HI All, So ive a query that runs //runqry bring back data //refresh existing activeworkbook.connection (which always uses the same table name "MYTABLE" then im trying to run the code.. oops sorry missed a bit, I do the following command before the query refresh Set tbl =...
  13. M

    Add new rows to table based on another table value

    Hi All again! I am stuck again in a pickle and I have no idea how to get out of it. I am a newbie and this forum has been a life savior. I want the orange table to add a new column and fill it with check boxes each time a new member is added in Blue table. and If a new row is added in the...
  14. C

    Hide / Unhide tables based on a list chosen

    Hi all, I’ve got a sheet with 4 tables on it. I have a cell in B2 with data validation set to a list on another sheet. I can currently hide or show the tables based on either columns or rows. As one table is shown the others are hidden. What I’m wandering is if it is possible to hide or...
  15. C

    Copy and Replace Excel Table to PowerPoint Table data

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel Sheet which contains a range of values as Table, I want to copy those values and replace them in the PowerPoint table(which is the same range as source table). My slide may contain one or more tables so I will identify them using table name, Below is the code which...
  16. R

    VBA: Trying to delete all but the first row of a table

    I want to delete all rows in a table EXCEPT for the first row in the databodyrange. Using tbl.DataBodyRange.Rows.Count, I plan to delete that many -1. The problem I'm having is figuring out how to select my starting row in the databodyrange down to the last row of the table. I thought of using...
  17. M

    Can I insert a row in two separate tables?

    Dear Community, I thought I was clever to setup and create a List for my Team, where we can share and enter our Day-Off Time. Therefore, I generated a Table with all the members and created for each month a separate Sheet, where within the sheet I have a second Table that is showing the days...
  18. E

    max of

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have an excel sheet with over 2000 rows. I want to have the maximum number of the Quantity of each item Code when the location is the same. For example, you can see in the excel sheet i have the ItemCode : 389-12-040 1107 01 4.00 1 1107010 A 389-12-040 1107...
  19. P

    Pivot Table not being created by VBA Code

    I have been struggling to create a pivot table using the following piece of VBA code, but I cannot find the error. I assigned a watch window to PT2, and I noticed after I set PT2 equal to the PivotCache, PTCache2, PT2 still appears with a value of nothing. The With Block does not work because...
  20. P

    Unpivot my data - Excel / PowerQuery / SQL

    Hi I have summarized data in the following format: 2021 2022 2023 admin 1 2 2 I would like to convert this so it is presented as: admin 2021 admin 2022 admin 2022 admin 2023 admin 2023 I've tried PowerPivot and the Unpivot option. That doesn't seem to show in this...

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