1. Z

    How can I grab data from different tables that are all in different sheets?

    Just like the title states, I have multiple sheets that all contain tables with similar data that can all be connected via a unique identifier. What would be the best way of achieving this in excel? The above image is an example of the main sheet where all of my gathered data will go. I want...
  2. K

    Compare 2 table with varying data to show differences

    Hi, I pull a report weekly for my role which contains multiple columns of data, each row has its own unique ID. Each week when i pull the report, currently i am manually comparing the 2 tables to see if there are any differences and copying any changes from the new report into the old table...
  3. D

    Adding images in table with formatting into Outlook using a file picker

    I have pieced together some code using excel as a file picker to add images to embed within subject body. Everything is working just fine with basic alignment, but I would like to get some help adding these images into a table with a specific formatting Outlook seems not to have a huge support...
  4. C

    Single cell in a Table

    I have just starting working with the new excel tables, but have been working with named ranges forever. In the past each cell in the table “Rates” would be a named range, but now are in two columns, “Level” and “Area”. How do I write Rate[Area] =“West” [Level] to return a single value? I am...
  5. B

    Split table copy to new workbook

    Hi, I'm trying to create multiple tables from one master table. It concerns a training schedule where I want to extract lists per person. So the script should loop through the table and select each person and list their trainings. I found code on the web, but it doesn't seem to work. I get an...
  6. J

    Building a UTM based on selections in a form

    I am building a tool that the user can use to create a UTM based on criteria they have selected. I have created a list validation for 2 fields that depending on which the previous selection. The selection is dynamic so what ever is chosen as a "Channel" then the "Description" list will only...
  7. R

    Track changes on query

    I have a refreshable query table running in Sheet 1. In sheet 2, I have created a vlookup in columns A-H to bring in all relevant information from the table in sheet 1. Column I is where I write comments relating to each line. When refreshing the data, entries that are "closed" are removed...
  8. G

    VBA code to collect tables from multiple word docs to excel

    Please take a look at the attached screenshot I have more than 5 files like this and more than 14 tables in each file I need to compile it in one word file also I have 4 tables I need to get from an Excel file Is there any way to collect the information in each table instead of opening each one...
  9. R

    Creating a Table with Changing Ranges

    Hi, first time poster here! I have a data set that gets updated weekly and need the table created in my macro to account for this. Heres the code I've got: ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(xlSrcRange, Range("$A$1:$O$104017"), , xlNo).Name _ = "ShotData" Thanks in advance! -Reebs
  10. K

    Match a value and then return the date that is less than a given date

    I am wanting to create a formula that will provide me with the closest date that was prior to the funded date - whilst matching it specifically to that product code only. Funded Date 1/7/2020 Product Code Date of Change Product Name Old Rate New Rate 575 8/10/2019 MSV 3.19 3.04 575...
  11. D

    Table Custom ID Automation

    I have next table (growing each day). In each date/time moment (row), I have some event which may be repeated within one day (or not). Problem is ID column: I am entering IDs values manually and making mistakes of course. How to make some kind of automation: a) within one day (date), b) within...
  12. A

    Get column number by header name

    I'm new to VBA Excel programming. I have a table with several headers and I would want to get absolute column number of some header. To be more clear. There is a form to which user should enter header name (practically header cell content) and the program should get absolute column number where...
  13. B

    Macro to clear all slicers except one

    Hello, I'm working with a table with many slicers. I want a command button that will clear all the filters from the slicers, but keep the 'year' slicer as is. Any help would be appreciated. I'm quite new with VBA, so please make it really obvious what parts of the code I should be substituting...
  14. L

    Allow Copy and Paste into the table with protected formulas in auto expand tables

    Hi, I have A:E columns. Column C and Column E are the ones who does have formulas and should be the protected columns. I would like to allow the user to copy and paste (aside from manually typing the inputs) any data into new rows and tables should still auto expand including the formulas. In...
  15. B

    Week over Week Change for tickets that are Open, Resolved, and Pending

    Hello I need help setting up a weekly report table or pivot that shows the number of open, resolved, pending, and new added tickets. The new data for the report comes out every Monday morning and I will send my report every Monday afternoon showing the number of open, resolved, pending, and new...
  16. wsnyder

    Excel Table Is Slow

    Hi all, Using Excel Microsoft 365. I have an Excel Table. I deleted all data from the Table and then resized the table to $A$1:$A$2 I then added 13k rows of data beginning at Row 2. That is where the slowness began. Why does it take so long for Excel to resize the table to include all 13K...
  17. M

    Excel Tables & VBA - Adding data into a table with two separate macros

    Hi everyone, I am working on a program that has kind of a lot going on. I have a sheet that I manually input data into cells then use a macro to add that data into a "database" table in a separate sheet. that table has roughly 25 columns in it. from the initial macro only about half are...
  18. S

    VBA extend table to include new row

    Hi, I have a workbook with a macro that extracts information from row 1 and pastes it as values as a new row below the Data table. I want to add a step to extend the table over the new row, but none of the options I have found so far seem to do it. My VBA knowledge is negligible (I'm usually...
  19. C

    VBA Table producing too many rows

    Hello, I have a search sheet to loop through my entire workbook and return results into a table-style format. for some reason it is producing 500 rows, but I only want it to produce enough rows for the data that is returned. I will paste the code below, and color the font of where the problem...
  20. C

    Total (SUM) 1 column of a table VBA

    Hello again, I have a Table of Contents sheet that will change size on a constant basis. The VBA is written to format it into a table, for ease of filtering the data. I'm wondering if there is a way to add the values of a single column (specifically column "D") and have it show the total at the...
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