1. M

    VBA to Match Row and Column to Value, then copy and paste into intersection

    Hello, I have a table with many fields, and each record in the table has a unique ID. I want to find the intersection of a particular ID and a particular field , and then copy and paste a value into the cell where they intersect. In the attached example, I need a macro that when run, the name...
  2. L

    calculate monthly averages

    Hi, I have data arranged data table how do I calculate the averages of C,D,E and F and tabulate it by year and month as in the Average China Prices table? Thanks for you help BCDEFGHIJKLMNOP3PO Spot Market Price (unit: RMB/mt)Average China PO prices RMB/ton SCI4DateShandongNorth ChinaEast...
  3. M

    Suggestions for Complex Report Layout

    I was asked to keep track of a project and need to report on its progress every month. The raw data will be names, office locations, current model assignments, new model assignments, and the date the new model was reassigned. Initially, I was going to create monthly tables based on this data...
  4. Worf

    TypeScript objects and Excel tables

    Certain Excel 365 licenses offer Office scripts, which is an implementation of the TypeScript language to automate Excel, just like VBA does. I am planning a small series of articles focusing on relevant TS features and their application to the Excel object model; this first one will deal with...
  5. W

    Trying to tie two tables together

    Hi all, I currently have a table of data containing customer orders; dates, names, stock quantities, customer order quantities, an IFELSE statement that shows whether an order is complete or not, etc. I have a Power Query set up that pulls the data from this table, and IF all of the orders for...
  6. D

    How to create a table for baseline sales?

    Hello everyone, long time no post! I have a situation, which I would think can be solved rather simply, but I can't figure out a way to do it. I have several POS systems and how much they are able to sell. We also have the knowledge of how much volume we do every weekday, every month that...
  7. X

    Dynamic Table

    I am trying to build a dynamic table that changes based off of what you select in a drop down but it pulls data from different tabs. I can make it work when it is just looking at 1 tab but I would have multiple people populating their own tables on their own tabs so I want the home page to show...
  8. S

    IF Statements for Dates with VLOOKUP and Concatenate

    I am still a newbie to most Excel functions. I have created a workbook with IF Statements, VLOOKUPs, Concatenates, and VBA Codes. However, due to an annual rate increase, I need to create a complex IF Statement for just this month and I can't quite wrap my head around how to do it. Currently...
  9. A

    Duplicating cells down a column by an amount expressed in a single cell.

    I'm not sure how to ask this without just jumping into the problem... So here it is: I have a table that has door types and corresponding info for said door types. that data is linked to another table that has a drop down. So if you have 3 "Type A"s and 6 "Type B"s, you only need to type the...
  10. X

    Extract Dates from Table into new Table

    I'm trying to create a new table of dates of the first and last day of the month. The date range for this new table is from the "Date Created" field of a separate table (Table 1) which is from an external data source. I'd like the new table to be dynamic so that as Table 1 is updated, the date...
  11. S

    Vlookup with Search function

    Hi All I have two tables i am trying to look up one for the other. Table A is a list of licenses by Country with the Product names for each. Table B is a list of the Product sales. The same Product code can be sold in different countries are in same cell separated by a semi colon. Does...
  12. TheMacroNoob

    VBA code to Rename tables on duplicated sheet with sheet name appended

    Hello excel experts, I have a VBA code via the magic of ChatGPT: Sub DuplicateTemplateSheet() Dim templateSheet As Worksheet Dim newSheet As Worksheet Dim sheetList As Worksheet Dim sheetName As String Dim lastRow As Long Dim i As Long Dim tbl As ListObject ' Set a reference to the Template...
  13. C

    Macro for command button to copy + paste on each click next row from table to another table

    Hey everyone, hope you are all fine. I have 2 Tables: MasterTable UsadasTable I need, on each click on command button, to cut values on MasterTable B4/C4/D4 and paste to UsadasTable I4/J4/K4 On the next click, i need cut the values of the next row from MasterTable B5/C5/C5 and paste to...
  14. M

    VBA/Macros help for an Excel to Word document generator. Need to create and find/replace X tables, where X is the numberof rows TRUE in another sheet

    Hi Excel brains trust, My company have created a Report generator using a spreadsheet + VBA/macros. To use it, our employees fill in a row, select a template from a dropdown, enter the reference pertaining to it, and then click a "Create Document" button. The code then reads which template is...
  15. A

    Manual notes in Power Query tables

    Let's say I have a list of item (B, D, C) that I import into a new table using Power Query, and sort them alphabetically. Then I add a new Note column, and write a note regarding item B. Later on, I add a new item to the original list (A), and refresh the query. The note about B stays...
  16. N

    Delete blank cells in a table

    I have a problem with some workbooks I am working with. These workbooks have multiple tables in a single sheet and some of the tables have blnk cells and I would like to be able to delete these blank cells with vba, the only problem is that I can't delete the entire row, because I may delete the...
  17. F

    Tricky VBA Loop Through Excel Table Range and Change Total Column Formula

    All, I have a tricky VBA Code Scenario. I'm trying to define a table range then loop through all columns in said table range and change the formula in the total row of the table. The Tricky Part is my Table Self Updates so the number of columns and the label of the columns change depending...
  18. D

    Power Query Tables Reading Each Other's Tables

    I am very new to using Tables and Queries. Basically I'd like whenever I add a line of data in one table, to have it added to the Power Query Table on another sheet. The other sheet will still have data on it, so the newest data I would like to add it, not replace it. I want to also have the...
  19. J

    VBA to Create Table and to Remove Duplicates

    Hello, I have two items for my data where I could use some help. Item 1 The data needs turned into a table but the number of rows varies (the columns are always the same). I used to macro recorder for these and tweaked them. First I tried the below but the code locked in the range...
  20. R

    Secondary Tables to act like clone of primary table

    Hello, please forgive my ignorance with this one. I have a situation where I have multiple tables (lets say Table 1 and Table 2 for this scenario) where I need table 2 to act like a clone of table 1. To go deeper, Table 2 must match down to the color and text as in Table 1. All I know is that I...

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