1. A

    how to add name tag for selection instaead of cell ranges in VBA code

    Greetings excel experts, i was wondering if there is a way to callout my name tag (FormArea) i have created for my workbook containing multiple cell values like Range("A1:H25,A26:G27,H27,A28:B47,D28:E47").Select i do in macro that i need to lock from being edited by the other users of this...
  2. B

    nested if and search and move help

    Hi Excel geniuses I am trying to sort my movies I have and I have them listed with a marker at the end of the file either [720p] or [1080p] or nothing I have used these formulas to move the resolution tag to the front so I can group movies by resolution. I used these serpeatly to move the...
  3. B

    How to get IF & LOOKUP to only tag exact matches?

    Hi everyone, I don't come here often but the community has been very supportive when I have a question - thanks for that! I am using this formula to tag certain cells based on their contents =IF(LOOKUP(2^15,SEARCH({"will"},C18)),"Yes") The problem is that the formula is tagging cells where a...
  4. S

    Web Vba issue

    Please go through this query, its quit long, but challenging I wanted a macro to login to a intranet site using my user name and password. I used early binding techniques and created new instance of IE. The code enters my user name and password in appropriate fields. However the login button did...
  5. D

    Auto populating text fields on websites and scraping the web

    I created a macro that automatically populated different fields on a website / online application that'd then give me results based on my inputs (which I then would have to "scrape" the results for my Excel reports). Recently the tool just had an update to its UI so now when I click view source...
  6. D


    I am trying to set up a spreadsheet for an auction service. I would like to know if it is even possible to do what I want. I have an excel spreadsheet that would be used to log in bid amounts and bidder numbers. But before we even get there I would like to be able to on tabs, have those...
  7. C

    Formula Changes Depending on Name

    Hello Everyone, I am hoping someone could help me, as I am unsure what to type to get the action that I want. Simply put I want to create a spreadsheet with several Tabs, these tabs I would call a persons name. (Dave Smith). I would then have a summary tab, which would record all of their...
  8. C

    Tagging Data Cells - Flags, VLOOKUP, Tag, Cytokines

    I have a cell of data for example 'lean beef' - but I want to tag it with something that I can calculate later say '1 oz of lean beef' - since I figure I can't calculate 'lean beef' but I could calculate '1 oz' how do I attach this descriptor? Also, let's say I want to tag it as 'Dinner' as well...
  9. C

    VBA: random result within a list of entries with a specific "tag"

    Hi, I'm a newbie to the macro world and quite illiterate. I have an excel file where Column A is a huge list of music artists (5000 and counting) and Column B is the artist "tag", i.e. the music genre the artist plays. When I click on the macro button, I wanna get a random artist but not...
  10. M

    Searching inside PDF document with a tag and saving/printing the page containing the tag

    Hi All, In my current job most of the time I have to open several pdf files to look for page(s) containing particular tag (say 'XYZ'), and then save/print each of that page individually. Once I have all the pages with that tag saved in one folder, I normally use pdf merger to merge them in one...
  11. L

    date is dynamic but time is static.

    If I want date to be current and time constant how to do it for ex: in A1 want display of 8/23/13 8:00 next day when I open excel A1 should display 8/24/13 8:00 so my date is dynamic but time is static.
  12. K

    How to "tag" cells so they are automatically recognized as part of a group?

    Hi, I have written (adapted) the following code to turn specific cells into checkboxes, which works very nicely: Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Dim CheckCells As Range, CheckCell As Range Set CheckCells = Intersect(Target, Range("CheckBoxes")) If...
  13. T

    Locating Duplicates

    I've created a resource allocation sheet tasking the several people working with me to certain jobs. What I want it to do, is ensure that nobody has the same job more then 3 times in a week. I'm new at this, so please ignore the repetitions and superfluities. It currently works, except for...
  14. N

    Work sheet find

    Hi, I want to find and compare a work sheet with my given name. Dim NewSheetName as String For Each Ws.Name In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets Set Find1 = .Find(What:=NewSheetName, MatchCase:=True) If Not Find1 Is Nothing Then '-----------------------------------True...

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