1. T

    Only Run Formula on Cells in The Table.

    Hi all! When I open my excel book it takes forever to open due to poor coding on my part. I have a bunch of codes like the below code. What I want is instead of E:E which I believe is why it takes so long to open I only want it to check cells in the actual table or until it hits a blank. I...
  2. Y

    Find and replce takes 5-6 hours

    Like any software developer, when I make significant changes to my spreadsheet I increment the version (So Ref Stats V7 becomes Ref Stats V8. I then have to change the references in one sheet for a couple of different files. Each file takes up to 6 hours to replace the references. (There's about...
  3. R

    Excel Performance Issue

    We have an issue with the excel where there is noticeable alow down in the newer version of office.When getting an excel handle create dispatch and open api of Microsoft office takes more time in office 2016 then in office 2013.Pls guide me with the possible solution or reason for thjs slowness.
  4. D

    Run many large update queries in the right order one at a time possible?

    My database is 4 million records and when I import the new data every week it's a mess because the source people are idiots. SOOOO, I created a long list of update queries that find the things that should not be there and eliminates them. Each query takes about 90 seconds to run - there are...
  5. A

    VBA Suddnly Takes alot of time to Run

    Dear all, i noticed suddenly that my VBA is taking so much time to run the VBA, i dont know why for example to filter and unfilter an entire row it starts from Threadh (0%) and takes 5 minutes to reach Threads ( 100% ) that's only to filter and unfilter one row !!!! can someone please help :( ?
  6. S

    Should this code be written differently? Takes way longer than sorting each sheet manually

    I have some code to sort all sheets column E low to high. I have 18 sheets each with about a million rows. I can sort one sheet manually and it takes maybe 5 seconds. When I use this code, the 18 sheets take almost 10 min. I will have any number sheets, depending on previous calculations. In...
  7. T

    I have problem: Slow - VBA Copy Paste recalculate

    I was testing for bottlenecks in some project finance code to test for IRR and the bottle next appears to be on bit where the range is moved before a recalculation occurs to see how far away the answer is from being solved. Code: Call MoveDate(Names("CopyRange").RefersToRange...
  8. dispelthemyth

    Slow - VBA Copy Paste recalculate

    I was testing for bottlenecks in some project finance code to test for IRR and the bottle next appears to be on bit where the range is moved before a recalculation occurs to see how far away the answer is from being solved. Call MoveDate(Names("CopyRange").RefersToRange...
  9. T

    Looking for a faster way to find and replace

    Hello there, I have a worksheet with about 120,000 lines with probably 50 columns and I run the following code to change all the #'s to blank cells. I was wondering if there is a faster way to do this, because this takes a long time to complete. Sub NtoBlank() Cells.Replace...
  10. S

    IF statement (with threshold?)

    Hello, I need some help! I have the formula below but would like to modify it to include a different cell somehow. It should reference another cell saying not to go below a certain value. The current formula does take B4 up or down 50% depending on the value but the problem lies when it goes...
  11. Y


    Hello, in sheet 2 cells A3:A302 I have numbers ( 60001 to 60300) , which should remain untouched. when I click on A3 sheet 2 it should direct me to sheet 3 . and when clicking on Sheet 2 A4 it would take to sheet 4 and so on. clicking on Sheet 2 A5 takes me to sheet 5 clicking on Sheet 2 A6...
  12. I

    Why excel is taking into consideration empty cells?

    <tbody> A B C 1 2 =2^a1/(2^a1+2^a2+2^a3) 2 2 3 </tbody> So I have this formula which also takes into consideration empty cells (a3) for future entries. Formula is very simple but works only if I include non-empty cells to that equation. As you can see above a3 is...
  13. S

    PIVOT TABLES -Average Days Per Request

    I am trying to calculate the average amount of days a request takes. In my raw data I have a formula which takes off the day when received, to the day which is completed. I also have a field which determines which quarter it falls in, and a field which business area it is in. I can get it...
  14. E

    Capture Value from a Cell only once at a specific hour.

    Hello Seniors, I am looking to create a workbook as below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sheet 1: Pulls data from web automatically say every 15 minutes. Sheet 2: Takes data from Sheet 1 and calculates values. Sheet 3: B1 uses VLOOKUP function to pull data...
  15. U

    Forcing vlookup to return formula instead of result

    Sheet1 is vendor number and vendor name. Vendor name takes the form of a hyperlink formula that links to their homepage. (i.e. so the text that displays is Microsoft but if you were to actually click it, it takes you to microsoft dot com) Sheet2 contains the vendor number. The goal is to do a...
  16. M

    Very slow pivot on similar PCs (performance issue)

    Hi, I'm new here. This is the situation: In my office I have 2 pc with very similar configuration. 16 GB ram and similar CPU (I7 4790 vs I7 6700). When I try to update, or simply put or remove a filter on a column the performance is very different. For example, If I insert a filter on a column...
  17. L

    What it takes and how to be Excel MVP

    Hi Not for me, but I am just curious to know so I can sense what it takes to be MVP. How many hrs they spend each day on excel/vba etc. What was the most difficult things before you became MVP. How long it takes to master excel and/or vba before becoming mvp.
  18. R

    Two new identical machines with latest Excel, simple macro takes 20x as long on one vs the other

    I noticed one of two nearly identical machines going FAR slower on the same Excel code. So then I made a test macro that is nothing but a while loop comparing a test string against 80,000 cells, 1 by 1 - in a brand new xlsm document. I'm running it on two new Windows 10 installs with current...
  19. D

    File (7MB) takes 25s to save each time (?)

    I don't remember just when this happened (otherwise i could probably troubleshoot), but my file now takes 20-25s to fully complete the Save process every time I Ctrl-S save. It's a large-ish file (7-MB) with a lot of formulas spread out over a dozen sheets, but I don't remember it ever being...
  20. J

    Date and time

    Hello, Hopefully soon can help me. I am trying to work out how to create a formula to make a plan showing when a total process will be finished and also each stage start and finish times. The time for each stage is fixed, but the initial start time may vary and the process in total will span 3...

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