1. D

    Unique IDs - Several rows per ID - Calculate total time from start to finish

    Hi everyone, thanks for having me here. I got the following setup: I need to make a pivot table that lists each ID in column G with the total amount of time it takes from earliest time in column J to the latest. Example of how it would look like: ID Total time TRP1 - 03:00:00 TRP2 -...
  2. A

    Is there a way to more quickly navigate the Fill Color and Font Color pickers using the keyboard, besides using the arrow keys, which takes awhile?

    Is there a way to more quickly navigate the Fill Color and Font Color pickers using the keyboard, besides using the arrow keys, which takes awhile? For example, it would be great to be able to jump from one end of the picker to another, both up/down and left/right. In case it's helpful, I'm...
  3. S

    Whenever I execute this code, it takes me to the last sheet

    Hello, I have a question of why this process always takes me to the last sheet or to the activated sheet. I have a button for the user to click and select components on the "VFD Cab" Sheet, when it is done, the values will show up on the designated cells, but it takes the user away from the...
  4. T

    Macro to take me back to the page i was just on?

    Hi Everyone, I guess what i need will be two macro, the first to take me to a page, t the second to take me back to where I was. This is how I think it could work. Macro1 I click macro 1 it takes me to Sheet "Info" and records the name of the sheet I was on in Sheet "Control" cell D1...
  5. G

    How many days it takes for someone to reach a target?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if I could find out how long it takes for someone in sales to reach a target of say £1000? My guess is I have to add the sales figures cumulatively and then return the date of when the target was reached? Not sure where to go after that. Any help would be great!
  6. G

    Pulling report from SQL

    Hello, i have the following code which runs ( slowly) to pull two reports from an SQL internet database, just seems to run slowly, have had timer on the last few days and it takes between 294 seconds and 684 seconds to complete. my problem is that when i use debug step through it only takes...
  7. J

    VBA is it possible to use a integer like function with cells

    hey, so im really new to VBA, and im not sure if this is possible. the thing i want to achieve is: in row a i have names, these are names of sheets i already have. these sheets change. so lets say A1 has "sheet1" in it. now what i want is that with VBA i want to make a formula that takes the...
  8. S

    Taking performance goals, converting to scale 0 - 10

    So i have had several Microsoft Techs try to solve this and while we seem to get close, something is missing. I have a spreadsheet that takes employee standards and attempts to score the standards on a scale from 0 - 10. For example...
  9. L

    function that takes range as an argument -vba

    Hi I created vba function that takes 3 numbers and add them and then multiple by 1.13. Everything fine if I say = foo(a1,a2,a3) but I got #Value if I type = foo(A1:A3) Why is that? Thank you. +++ Function foo(x As Integer, y As Integer, z As Integer) As Double foo = (x + y + z) * 1.13 End...
  10. T

    Excel 2016. Control-Taaaaaabbbbbbbbbbb!!!! Noooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!

    I poked around online and couldn't find the answer (only others facing the same problem with no solution), but I'm hoping against hope there is one... Control+tab and control+shift+tab used to allow navigation between workbooks in an (in retrospect) incredibly predictable fashion. Now, in 2016...
  11. J

    VBA - Macro runs v slow!! Takes 8 minutes to complete !

    Hi I have a macro that I am running which takes a very long time to run - I even built a Timer function to calc and on average it takes about 8 minutes to complete!! I have tried a lot of the usual "tricks" - e.g. Calculation = Manual, SceenUpdating = False, EnableEvents = False But...
  12. A

    Using paste Special in Sheet taking a lot of time

    I am preparing a dashboard whose first row contains the formula which needs to be dragged down . It takes almost 30 minutes to do a paste special . is there any way to reduce this time . The Sheet has 182 columns and a total of 8000 rows . Takes almost 30 minutes daily.
  13. S


    I have a list on a sheet with lots of different names of organisations. E.g. <tbody> Cell Value Cell ORGANISATION 1 A1 ORGANISATION 2 A2 ORGANISATION 3 A3 </tbody> Is it possible to have a hyperlink so that when the user clicks on the Cell Value, it takes them to a different sheet...
  14. C

    Speeding up code: takes 200 seconds to copy paste from one table to another using VBA!

    Hi, I have a code which filters a table, copies the filtered data and puts it into another table as values but this process takes too long (170-200 seconds to be precise!). If I convert the table to a range then paste, it takes about 15 seconds but destroys all my formulas with reference to...
  15. M

    crazy macro idea? rick roth?

    If you are trying to optimize a heavy workbook, it is hard to know where to begin. This tool would solve that! For each CELL in ENTIRE WORKBOOK IF the CELL has a FORMULA in it... 1. Calculate the cell - record the time it takes to calculate 2. Conditionally format the...
  16. T

    simplifying an IF statement

    I created an IF statement that is a bit extreme. I wanted to be able to account for break times between 10:15 and 10:30 and 1:00 to 1:30 and then at the end of the day start again basing it around how long something takes to do...
  17. M

    Which is less "resource intensive" - "Clear Shape With Text" (ie rectangle) versus "TextBox"

    I have a huge document with tons of these. And I always decide randomly which I will use on a given day. But I bet one of them takes up less space... thoughts? MC
  18. V

    Evaluating Range for NULL or "" and replacing with .Clear

    Programmers, My imported dataset has null values. Currently I loop through the columns and rows; and use this is code: IF .CELL(lRow, lCol).Value = "" THEN .CELL(lRow,lCol).Clear This method takes a long time. Could the .Range &/or Evalute method be used? Something like: With...
  19. Johnny C

    Excel calculate sheet takes longer than a full calculation?

    I've a large unwieldy workbook I've been asked to modify. It has about 60 tabs with project financials and a couple of sheets that pull data from them using INDIRECT. I can't get rid of the INDIRECTS (it's not my workbook). There's about 200 rows with 20 columns of these indirects. The...
  20. A


    Hi as an employee of an Amazon business, I want to make a listing on amazon. How can I calculate a markup of 10% in excel? - the markup is “on the cost of the item plus the fee amazon takes after the item being sold” which is a percentage of the listing/sale price? Is it possible to have an...

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