target value

  1. B

    Forecasting given target for Year+1 and Year+2

    Good evening, I need some help as I cannot find anything relevant on Google or the forum. Here is my situation: January 1st 2019, I'll open a new business; I plan on signing 5,000 users the 1st month (A2=5,000) have accumulated 500,000 users by end of December 2019 (L2=500,000) reach...
  2. V

    VBA If Then Function Needs to Peform Two Functions If True

    My current code is: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Column = 6 And Target.Row = 7 Then If Target.Value = "Loan $" Then Target.Offset(2, 0).Formula = "=F14/F8": Target.Offset(2, 0).Interior.Color = RGB(217, 217, 217) If Target.Value = "Loan to Cost" Then...
  3. D

    Formula drops in a cell w/ Data Validation

    I am working on a spreadsheet that has several cells that have data validation. Part of the intention of the cells is to allow the users to select multiple items from the drop-down menu. In order for that to work, I've had to add a macro that allows for several items to be selected from the...
  4. B

    KPI with different targets

    Hi, I have no problem setting up KPI using set value. However, I have different targets every month. I can't just change the set value every time I want to view the month. Please help. Any Idea how I can approach this? I tried adding target value to my raw data and sum that column as one of...
  5. melewie

    Its been a while....Help with inserting formula when cell changes

    Hi All, been a while since I've posted here managed to avoid excel and all forms of IT for the past 5 years (it's been blissful :rofl:) however here I am at a desk staring at many many spreadsheets. I am trying to create a downtime log of sorts, what I am trying to achieve is when the user...
  6. P

    Get non active worksheet name by mouse click excel 2007 VBA

    I'm new to this (actually any) forum. So please bear with me... The problem I have is: In a workbook I have a calculation sheet and worksheets that contain the data to calculate named in a "mm-dd-yyyy" format. When I switch to a different day I have a macro that prompts me for the worksheet...
  7. dukeofscouts

    VBA add text only if not there

    Ok I've got a worksheet change code that runs to add the text "~~SPECIAL~~" to the target's value. The issue is that as the working code runs the next time that cell is edited, the text reads: ~~SPECIAL~~ ~~SPECIAL~~ target.value I've tried to use Target.Replace to fix this, but to no avail...
  8. A

    Worksheet Change by Value

    I would like to be able to compare the target value to that of a range of cells, thus avoiding code for every target cell. Currently: If Target.Offset(0, -1).Value = Worksheets("Admin").Range("S33") If it could be changed to look for the target cell value eg...
  9. P

    Sum certain cells to reach target value

    Does anyone know how I can manipulate a list with a formula to sum certain cells to reach a target value? Okay, I know that question is confusing. Here is an example that may clear things up: I have a list of data in cells A1:A20 that totals $1,000,000. I'm looking for only the data that...

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