1. P

    long line of text to columns

    L team away L team home L home lose etc. I need to split the text to columns at the L (space). That's an L and a space
  2. B

    loop thru series of rows and insert data

    I am trying to figure out how to find a missing number in a range of rows. I can get the following to work by hard coding the statements to look at the first range of cells. LowerVal & UpperVal calculated previously (pseudo code below) Dim InputRange As Range Dim ValueFound As Range...
  3. A

    Insert value in the excel tables using user form

    Hello Everyone, i am stuck with one challenge. If anyone can help. I am trying to input the values (name: only one column) in the table using the user form. (Userform contains a text box, 3 radio buttons and a submit button) I have three tables in the same worksheet (example : Team A, Team B ...
  4. C

    Conditional Formatting - HELP!

    Hi, Im still a newbie when i comes to excel. I have a basic understanding of the functions but this one have stumped me I have a spreadsheet that records the date that an action by my team is completed (Column B). They email 2 other departments for a response. When the receive the response...
  5. A

    Reverse the order of the new worksheet

    Hello Everyone , I have created a macro to copy the active worksheet and paste a new one. I want to make a slight modification to it : The newly created worksheet to be pasted on the left side of the workbook rather than on the right (My team is used to this format). Dim sName As String...
  6. P

    Create a MACRO

    Looking for help writing a MACRO to undertake the following. I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs x 11 - these tabs have team names, for example North, South, West, East. My existing MACRO transfers all of the tabs to a Summary tab at the end. However I have found that when I do this I...
  7. T

    SUMProduct formula error

    Hi all, any reason why i would be getting a #Value error using the formula: =SUMPRODUCT(--(Season=$LU$2),--(home=$LV5),--(FTHomegoals+FTAwaygoals>MV3)) Season Lu2 is referencing the range of the data i wont to use Home = LV5 is pointing to the particular team & where it would be listed...
  8. S

    distribute points according to results of the stage

    I want to distribute points among the riders according to the ranking of the stage. The lay-out: Ranking of the stage in column A:E My rider selection in column G:J Points to display in column L:Q (Here I want to display the results, the points) When a team in column J is present in column D...
  9. C

    Need help looking up last occurrence.

    Hi there! I'm calculating some basketball data and want to easily return whether a team has played the night before or not. Here is a sample of my data: <tbody> date home team away team home team rest away team rest 4/1 bulls bucks y y 4/1 nets knicks y y 4/2 warriors bucks y n 4/2...
  10. M

    Help with VBA code for clearing same cells across multiple sheets determined by a list

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a VBA query. I have a workbook that my team update monthly with figures for their service levels. Each team member has their own sheet with cell ranges for each of their clients, and within these cell ranges are cells they populate with...
  11. Y

    Swimming Medley Relay Best Team/Order New approach

    So, in swimming, you need to find the fastest relay team based on times they swim in each of the four events. So input is like: <tbody> Names Backstroke Breaststroke Butterfly Freestyle Kamlynn 19.63 24.59 19.26 17.02 Daisy 29.54 22.97 23.62 19.17 Vivian 30.43 33.81...
  12. C

    Need To Total Specific Cells and Their Opposites

    I'm trying to setup a list that totals 'points scored' by team and 'points allowed' by team. I can use SUMIFS to total the points scored, as I can total referencing the team name, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to total the points allowed, as that teams name will constantly change...
  13. C

    SUMIF with INDEX MATCH Issue

    I have the following data: <tbody> A B C D E 1 Team 1 1 Team 2 2 2 Team 3 2 Team 4 1 3 Team 1 1 Team 3 2 4 Team 4 1 Team 1 2 5 Team 2 2 Team 1 1 6 7 Team 1-Wins Team 1-Losses </tbody> Whenever a team wins, a 1 is entered manually into Column B or Column D...
  14. E

    I'm might be hoping for too much but....

    ....thought I would ask anyway. i have 5 different workbooks (data added by team captains) that feed into one table combined by a power query (viewed by team manager). Captains add data to their table and the manager can see this when he refreshes his query. All is working well. Now, is...
  15. S

    want to lock cells in a row in attendance tracker

    Hi All, I have a question in Excel/VBA. I am creating an Attendance tracker for about 200 team members; in which each row corresponding to a team member displays their attendance for the entire month. There are 3 types of leaves: CL, SL and EL. The last 3 columns of the table show the total...
  16. C

    Vlookup, Hlookup, Match, Index,... or probably a combination?

    Hello, I'm looking for an Excel Formula and I hope that someone can help me out with this? I tried to draw a simplified version of the Excel below. I'm looking for a dynamic formula which returns the required training level for a specific Team. For example: - For Team C - For Training 6 -->...
  17. S

    Track results by team

    I have three columns with names. The first column contains members of team A, the second contains member of team B and the third contains the results. I want to count the number of winners from each team in the results column but I can't. Please help me.
  18. D

    Excel on MS TEAMS

    Ok first I will apologize cause this is not just an Excel question. I have Excel workbooks linked to each other on a file share. I wan to move them to TEAMS which essentially is SharePoint on the backend. The question is how do I link sheets form one file in TEAM A to a file in TEAM B? I can...
  19. A

    Wins + Losses for Sports Teams at Different Points

    Hi all, First time posting and looking for some help regarding a set of sports statistics. I am looking to analyze the effect of home court advantage in the 2018-2019 season and wanted to be able to control for how many wins each team has at a certain time in the season. I currently have a set...
  20. E

    If formula validation

    Hi Team, I have data like this and im using formula =IF(C3<=E3,"","FALSE") to get the result in column D. I want column D5 to display a message stating no data if date in E5 is blank rather than false. Could you help? <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Column A Coulmn B...

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