1. D

    loop column with VBA, tell you how many times it appears

    i want a macro that loops through column F and then tells you if it appears more than twice and highlight those cells.
  2. B

    Refrencing a cell in a Index Formula

    What I do is pull data from multiple sources on the internet sometimes it can be 500 rows sometimes 10000. I then have a sheet that uses a formula like =INDEX(B1:B10000,MATCH(R2,A1:A10000,0). I can set a cell up in say S1 That tells me there is 600 rows of data. is there a way to reference the...
  3. B

    Table calculation question

    Non VBA person here. I think I have stumbled my way into VBA code that does what I want it todo but only triggers manually. I need itautomatically to trigger. I think my reading tells me that the tables don’tcalculate automatically. Is there a wayto calculate table on change to a range...
  4. P

    Find % increase in an array

    Hi, I think this is simple. I have 6 months of data which is the variance from one month to the other. I need a formula that looks at all 6 cells and tells me if the % change is greater or less than 10%. I was thinking of using an IF(AND(MATCH then adding the >110% and <90% but wasn't sure if...
  5. R

    Count Days With Certain Criteria...

    Hello Everyone , Stumped with this I'm afraid , hoping someone in the Excel World can help me out . I have the following headers : MonAm MonPm TueAm TuePm WedAm WedPm ThuAm ThuPm FriAm FriPm SatAm SatPm SunAm SunPm 12 0 0 0 5 5 0...
  6. C

    Return Percentile instead of Percentrank?

    I have a columns of scores and I want to return the percentile of the score within the column. For example, of the universe of 281 qualifying players, Cody Bellinger has the highest wOBA, at .555. He is definitely in the 99th percentile of qualifying players. Using the PERCENTILE function...
  7. B

    Excluding Duplicate data in a SUMIF

    My data source has duplicates in it that I need to only sum once and exclude the others. Below is my SUMIF that just sums everything but I need to add a portion that tells it to exclude the duplicates for each section of the formula. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <tbody>...
  8. C

    Need Yes/No formula In columns ABC are digits ranging from 0-9, I need a formula yes/no that tells me if the largest digit is equal to the other 2 digits.
  9. W

    Ned to Create a new Calclulated Column

    Have a table with a field called "Arrived Date" it will have a date value similar to December 1, 201 I am trying to create a calculated column that automatically tells me what week this is from. How do I create a calculated column that provides this. Thanks
  10. O

    How do I find a value in a row of formulae

    I have a row that contains 5000 values based on formula that I see when I highlight the cell. I can find the max and min values, but I don't know where they are in the row. When I execute a Find, it tells me it can't find the data. Is there a simple way to go about this?
  11. S

    VBA Different?

    I have a list in Column A of grades separated by a Pipe Character. I need a function in column B that tells me if they are different. Thanks in advance! F|F A+|A+ A+|A+ A|A F|F A+|A+ A-|B+ F|F A-|F|A- F|F F|F
  12. L

    Comparison of two columns

    I have two columns of data and I want to make a formula that can tell me what in column A is not in column B and another formula that tells me what in column B is not in column A
  13. jbesclapez

    Macro to Replace content of a cell.

    Hello Mr Excel, :biggrin: I have a range from A:G I have a column in I that tells what to find in the range I have a column in J that tells with what to replace. Those find/replace are in front of each other so : I1 is replaced by J1, I2 is replace by J2... The find/replace as match the full...

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