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    Lookup/Template for automating weekly stats

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet full of information which I update on a weekly basis. What I am looking to do is to have a seperate sheet with the same column headers as my weekly summary but have just one row which lets me choose a date i.e. Week commencing x/x/xxxx then displays all of the input...
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    Template Wizard w/ Data Tracking

    I am currently using MS 2003 and downloaded the 2002 version of the Template Wizard with data Tracking for Excel. After download, I copy and pasted the TMPLWIZ.EXE file into C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office11\Library, but the add-in still is not showing up in the Add-In dialogue box in...
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    Transfer data from template

    Hello, I have a template which calculates in a certain column the averages of marks that students get on assignments. I have a macro which opens a number of sheets which are named according to the various tools for assessment that a teacher uses in class. All of the sheets use the same template...
  4. V

    Retrieve data from excel database

    Using the Template Wizard Add-in, I have created a form/template and have successfully sent inputs to an excel database. Is it possible to retrieve data from the database back into the template? The purpose of this would be to provide a copy of the details to each client.

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