1. C

    Clear cells based on values of adjacent cells (multiple columns)

    Hello all, I have searched the archives and have found people asking (and answering) similar questions—but none of them quite fit my situation. I will attempt to describe it as clearly as I can. I have huge terminology bases containing many translations of many terms, in many languages. No...
  2. R

    Targeting top result for each entry

    Hi, I have a workbook that lists all terms attended for each student as well as their GPA for that term in descending order. What I am trying to achieve is target the top entry for each student, which will give me the last term attended as well as their last known GPA. Please see a short example...
  3. M

    VBA Finding a Term on a Hidden Sheet and Loading the Individual Fees to a Userform

    Good Afternoon, I have a vba problem I just can't wrap my head around and I'd appreciate any help. I've thought about using index/match, vlookup, or find, but I just get confused the more I think about it. The ultimate goal is to have a user double click a term which opens a userform and they...
  4. A

    reverse engineer interest rate

    hi all. i'm trying to work a reverse calculation on a finance repayment calculator. i have have the standard amortisation calcs.. $20k amount 84 months 10% interest $332 repayments per month Total interest component of $7890 If i bump the repayments up to $375 per month, it lowers the loan...
  5. H

    Edit to VBA code used to return worksheet location.

    Hello, I am currently using the below code to return the worksheet location of over 11,000 part numbers in a spreadsheet with 45 worksheets. Sub test() Dim a, i As Long, ws As Worksheet, r As Range With Sheets("Location_Summary").Cells(1).CurrentRegion .Columns(3).Offset(1).ClearContents a =...
  6. B

    Insert Blank row before a specific term

    The following code Inserts a blank row after a specific term Sub insertRow() Do If InStr(1, Selection.Value, "Research director:") > 0 Then Selection.Offset(1, 0).Select Selection.EntireRow.Insert End If Selection.Offset(1, 0).Select Loop While Selection.Value<> "" End...
  7. D

    INDEX & MATCH using 3 conditions with 'in between'

    Hi, {=INDEX(K243:K274,MATCH(O245&P245,G243:G274&H243:H274))} Tried to insert an image but it's not working.. please see below for screenshots.. https://imgur.com/a/CUyDEm0 https://imgur.com/5TOZpLs The table on the left.. has 4 components, portfolio, risk, term (from and to) and value. The...
  8. S

    Help to find a formula with 2 known values that need to be matched exactly to find the value of another value but contains a date range

    I'm not an Excel expert and my HelpDesk hasn't been able to figure it out either so I searched for experts, and this forum came up! Here is my issue: I'm trying to solve for the cell "????" below. The 2 cells above it are entered so I'm trying to find the July 2018 row that has the date...
  9. A

    VBA to copy paste header from specific column

    Hi I want to Copy & Paste the following headers starting with the first date field (new column H) with macros. <tbody> DoB DoH Entry Date Term Date Disable Date Death Date Officer Staus Cd Own% YTD OverrideHrs SrceLev Elig OptCd Div Term Rehire </tbody> can anyone help me with that
  10. S

    Lookup/ Partial Match

    Hello, I am trying to create an aging table for receivables. I have a report that gives me all the detail of what is outstanding but I want to convert the data into 5 buckets. The report gives me the name of the individual, amount, and what term it was from. <tbody> Name Balance Term...
  11. C

    Conditional Formatting with Concatenated formula

    I am hoping someone can help me as I am losing the will to live. I am using conditional formatting to determine whether a gap has gone up or down from the previous term. It is mostly working but for some reason on a few of the data cells the wrong colour is given. I am using the formula...
  12. T

    Split payments over a range of numbered months (Not date ranges)

    I am building a cash flow model. Standard income and expenses. the model has months 1-60. I need the expenses to me put in by range. for example taxes will be in month 13 to 33 and insurance will be in months 19 - 44. I am looking for a formula that will look up the ranges and return data in the...
  13. B

    working days between hire and term dates

    I have an employees start date in cell H11 and the term date in cell I11. In cells J6:U6, I have the months of 1/1/2019 - 12/1/2019. In cells J3:U3, I'm trying to calculate the number of working days that employee worked that month given their starting and term date. If the employee is...
  14. F

    Computation of student Annual Average Sore and Grade

    Hello, I thought I was done with my school application project,until I was challenged with another task. In the application there is a report card that shows the first term,second term and third term report when you click "Open Report Card" in the form "frmStudent" a dialog form pops up to...
  15. L

    Rounding to nearest specified day

    Hi, I've a bunch of school term dates, and each school has their own method of stating what is the first day or last day of the month (some will say the day before is the first day, some will say the day after, some will say the last week day, etc) & to allow me to better compare i want to be...
  16. S

    If and statement not working

    <tbody> A (Original Hire) B (Re-Hire) C =IF(A=B, TRUE) D TERM DATE E 1 yr of return F =IF(AND(C1=FALSE,$B1>$D1,$B1<$E1),"Include in Ceremony","Do not Include") 12/8/10 09/25/18 FALSE 2/22/18 2/22/19 Include in ceremony 01/16/17 01/16/17 TRUE </tbody> Hi, this is a...
  17. E

    Graphics distorted when cells calculate

    Hi I have a strange problem with one workbook. When you do anything that requires a recalculation of the sheet the graphics are distorted so that sections of other sheets appear overlaid with the current sheet. Clicking on different tab then returning is a short term fix but I'm keen t know of...
  18. C

    Sending an email in excel

    Overview of what i am trying to achieve - I have a list of data that could be 1000 rows long and i want to send an email to everyone manager on the list as a reminder to do something but if a manager appears on the list more than once this means they have multiple employees with the same issue...
  19. D

    Vlookup Help Beginner

    Hello - First of all thanks for taking the time to read this post.. I am trying to do a Vlookup for example look at Col Eng which has a 3- then look at Baseline find the 3- in the list and output what is in the next columns, the out put I am looking for is 1= (and the rest of that line)....3-...
  20. C

    Number v TEXT confusion

    Hello I have a formula that looks at the contents of cell G4 anduses the data to reference a specified column in another workbook: =INDEX('[workbook]worksheet'!$H$1:$H$65536,MATCH($G$4,'[workbook]worksheet'!$O$1:$O$65536,)) This works fine as long as the data in G4 is a number. Ifthe cell...

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