1. J

    testing excel add-in

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone can help me or give me some kind of direction on my topic. Namely, I have to test our company's excel add-in using Cypress (tool for automated testing). Does anyone have an idea how to approach this issue?
  2. K

    Search in a Cell and Return Associate Value

    Hello, I have two tabs. [TAB1] is where I want to place my results. I want the results starting in columns C and moving right, as many columns as need be. I am hoping I can limit the columns the results section will be by only returning unique results (i.e. if there are three reference IDs...
  3. L

    Variables between modules

    Hello guys, I've been having trouble getting global variables to work. Module1 code: Option Explicit Public Test As Variant Sub init() test = 2 Call testing End Sub Module2 code: Option Explicit Sub Testing() test = 3 End Sub All i want is to throw over my test variable value and update it...
  4. T

    Excel Automation possible?

    My company uses a lot of excel spreadsheets. We are a manual software testing group which uses approximately 164 excel during our testing cycles. Before every testing cycle begins, we manually update our excel documents to match that cycle’s year references. This process is very time consuming...
  5. B

    Copy Paste data from one source document to multiple excel documents

    Good morning, I have an excel file which is the source document and I have other excel files which are destination files all in one location. - I want VBA to open the source excel and Format the Date in Column C of the source to MM YYYY. - Check if column A has the word 'SIGNAPAY' , - If true...
  6. M

    Protecting all Sheets then selecting a specific Sheet

    My project is to recreate MS Money in Excel - thanks to my son’s advice and the inspiration from the helpful members of various Excel Forums. Now it’s testing, creating and revising display formats and testing, testing again. Could any member help me to find a solution and to understand why...
  7. O

    Excel to record all changes on refresh

    I am NOT the greatest in Excel or VBA. In fact until the last week, I never used VBA, but am learning a lot from Forums and instructional videos. I appreciate everyone of you who participate in these forums and help out those of us who, at times, are utterly and completely lost! I need to...
  8. S

    COUNTIFS with criteria for status of work item

    In Sheet 1 I have Column P = WIP Column R = Testing Column Z = Completed In Sheet 2, from L164 downwards I have dates, 1/4/19,8/4/19, 15/4/19 etc What I need is to count the number of occurances of each inthat week So, Order | W.I.P. | Testing | Completed 100001|1/4/19|10/4/19|14/4/19|...
  9. D

    Testing VBA Userform

    I'm testing a UserForm that gets user input for a number of items. When testing I click on there'd cross (top right to get back to my VBA UserForm code. This always takes me back to the "Object" view rather than the code. Is there any way to change this behaviour? Not a major problem to click on...
  10. L

    comments location in vba -opinion not question

    Hi Where you usually write the comment about the sub you are writting? I created macro by recording steps and under Descrition: I wrote testing to my surprise excel created this code Sub Macro3() ' ' Macro3 Macro ' testing ' ' End Sub I was expecting this ' Macro3 Macro ' testing Sub...
  11. Y

    Excel - Conditional Formatting Formulae

    I am using this formula in Conditional Format: =COUNTA(D8:D21)-COUNTIF(D8:D21,"Sick")-COUNTIF(D8:D21,"Shift Change")-COUNTIF(D8:D20,"WTD")-COUNTIF(D8:D20,"Bank Holiday")-COUNTIF(D8:D20,"*Leave*")-COUNTIF(D8:D21,"OFF")-COUNTIF(D8:D21,"Not Available")-COUNTIF(D8:D21,"*LEAVE")>13 It...
  12. K

    Loop for testing

    Hi guys, Just writing a script for testing "J" columns value. If it's >= 200, then "AV" column show "passed" But seems like below doesn't work. Thanks for your help in advance. Sub a() Dim i As Long For i = 1 To Rows.Count If Cells(i, "J").Value >= 200 Then Cells(i, "AV").Value =...
  13. P

    Can I get some help with this AVERAGE formula?

    I need to get the average of every 5th cell in column "C", so I'm using This Formula: {=AVERAGE(IF((MOD(ROW(C$2:C$100)-1,5)=0)*(C$2:C$100),C$2:C$100))} It seems to work exactly how I want it, unless a cell contains a value of 0. If the cell contains a value of 0, the formula doesn't count that...
  14. L

    print view vs print - none printable chars

    Hi I have this formula in a cell =CHAR(127)&CHAR(127)&CHAR(127)&"testing" so I got [][][]testing When I print preview (I do not have a printer), I can see all these characters and testing in print view window? Does that mean even when I view them in Print Preview that means they still will not...
  15. S

    Clear text within cell

    This is probably another simple one. I have values stored in column B, and I need to take some parts of the text out. Here's an example. Testing 1; Testing 2; Testing 3 In this scenario, I need to sometimes delete "Testing 2; " but in other scenarios "; Testing 3" would need to be removed. I...
  16. D

    Merging spreadsheets using a macro

    I have 3 excel sheets, listed below, I need to merge them into a new spreadsheet 'Master_Signups & Testing'. The 3 different spreadsheets below contain the same columns but the information in the rows are different and new rows are always being added. Is there a way to add a macro to...
  17. M

    Help me regarding formula which i am going using

    Hi All, please help me regarding the below formula which I am using to validate the login credentials. In below case, it's not checking for case sensitivity. it's allowing both(Let's take an example in the username range table I have name "Testing" and when I enter "testing" at B5 it's...
  18. I

    Testing the existence of a table, and if nothing, creating the table

    Alright, so I've got a bit of an odd outcome from this bit of code... It works, but only under specific circumstances. If I run the code on a fresh file (where the table "FleetStatusDetail" doesn't exist and HAS NEVER EXISTED) I get a Runtime Error 438. HOWEVER, if I comment out the IF...
  19. C

    Using OR with WITH?

    I have the following lines of code With Sheets("(Pasted) Sidney BT") Dim lastrow As Long lastrow = .Range("B" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row .Range("A1:AA" & lastrow).Copy wks.Range("A" & wks.Rows.Count).End(xlUp) End With With Sheets("(Pasted) Ursula BT") lastrow =...
  20. R

    Formual Help Please

    Good afternoon! I'm working on a formula for Column C to add days to the start date based on the type. Below is the formula I'm trying to use. It works perfectly when the type = "Testing", however, I'm not getting a "N/A" result when the type equals "Monitoring". Can someone take a look at...

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