1. S

    How to Pick random cells to Userform

    Hi all: I have workbook with sheet(data).range(A1:A1000) as text Now I want macro apper random cell in texbox when Userform.show Please help me to do that, many thanks./.
  2. M

    Expand cell height to match textbox

    How can I get the cells to expand with the size of a texbox. I am entering text and the Activex texbox is expanding with Multiple lines accordingly to the text, but after a period goes over other fields, How can I get the field cells to expand?
  3. R

    TextBox Addition

    Hey all, Using a button to open a Userform. I need the values in TextBox1 and TextBox2 to be 0. I have a TextBox3 and using TextBox3_Change if the letter "A" is typed into TextBox3 I need to keep a running total in TextBox1 (0+1+1+1+1...each time the letter A is typed) and if the letter "B" is...
  4. O

    Textbox Only Returns Zeroes

    Hello, I've been trying to build an userform in which I have several textboxs. In one TextBox I want to insert numbers and letters, in all others I just want numbers. All are returned in a table. I Thought it would be an easy task.... Though I only get zeroes in the table. I don't understand...
  5. T

    Userform TextBox input format problems

    Hi there! I've made an userform with a textbox. I want to force the user to type the value in a specific format, e.g. 5.2.0 The code I have now: If Not TextBox1.Value = Format(TextBox1, "0.0.0") Then GoTo FormatError (rest of the code) FormatError: intresp = MsgBox("Insert valid version...
  6. L

    Setfocus is not working after a looping through the textbox

    I have an "Input data" form and all I'd like to do was to add a code so when the user press the button Ok it'd check each texbox and if it's empty show a error message and setfocus back to the empty textbox.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>...

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