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  1. M

    Sample Sorting

    Hi there I have a really confusing question , but I will try to make myself as clear as possible... So I have a registry Book, in which there are over 100 different worksheets, each asigned to a specific ''assay''. Each of them will have a cell called "Sample" next to which the sample number...
  2. A

    Line breaks in text boxes linked to cell

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether it's possible to insert line breaks into a text box's text linked via formula to a cell. For example, Cell A1: "Hello, pleased to meet you. I'd like to buy an apple" text box: =A1 -> text box displays the following with no line breaks [ Hello, pleased to...
  3. J

    How to search entire workbook via button and text field?

    Hi gang, I'm using Excel 2010, and know nearly nothing about macros. I need help making a search macro, and associating it with a "search" button and related text field. I need to make a book where the user enters the keyword, and is able to search for it via this manner (rather than the...
  4. W

    ActiveX Text Box causing crashes

    I've got a major issue with all the activeX Text boxes on my sheet, it seems whenever the part of the sheet that text box is in, is hidden, it completely screws up. It changes it's background colour to the border colour and when you hover the mouse over it, it immediately crashes the workbook...
  5. M

    Userform Text Boxes

    Hi Everyone, I really need some help and ask if it is possible to join the values from two seperate text boxes into the same text box on the same userform?
  6. T

    How to set TextBox ControlSource to a hidden worksheet NOT active worksheet?

    Hello All! A bit of help please? I have created an excel worksheet that will provide budgeting and estimating tools for my project managers. All data used to be manual entry and took a good while to complete. I am trying to automate the process with VBA. I created a UserForm called...
  7. N

    Activex texbox help

    Good day!! I really need help! I made a form on excel 2010 and I included several texboxes with activex, there are no codes on the macro for the texboxes and they work fine except that when I press enter nothing happen, I want the enter key to take me to the next textbox, i've looked on...
  8. T

    Textbox not initializing in userform

    Hi all, I'm trying to make an excel sheet that will fill in labels to a 96 well plate in order to sort and calculate the data. The problem is when i set up the textbox in the user form i want it to pull data on the plate format from cells that have already been filled in using another userform i...
  9. S

    how to tab from one active x text box to another without a macro

    Hi I want to be able to use the tab key to move from one active x text box to the next active x text box in a spreadsheet without using any macros. The controls are not in a vba form. The document will be protected and locked in its final form. I managed to fluke this in Word and have also...
  10. ed.ayers315

    textbox results and custom format with vba

    Hi folks, I have tried numerous versions of the code below; some from this forum and some some the VBForums. When I exit textbox177, I need the input to format to the Vessels c29 exactly. Then as seen below take that number and depending on the case selection do the correct math. The math...
  11. J

    Expression builder escape character?

    I'm trying to set up a default value for a text box. It will be a file path that contains an ampersand. Everytime the form is loaded the text box evaluates the ampersand and so it disappears. C:\J&B changes to C:\JB and so the subsequent code doesn't run. Is there a way to escape the...
  12. D

    How To Delete TextBox with VBA

    Objective: To remove textbox from worksheet Concern: Each time I have tried to do this a different number appends to the Object TextBox. I need the textbox to be generic so that I can call in the future and delete it without knowing its specific name. Sub removeTextBox() ' ' Objective: To...
  13. J

    Link a text box value to a cell (reverse)

    Hello all, I have the following problem. I would like to link the contents of a textbox (which are numbers) to a cell so i can change the contents of the TEXTBOX and give me that number on the CELL.Not the reverse. The problem is I have a great range of drawing lines that have a textbox next...
  14. G

    Delete text boxes within a selection area

    Greetings, Hopefully the title says it all. I'd like to be able to select a range of cells which has text boxes super imposed on it, and delete those text boxes. I can't find anything, is it possible? I'm using excel 2010 on a xlsm file. Cheers, Geojim
  15. D

    Print Content in Textbox

    Hi Team, I want to fill the text box with the word "Excel" when i click the command button which i created named as Print. Below is the example form which i created: Label 1: TextBox1 Label 2: TextBox2 Print (Command Button) So if i click Print command button by placing the cursor in...
  16. D

    About Text Boxes in UserForms

    Hi Team, I have created a user form with Five text boxes and also i have a command button named as "Print". Whenever i'm clicking the command button Print, only the active text box needs to print with some content like "Hello". I was aware that in excel sheet we have to use the code...
  17. D

    Selecting TextBox Shapes in a particular Row using Macro

    Guys, Is it possible to select all shapes (textbox) in a particular row and change the textbox values in it. I am having 3 textbox shapes in each row. I want to select only the shapes of the activerow and then change its values using macro. Somebody help for this problem. Thanks in advance.
  18. D

    Finding Text Boxes & Changing its Values using Macros

    Hi Guys, Important Help Required: Please reply if you have answers for this. I have a Two Separate Sheets. In First Sheet Am Having a shape with three text boxes in Cell B2. Each text boxes with a name "TextBox 1", "TextBox 2", "TextBox 3" and a freeform shape with name "Freeform 1". In the...
  19. T

    Macro help

    I am working with a macro that has old data in it that is not useful for what I am using it for. I was wanting to see if it is possible delete the unusable data that is older than a certain date (always changes). It can only delete the info in column A-G since there is critical info in columns...
  20. R

    TexBox Woes

    :mad: I have a text box linked to a cell on a different tab. Eventually that tab will be hidden and password protected. The tab that has the text box is lock in properties, and locked in format controls. and the tab (worksheet) is protected with nothing selectable; however, when I click on the...

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