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  1. N

    dependant lists and manual text entry problem

    Hi all, I am relatively new to Excel. I have figured out how to use named ranges as lists and use INDIRECT Data Validation to have a list's selection made in one cell populate a new list in an adjacent cell. However, I have a situation I cannot figure out to save my life. A1 contains a list...
  2. L

    how to count number of text entries in a range?

    I have a spreadsheet with a named range ("Names") that contains a list of business names. I want to find out how many businesses have names starting with the letters specified in an interval. For example, I want to answer a question like: How many businesses have names that start with letters...
  3. L

    autofil contiguous cells

    Dear Smart people: i'm using excel 2007, and i've seen Bill select a rectangular group of cells with his mouse, then type a word in the upper-most top left cell (which is white), then all the other cells automatically populate with that same word. i can't get this and searching 'autofil' in...
  4. LearningOnTheFly

    How do I Assign a Numeric Value to Combo Box Selections that are a Text DataType??

    Hello everyone! Help! I have created combo boxes in several tables in which I need to assign a numerical value to each option chosen so I can calculate a numerical “score” based upon what each user has selected. For example: Not Applicable = 0 Introduced = 1 Emphasized = 2 And so...
  5. T

    format a merged cell to act as a word document

    I've created a change order workbook which requires an input of text into each change order sheet. In order to make it easier and more user friendly, I'd love to be able to format a merged section of cells into a text editor much like this comment box so that I can use tab functions, return key...

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