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  1. A

    Save Excel Workbook to user's desktop in text format

    Hi there, I've an Excel Workbook (SAP Upload File) that has an Export Button, on clicking it I want to ave a copy of that active worksheet to the user's desktop. After running the below code it is showing a compile error 'Expected End with'. If someone could check this out would be awesome...
  2. R

    Text Files & Access Question

    We use a third part data system to export data into a csv file. We then import it into a MS Access database. However, the size of the Access database seems much larger than it should be compared to the amount of data imported into it. Is it possible that there could be data imbedded in a text...
  3. L

    Excel Macro to Text w/ Dates

    Help! I am trying to create a macro from my excel file that will create a brand new textfile on a desktop. Within the file there are date fields that will need to be converted to MMDDYY format. I am a very beginning level macro user and am not well versed in Visual Basic. I appreciate your...
  4. N

    Query Text File Using SQL (VBA)

    This is probably quite a broad question but any help whatsoever would be much appreciated! I've been looking around online and believe this can be done... but I can't figure out how. I would like VBA for Excel to run a code which uses microsoft SQL to query a text file. I'll give a simple...
  5. R

    Powerpivot How to change existing connection from excel file to txt file

    Hi all I have a rather large (many calculated columns and relationships setup) table in powerpivot that uses an Excel file on my hard drive as the source. I now want to use a text file as the source and am struggling to change the relationship. I've tried editing the connection but the wizard...
  6. R

    Find and copy table from worksheet

    I'm just starting to dabble with VBA and may be in over my head as I really haven't programmed in a decade. I have already written a macro that allows a user to point to a text file and bring it excel. These text files are the output of a modeling program we use at my workplace. What comes in...
  7. N

    Import Text File To Excel

    Hello all, I have a text file which is created daily and placed in the same folder each day. The file path of the text file never changes. For now, let's say the path is : "\\MyPath\test.csv\" I want to create a report in MS Excel 2010 where the user can press a button, the text file is...
  8. F

    MACRO to save out '.txt. file

    Hi All, I am looking for a macro which will save out the DATA RANGE as a '.txt' file and for the filepath to be a msgbox pop-up for the user to browse and pick the correct folder to choose where the new '.txt' file should be saved. The new '.txt' filename can be "test". DATA RANGE: starts in...
  9. M

    Do Until EOF does not loop properly

    Hi guys! I am working on an application where a text file is opened then some lines are deleted based on a criteria. I am using the following code to read the text per line: If FileName(root_loc, period, wsc_code) = "" Then MsgBox "There is no e-file found for the period M" & period & "."...
  10. D

    Finding files that DON'T end in (1)

    Hi, My instrument spits out two text files of raw data. The analysis I need to perform is depended on which of the two files I'm looking at. The text files have the same filename however the 2nd file has (1) at the end. I can loop through half the files using sFile = Dir(sPath &...
  11. bepedicino

    Create Pipe Delimited Text File with Excel

    Is it possible to create a pipe delimited text file with Excel 2010, or any other version? Is so, how?
  12. E

    Power Pivot Query Modify Error

    Hi all, A few days ago I was trying to edit one of the tables that I created in the Power Pivot model by going to the design tab, clicking on table properties, and then clicking the design button. However, whenever I click the design button, the text file of the query that I already designed...
  13. P

    Macro to read excel data and write to a Text file

    My Excel Data has two coloms 1st Column is Bank A/c No & 2nd Column is Amount Excel Data Bank No Amount 17755 65000 17692 25000 17456 1500 25005 500 27201 10 26845 2 Required text File Data 0250010000.17755.00065000.00...
  14. B

    Best way for novis VBA employees to implement my macro?

    SCENARIO: 1. I have written some macros which simplify some repetitive tasks. 2. Other employees in the company would like to use the code for their personal project spreadsheets. 3. These other employees have zero knowledge of VBA GOAL: I want the employees to be able to go to a folder on...
  15. E

    search string in a text file

    I need some help in extracting text from a text file using VBA. I have a vba code that copy-paste a text file to excel and run from there on. But recently, having lots of line and formula within the excel slows down the process. the file contains from hundred to thousand of lines.where as I...
  16. K

    How to split text file by character spaces...

    Hi all, I am trying to read in a text file and split it by character spaces and output to excel sheet, right now I can read in the text file, but I am having problem splitting it into an array by character spaces. Here is my vba code: Sub ParseText() Dim myFile As String, text As String...
  17. eq52515

    Creating a text file from data - need for the row of data to be variable/selectable

    I can create, copy / paste and save a text file to a specific directory (e.g. All of my data is on the 2nd row...so all of the data will be taken from H2, M2, R2, etc...) How can I make the row that contains my data variable or be able to select a different row of data? It could be one row at...
  18. D

    How extract data of different width from Text File to Excel using VBA ?

    Hi All, I am looking to import data in text file to Excel sheet. Here is the main catch - All the data are not of fixed length and are in multiple lines as in the example below. Text File: ID001 Dr Dang 01012011 Male USA Married 123 Below is how I expected the data extraction in Excel...
  19. S

    Tab delimited text file - formatting issue

    I'm attempting to output data from Excel into a tab delimited text file. I've used this macro successfully before but in this case the users have data that displays as a percentage in Column 4. e.g. value is 73.3%. When I run this code against it the text file created displays the value as...
  20. A

    Excel Macro Code that imports data from text file

    Hi all, I am new to excel macros and usually record macros. I want to create a macro that imports data from text file when ever it is updated. The text file is separated by TABS and I want the data to be recorded in a template. Can anyone tell me a macro code to do so?????????? :)

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