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  1. J

    Formatting a Text File into 'straight data'

    ppptrp03.p 1+ 3.6.13 Inventory Valuation Report Date: 17/09/13 Page: 1 Federal-Mogul Sealing Div Time: 19:56:21 Product Line: CHEM...
  2. X

    issue with replace function for a text file using VBA

    I am trying to replace the the string "VALUE=" with "VALUE= (Excel cell data)" where it first appears after a certain position within a text file (this certain position being "SOURCE"). The issue I'm having is that when I specify the start position within the REPLACE function, the newly saved...
  3. S

    Retaining preceding zeros when passing data to and from .txt files

    Hi, I am trying to pass barcode data from excel to a text file and then back into excel. The barcodes are 8 or 12 character long and they can have or not have preceding zeros. I know of several ways to retain preceding zeros such as adding apostrophes before data or using custom formatting, but...
  4. D

    Adding a line of code to a macro to strip Quotes from the text file created

    Hello - I have, with the expert assistance from a user here, the following code. I need to, however strip the text file it creates of the " marks Excel has decided to add in before I close the file created. Does anyone know how to accomplish this by possibly adding a line of code in? I think I...
  5. S

    Macro/VBA to Read ASC file

    Hello, I have been using Excel for a long time now, but I am just starting to learn the benefits of macros/VBA and I am loving it. I was hoping someone could help me with the code to import a .asc file into a workbook. I would like to create a button that the user clicks that asks them what...
  6. M

    Read data from text file to excel using VBA

    Dear Frend I have a text file(Name.txt) having following data and i want to copy colored data in to excel sheet in different columns B E A M N O. 1 D E S I G N R E S U L T S M25 Fe500 (Main) Fe500 (Sec.) LENGTH: 3500.0 mm...
  7. T

    VBA - excel to notepad

    Hello, I have created a macro that pastes a range of excel data (via a loop function) into a .dat file, which is later FTP'd to another team. The only issue that I'm running into is that they cannot accept the file with a space at the end, which is unfortunately automatically entered into the...
  8. Gingertrees

    Copy different parts of text file, invoke text import, for file that changes daily

    (Reworded repost of http://www.vbaexpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39170 ) Overall questions (details to follow) =========================== QUESTION 1: Is there a way for VBA to search for specific data in a text file, copy a set length to another text file, before opening in Excel? QUESTION...
  9. K

    Import Text Files with VBA- How to set TextFilePlatform to a code page

    Hello I am writing a macro that changes the filepath for an existing text file import as a QueryTable. I want to set the connection parameters to variables and reapply them with a different filepath. Dim DataType() as Variant Dim Platform as Integer Dim TableCell As Range Dim...
  10. B

    How to handle text pages

    I need help with a spreadsheet that I want to distribute widely. I put the introduction material and the instructions in 2 worksheets that do not look good. I would like to get rid of the menu bars. Since I do not want problems later, I do not want to reformat the text worksheets with macros...
  11. S

    Split one large excel file into many small text files

    I would like to split an excel file of 60,000 rows into small text files (.txt) of 5000 rows (or lines) Is there any way I can split one large excel file into many text files? I could find a macro that creates a text file from Excel data on another forum, but some how it doesn't seem to work...
  12. J

    Reading a text file (.txt) into current workbook, NOT loading as new workbook

    Hey folks... I have two tab delimited text files that I'm trying to read into an Excel workbook which I've already created... I've been unable to find the code for reading a text file into an existing workbook, rather, the book I am using, "Writing Excel Macros with VBA" by Steven Roman only...
  13. J

    Write each line to text file

    I have a spreadsheet of x,y coordinates and unique IDs. I need each line to written to its own text file. I'm not a programmer but I am a pretty good at copy, paste and tweak. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  14. D

    Output to Text File based on Values

    I have a spreadsheet with data starting in column B row 11. Column C users input an X based on the data in column B they want in the text file. For example: Column B has data from row 11 to row 50, the user inputs X into Column C for each value in Column B that they want. Then by clicking a...
  15. J


    Hi, I have some code to read in several textfiles in specific sheets in a workbook. The problem is weird. -First, If the name of the textfiles is hardcoded everything works fine. -Second, if the name of the textfiles is read out fo the excell-sheet, it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't...
  16. S

    Write rounded cell values in a text file

    Hello, I use the following expression to write Excel data in a text file. Mid(MyStr, 14) = " EH=" & Cells(MyRow, 6).Value If the cell contains a number with many decimals all is printed to the textfile. Is it possible to round the number before writing it to the text file?
  17. H

    Text file dates

    For text files such as abcde.cls and doIt.bas how best in VBA to edit write dates (created modified etc )..
  18. R

    Macro to export modules does not work

    I want to have text files (.bas, .cls) with the updated version of my codes in a xls file. I guess I can't do a reference from the xls to the files and run the codes from the text files. The code must be in a module in the xls. So my idea was to write a Sub Workbook_BeforeSave. So, everytime I...
  19. F

    Help import txt files with names from 2 lists

    I have 3 types of files that I need to import. They are named item_blah1.txt, item_blah2.txt and item_blah3.txt. A list of the 50+ "item" are maintained in another text file. What is the best way to open each group of 3 item text files and import them as worksheets into a new workbook. Note...
  20. W

    External Data Text file Refresh Macro

    I have a text.CVS file I down load daily off a server. I have used Get External Data From Text. Works well. I want to write a VBA sub to refresh the link as part of a large reporting package What I have is: Selection.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False But when it runs it...

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