text function

  1. M

    Concatenate with text() to format as currency truncates trailing zero

    I am trying to get a formula to display a currency total using the text() function and the concatenate() function but it drops the trailing zero. Here is the formula that I am using now: =IF(H14>I14,CONCATENATE("Over by: ",TEXT(H14-I14,"$#,###.##")),CONCATENATE(TEXT(I14-H14,"$#,###.##")," was...
  2. S

    convert long date to text

    I have dates on a sheet January 5, 2015 the cell is formatted as a date I want to convert it to text but keep the words not have it go to 42009. I need to upload this data to a different system that needs the long date but has to be text. Can someone help. I've tried all I can think of on this.
  3. F

    text from string

    Hi, If in the column A I have: <tbody> Column A ColumnB A1: First Name: Audi Audi A2: Title of Book: Eliza Eliza A3: Last Source: Data_v3 Data_v3 </tbody> how to write function, that will be inserting into column B, text afer " : " ?
  4. bs0d

    Use formula text() in VBA (or equivalent)

    I want to store a number as text, formatted to 4 decimal places. Doing this within the spreadsheet, you can do: =text(value, "0.0000") How can I accomplish the same thing in VBA? I'd rather just have the result and not a result with a formula in the cell. Thanks
  5. M

    Pulling the last name and first initial from a full name

    I am trying to convert hundreds of names from a full name to the last name plus first initial. IE: John D. Doe to doej Here are some examples: Some have middle initials and some don't George T. Jones = jonesg John D. Doe = doej Alan Johnson = johnsona Roger Doe = doer
  6. A

    Adding VBA Variables to an equation

    I'm writing some code where I take the value below the active cell and concatinate the Month-Year. I recorded this method: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=R[-4]C&"" ""&TEXT(R[-8]C[4]&""-""&R[-9]C[4],""mmm-yyyy"")" And then tried to add in the variables (which I have confirmed do work...
  7. F

    cell A1 to appear the same as designated cell in other sheet

    As what it says in the subject. I tried writing this in sheet1 A1: =text('sheet2'!E24, "@") It appears the value as in E24 but i cannot format cell the value to accounting and put the demical value to 2. it still appears like this: 2345.54332 Is there anything other than TEXT function

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