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  1. D

    VBA Text search for specific strings

    Hi, Please see the following sample data: Name Address_Line_One ANNIE BELL PRYOR 3805 RADFORD JO ANN WELLS 7513 BERMEJO RD MARK ALAN HANCOCK &...
  2. G

    Using an Array formula with find text and find number start.

    Hi guys, I'm working with a data set that I need to do some sumif type stuff with qualifications both on the rows and columns. This wonderful sight got me started with arrays, and I've gotten partway to my solution with an array. The below formula gets me part of the way, but now I'd like to...
  3. P

    take number value in column B if adjacent text value in column A equals "XXXX"

    As a small business owner I am bound to my point of sales (POS) software and sometimes its limitations. My POS will generate monthly reports that show each of my business's department sales. For example, JANUARY department sales report will be; January: Greeting Cards: $323 Impulse buys: $113...
  4. D

    Search text with array formula and find minimum, if the text contains specified text

    Hello, I'm still conducting my own search of trying to find the answer to this, but in the meantime thought I'd do a post to see if anyone has a ready answer. Difficulty in conducting the search is the multiple conditions. Basically, I need to search an array for a specific string and then...
  5. A

    multiple if condition

    Hi all, I'm formulating a formula like this: IF (BI2="Run") then IF(L2<=1;"X-Small") IF(L2<=3;"Small") IF(L2<=10;"Medium") IF(L2<=20;"Large") ELSE "X-Large" Can you please help me use this into right excel formula. Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.
  6. R

    Listing text mentions in Excel

    I have a project where I need to match my company's disciplines with the previous client projects. I have sheet one where I will list a client name in column A1 with disciplines used for that client in B1, C1, D1, etc. Client two in A2 with discipline in B2, C2, etc. Sheet two contains the...
  7. S

    Script: excel search for text in one column that categorizes that text in another column

    Hi! I am new to VBA scripting and. I am trying to have excel search for text in one column and categorize that text with a text value in another column. For example, I have column L with the list below Logical Disk Free Space is low Center: VC Application Error Megabytes of Memory is too low...
  8. S

    Keyword Search to Pull Data From Different Worksheet and Place Cell Value Into Cell

    I’m trying to create a macro that will search for certain “keywords” from C9 down to the end of the printable area, since the area grows if new rows are added, or to where there is no more data in the B&C columns (whichever is easier to code). I want the cell in the next column (D) that had a...
  9. S

    Unique count of a column based on text in another column

    Hi, What I have 2 columns Column A Column B John India, China Jeffy US Justine US, India John China John India I would like to get the unique count of column A, for say India which...
  10. J

    vlookup for combined text and number value on linked worksheet

    hello. I am trying to return the value (date) of a construction schedule by searching for a specific construction activity ID number. Is there a method I can use which incorporates a text search so that as the schedule grows (cell locations shift down) the lookup function still follows the...
  11. P

    Text search in Excel

    Hi Folks, I want to use Excel to perform some types of text search and do display the results as described below: For example, I have an excel table with two columns (A, and B). column A contains a list of book names, and cells in column B are synopsis of the respective books (which is a text...
  12. D

    Trouble searching text string

    This is driving me moderately insane(!) though I suspect you guys will come up with a solution for this in no time. I am trying to create an excel formula which will search a column of text strings for one of several text strings. e.g. A1 = "blah blah blah wskkxp23 blah blah blah" A2 =...
  13. R

    vba Found text cell address as last row range row

    Folks: Looking to modify your code to find the row with "Grand Total" in column B, then Range("A2:H" & LstRow).Copy I tried this code, it only copied 2 rows, definitely not the row with "Grand Total" found in it. How can I fix it? Thank you, Rowland: Sub try_this() 'copy...
  14. J

    Extract a string from a field using complex rules

    Hi, I have a dictionary table with a definition text field. This field is of the following format: (c-1) (c-2) ... (c-nth) definition Each line always starts with at least one category keyword in parentheses, separated by a single space, followed the the definition of the word. For example...
  15. J

    Vlookup every single character of a cell's text

    Hi, I have a series of cells that contain some texts of varying lengths. I'd like to vlookup each and every single character of a particular text. If the result is found, great. If the result is null, I want to return a particular character. If the looked up character cannot be found, I want...

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