text strings

  1. B

    "False" returned in complex statement

    Hi there, I am seeking to eliminate the "False" value from being returned within a fairly complex formula that is located in column AC. I believe that this "False" is due to the 2nd condition in the formula. All the text strings are hard-coded in the existing inventory system, and cannot be...
  2. D

    Need A Fuzzy SUMIF

    I'm trying to SUMIF numbers in one column if text strings in an adjoining column contain specific text. For instance, if Column A contains a series of text string like this: COLUMN A A2: some text etc. other text SEARCH-VALUE more text, even more text, etc. A3: another string SEARCH-VALUE more...
  3. A

    Excel-VBA macro to format inconsistent text strings

    It seems to be a huge challenge for Excel VBA to format inconsistent text strings and so I am looking for a solution to format the following table: The table may contain hundreads of rows that have to be manually checked and so it is important to make it as readable as possible...
  4. B

    HUGE problems with detecting multiple text strings a single cell

    I am trying to find a method in which to detect 2 separate Text Strings within a given cell. In a nutshell - user input on a form I have is not always what it could be. So, if the expected answer would be "No Luck," some users will invariably enter "No Luck." Unfortunately, according to...
  5. B

    Remove part number from a text string

    Greetings! I have the following text string in cell H in my spreadsheet. I need a formula that can remove the bold part numbers from within the text string. As you can see they are all different sizes. <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Out For Rebuild - Qty:1 / 227-9850 - PUMP GP-AUXILIARY...
  6. S

    Count the number of matching text strings between 2 tables with multiple criteria

    Hey all, I have a table that contains a list of reservations and a table that contains a list of "BOMS" (bill of materials). I would like to count the number of times a BOM shows up in the reservation table in a specific fiscal year. An example of each table: <tbody> BOMID FY2010 FY2011 1...
  7. S

    Look up or errorif?

    Hi I have a list of names on tab Y of a spreadsheet which are all 10 characters long and I want Excel to do the following on a different tab (tab X): Where I enter a matching string of 10 characters in the first column of tab X, populate the adjacent cell to the right with either 'Y' (if the...
  8. S

    How to a string of texts that meets a certain criteria from a column

    Hello, Many thanks in advance for your guidance and help! I have a column (Column L below) which has several texts in many rows. I would like Excel to search for the following text strings from this column (Table, Chair, Desks, Cabinets) and if any of these are found then return the same text...
  9. D

    Searching multiple columns for text string

    HI everyone I need to search two columns for a text string, and return a 'yes' or 'no'. The challenge I have is that the data is entered by a number of different people and they use a combination of lower and uppercase letters. Currently I have this (thanks to a little worki on Google)...
  10. L

    Finding largest instance of consecutive prefix spaces in a worksheet

    I'm copying a PeopleSoft department tree into Excel. For those unfamiliar, it is a grouping of departments similar to a file structure where certain departments roll up into other nodes (folders) that all eventually roll up to the ultimate parent node (folder). When pasting this into Excel...
  11. D

    Problem with adding comments to a text box, and having the text box keep updating and NOT deleting the text that currently is in the text box.

    Hi all, I have a form that has three fields (1. Comments (TEXT), 2. Legacy_Comments (TEXT), 3, Comment date (DATE)) Now my users need to keep adding comments to the comment text box, and when they do it automatically adds the date they entered the comment in the Comment date box. Now my problem...
  12. D

    Converting Date Text String into Date

    Hi, I'm trying to find the difference between two dates however the dates the I currently have are text strings. I have about 25,000 rows so wondering if theres a way to convert this into a date I can manipulate. Also, I'd to make the dates PST. This is how it looks exactly in my spreadsheet...
  13. D

    Find 5 Letters in Text String

    Hello, I have a list of text strings and I'm looking to only return 5 digit numbers from them. They vary in length and position and sometimes there are numbers that are longer than 5 digits (I don't want these). Is there a formula that might work for doing this Here is an Example. I want the...
  14. D

    Copied text strings have delimiters removed after upgrading to Excel 2010

    Hello, I have recently upgraded from Windows XP/Excel 2003 to Windows 7/Excel 2010. I have a file comparison utility that takes in pipe-delimited text files, compares them, and then allows me to select and copy the "rows" of delimited text that show up in the comparison viewer and then paste...
  15. D

    Fractions in Text

    Hello everyone, I hope the title is not too confusing, but I couldn't think of what else to put. I am trying to string together several cells to create a machine nut description. I have a spreadsheet with several columns (thread diameter, pitch, locking/non-locking, etc). I need a cell with a...
  16. C

    MATCH or LOOKUP to find where a string appears in two columns

    Not sure I can articulate this correctly. I have two columns (on different worksheets) that have names. In this example below, all the lines would be a match because at least one 4-letter string in each row matches. (Having any name match is enough, do not need to match all names.) What I"m...
  17. M

    references and text strings

    I have an excel assignment due tonight at midnight. I am stuck on this one question before i can move on. In cell D3, enter a reference to the value in B7. Format the cell to display the text string Interest Rate. In D3 i entered =B7 and the value for B7 popped up in cell D3, I am confused on...
  18. O

    replace VBA not working consistantly

    Hi All. Fairly simple one this. I think I'm dealing with a bug in excel 2007 - I'm doing this replace sequence in vba across a sheet with many instances of the character to replace, the sheet includes some cells with large strings of text. Here's my code: ActiveSheet.Cells.Replace What:="§§"...
  19. J

    Excel 2010 Pivot Table Calculated Item Strings

    Is there a way to create a calculated field from two text strings and a literal? I have "LastName", "FirstName" as fields in the Excel 2010 database and wish to have a "Names" field that will display "Smith, John", for example. I thought that since there is a place for a formula that I could...
  20. B

    Make set length of text value?

    I have a userform that shows the results of many values in 20 text strings such as: textlabel1= "firstname1 & " " & lastname1 & " " & housenumber1 & " " & street name1" textlabel2= "firstname2 & " " & lastname2 & " " & housenumber2 & " " & street name2" I want to set the text lengths of ...

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