text to columns

  1. Jyggalag

    Text to columns issues

    Hi all, I currently have a very messy sheet that looks like this: Essentially, row 1 is the heading, row 2-3 is the results that I want to produce through a text to columns, and rows 24-45 are the data that I currently have. The issue is that my cells have become messed up, so for every...
  2. D

    Text to columns funtion

    Hi, I had column of dates mm/ dd / yyy , but they were acutally text so used text to columns to convert to dates, fine, but for the order I would have liked the year first, but despite selecting 'date' ' ydm' from drop down I always got the the original order but now as dates? any suggestions...
  3. Jyggalag

    Separate emails into bits through macro and text to columns

    Dear All, I currently have a setup that looks approximately like this: I would like to know if there is some record macro / VBA solution to separate the emails so email 1 goes into Column K, email 2 into column O and email 3 into column S? I tried to record a macro and use "text to...
  4. R

    Macro to get data in the below format

    I have data in the below format - Col A1 Col A2 Col A3 Col A4 Col A5 Col A6 Col A7 Col A8 Col A9 Col A10 Col A11 Col A12 Col A13 Col A14 Col A15 Col A16 Col A17 Col A18 A B C 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q I need it to be this way - Col A1 Col A2 Col A3 Col A4 Col A5...
  5. L

    Text to columns, multiple spaces and columns

    Hello, I need to extract what is in B2 to reorganize only information to the right and one space ahead of each "X". Example below. Any help is much appreciated! Sample data: AB1Order#Item2123452X ABC 3X 123 1X Apple 6X Banana 9X Dog Desired output: AB1Order...
  6. littlefish

    Convert Text to Columns (Cells Include Line Breaks)

    I have a single column of several hundred rows of data that I would like to use the "convert text to columns" wizard, however, in addition to typical delimiters (i.e. "," and ";") these cells contain line breaks. When I run the wizard, the result is a single column of data to the point of the...
  7. MrExcel

    Splitting a CSV file into 205 individual one-character columns

    I was doing a seminar recently and an auditor had a need to split an ACH file into 205 columns, with each column being one character wide. Her current process: Use Data, Text to Columns, Fixed Width, and then click 204 times in the Data Preview Window of Step 2 of the Wizard. One idea from...
  8. C

    What is the mac equivalent of ctrl+j in the text to columns wizard?

    I'm writing a macro and one of the steps involves splitting multiple rows in one cell into their own separate rows. What is the equivalent of hitting ctrl+J in the text to columns wizard? I've already tried ⌘+J, ^+J, and ⌥+J, but those aren't working. If anyone knows of a chart that lists the...
  9. N

    Tab Text Delimiting not working

    Hello, I have a workbook where the data appears to be tab delimited but isn't working in Text-to-Columns. I'm looking for help making text to columns work or other manual "left" "right" "mid" formulas to get it done. Workbook sample below where the data in Row 2 corresponds to the following...
  10. S

    Extract Numbers from Formula to Columns

    What formula will extract numbers from a formula using any operator as the delimiter? For example: <tbody> Invoice Amount Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 =4384+89463+9876 4384 89463 9876 </tbody> The invoice amount has a formula that is auto populated from our system and I want to...
  11. F

    Text to Columns Formula

    I'm hoping someone can help me with splitting a column of data into six separate columns. I've tried using various functions with no luck, as the numbers can be different lengths, although each are separated by a forward slash. The "Text to Columns" feature isn't really an option as I'm hoping a...
  12. E

    Delimiter result not the formula

    I have a string that was exported from another program. It has quotation marks around it so I cannot do a text to columns on it Below is one cell. "PROBLEM: LOAD ERROR, WILL NOT CHARGE SOLUTION: REPLACE MAINBOARD, BARCODE AND PIN FIX, REPLACE IO LEVEL 2: BILL COMPANY, 201080354, 30160045 REPAIR...
  13. M

    Advanced excel: column breaks every n characters (text to columns, fixed width)

    Hello dear MrExcel community, I have stumbled upon a problem that for me is really hard to resolve. Problem is that I have a file in .txt format, after I open it with excel I need to get columns with it with Text To Columns option. The thing is, fixed width needs to be selected and then you...
  14. bs0d

    Txt To Columns Correction

    Sometimes I receive data that has a text to columns bust. Assume a list of accounts are in column A, and column B has numbers. In some cases with very large numbers, the first digit of the value for column B will be the last character in column A. I could detect accounts where this happened...
  15. R

    Text to columns format issue with fractions

    I am using text to columns to modify the following data: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 1-1/8 61X145 PB 1-1/8 61X121 PB 3/4 49X97 PB 3/4 49X97 PB 3/4 49X97 PB 5/8 49X97 PB 5/8 49X97 PB 1 49X97 PB 1 49X97 PB 1/2 49X97 PB 1/2 49X97 PB I want to see this...
  16. F

    Data manipulation to remove undesired character strings

    Hello Mr. Excel experts! I'm in need of help to manipulate a data report that populates the entire information into one cell ("Text to columns" does not work unless there's some amazing trick I don't know how to use). This is a credit card financial statement data. Below is a small...
  17. H

    Macro Help

    So i have a column called BA - i want to do Text to Columns to column BC - but every time i try to record a macro - it 'records' but when i go to execute it in a workbook i get an error. i'm curious about a couple of things. A) how do i record a macro that will be available to any workbook i...
  18. G

    Text to Columns to Rows Macro

    Hello, I am looking for some help or to repurpose a simple macro to do two things. I have a table of data that consists of a few columns of consistent data (ex. vendor names and vendor numbers) and then one column with cells full of comma delimited invoice numbers. What I would like to do is...
  19. A

    text filters vs date filters

    I have two Excel workbooks, one being a clone of the other, and each having multiple columns in which dates are populated by formulas. In my original workbook, I am able to filter each column using date filters (next month, this month, etc.), but in the second workbook, the only filter option is...
  20. L

    Convert text to columns multiple sheets

    Hello, I'm trying to create a macro in VBA which should convert all cells from B2 and downwards into mutiple columns. I got 8 sheets called D1, D2, ..., D8 - which all need to be affected by this macro. The character to seperate will be a comma. The macro will seperate dates from each other...

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