1. V

    Unique ID between two date ranges

    Hello, Would like assistance to run a query in Access for the table below, where the ID is a text format. Date ID Value 4/15/2020 ABA 2.00 4/15/2020 NHB 1.00 4/19/2020 BBB 0.222 4/20/2020 RRRf 1.55 5/1/2020 NNN 9.55 5/2/2020 JUY 2.22 5/2/2020 YYY 2.22...
  2. alansidman

    Want to Put Text into a Pivot Table instead of numerical data

    Have you ever wanted to put Text into the fields in a Pivot Table instead of Values. Well, I found this link where Bill Jelen shows you how using Power Pivot at the site Strategic Finance. Fairly easy to follow. https://sfmagazine.com/post-entry/ju...a-pivot-table/
  3. S

    Format text between two bookmarks in word (VBA)

    Hello, i hope you all are well. I am looking for a way to format text (e.g. size, fond and line spacing) between two bookmarks ("Start" and "End") of a word document using VBA. Do you have ideas / tips how i can solve this problem? Thanks in Advance and best regards, Sarah
  4. D

    Pivot table text not values

    Hello everyone, I am using Excel with a table dump from ERP system. In the example below I am trying to create PT that returns the text value instead of number or formula. In the column ADHOCV all the values under should be ADHOCV not 0. Is this possible? I can do find and replace but this...
  5. H

    Find and Replace Loop Using Spreadsheet

    Hi all, Sorry for the beginner VBA question - I've been stuck for a while and haven't been able to adapt any answers from this forum to quite get the results I would like. I have a range (B46:C54) on multiple sheets that contains values that need to be used in a find and replace. B46:B54...
  6. M

    Text Extraction

    During the course of extracting the date and time data from this Excel sheet into a word document it adds a tab character between 2020, the @ and the time, in this case, 11:40. So I first tried using the concatenate but it inserts numbers instead of date and time formats. Changing the format of...
  7. B

    Format decimal as number of months

    Hey everyone, I want to format a decimal/fraction as a number of months. For example, I'd like to enter "=1/12" into a cell and have it show "1 month," or enter "=1.5/12" and have it show "1.5 months." Is this possible? Thanks!
  8. R

    Issue with Text in Shapes

    Hello, For some reason whenever I open up my workbook, the text in my shapes has automatically moved to the back so that it appears like there is no text in the shapes. So every time I re-open the workbook, the first thing I have to do is click on a shape and send the text to the front. This...
  9. R

    Create random list then keep it unchanged

    Hi, I'm using randbetween() to create a random list of ten numbers. Repeats are ok, so it's just randbetween(0,300) in every cell. After I have created the list (and without using VBA) I want to keep that list as text. So I'd want it to generate the ten numbers but then somehow keep them as a...
  10. G

    vba to shrink to fit text in a text box

    Hi I have a text box that is a fixed height and width, and has 2 lines of text. The text itself is from a cell and is variable, text lengths could be anything from 7 to 40 characters. I need the text to fit either on one line or 2, but for the text to fill the lines depending on how many...
  11. F

    Function count if for text in textboxes VBA Excel

    Hi, I am doing a userform where I have 8 textboxs named ddc, example: ddc1, ddc1...ddcn. then I have another textbox name quantcoup, that is the textbox I want to receive the count if of everyone of the ddcs that have text in it throughout a command button. Also, I want that the count if detect...
  12. B

    Code for TEXT gets Bold When its get typed anywhere

    Dear All Experts. Please forgive my english as its not my native language. I am in a situation where i want to get a certain word " Pending" as bold and italic whenever i type it on that particular sheet. All the text contains in one cell with many other words , but everytime i type pending i...
  13. S

    Multiple Cell Check without VBA

    Hi, I have an hard time being able to figure out a solution to my issue and would like to see if anyone can help or has ideas of how this challenge can be resolved. I am trying to find a formula that is able to tell me if a cell has changed from a number to a text (horizontally) resulting in...
  14. M

    How to make a row auto populate

    Hello, Thank you in advance for your help! So I would like to have a separate sheet for certain data that is entered in another sheet, but all located in the same book. Is there a way to do this? For instance, if the text in cell D2 matches a certain criteria, then excel will auto-populate...
  15. G

    Data Validation

    Hello all, Trying to add multiple data validations for a cell and having hard time getting conditions to work. Restrictions are numbers between 0 and 100 or just the text value of x. Any suggestions would be great! thanks!
  16. V

    Split variety of full names into prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix using a formula

    Hi, I have a list of thousands of names that need splitting into columns: prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix. The full names are varied and therefore the formulas I have tried thus far do not work on the whole list. Formulas I have tried thus far: Prefix...
  17. B

    VBA Challenge! How do i save the fidelity of a VBA Hyperlink?

    Hello everyone I would like to thank you all in advance for your kind help, I have a good working knowledge of excel, BUT I am rather new to VBA and I could really use some of your help. So I was able to create a simple formula that looked at cells Sheet2 A8 and B8 to create a hyperlink in C8...
  18. C

    Would anyone be able to explain why a formula doesn’t work when I use a concatenate but works when I don’t.

    Hi This should be simple but I am finding it baffling The formula that works: =Match(B4,'\\network address\folder\[file.xlsx]sheet'!$E:$E,) I get the result 12. My understanding is that this is the row which the value of B4 on the current sheet is found in column E on the specified...
  19. M

    How to Stop Excel From Adding Spaces on Newlines when Copying Text Out of Program

    Hi, I'm attempting to copy an Excel cell, and paste it into another program (in this case, Adobe Analytics). However, it's inserting a space after every newline. Ex: Instead of this -It does this -And this -Etc (but instead of "-" it just does a space) When I paste it as text to MS Word, and...
  20. C

    Excel to Visio - Shape text color

    I am creating a Visio diagram from the data in excel with VBA. My data has a column of names and a second column of addresses. I am able to drop the shapes into Visio and specify the shape (circle, square, etc) based on the name. I am able to put the name on the shape text. I need to change the...

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