1. S

    Upgraded to Windows 10 and broke passworded textbox

    Any idea why upgrading from Windows 7 pro to Windows 10 would break a passworded textbox? Yes, they checked the caps lock key. Every machine they upgraded now gets "The password was wrong, try again." Yes/No All machines (Win7 and Win10) are using MS Office Professional Plus 2016 32 bit...
  2. E

    Simple question - Simple Solution - Last Row

    I have a table with headers (starting in A1), nothing fancy. I have a form that controls the data that is entered, works fine. If the table is empty with only the headers there, I get an error (at the Range statement). If cell A2 has something in it it works fine and finds the last row...
  3. A

    'Object Required' error Trying To Populate Textbox In One Userform With The Selected Value From Listbox in Second Userform (Xposted)

    I have hit a roadblock in the progress of my VBA project. I am reaching out to a second group of pros to see if perhaps they have a solution after having limited success where I had originally posted my question. I have two open userforms. userform1 (uf3_group_1) has a textbox (textbox1) in...
  4. R

    Compile error: Case Else outside Select Case

    I've looked up what the title of this post means, but (pardon the pun) that's not the Case. I must have done something else wrong, either syntactically or logically, but I can't see it. The following Sub works fine until I try to insert the commented lines. Private Sub TextBox1_Change()...
  5. R

    Mutiple Event Handling (SpinButton/TextBoxes)

    Hi Folks, New User; new to VBA. Retired, working on an app for personal use. Main problem is, I don't know what I don't know. :eeek: I've checked the couple of books I bought (which helped some) and searched online (including here) with mixed results. I'll pare down my examples for...
  6. I

    Date shown is different to its code format

    Evening, I would like the date to populate TextBox1. I have used 2 different codes as shown here but both show mm/dd/yyyy and not dd/mm/yyyy TextBox1.Value = Date TextBox1.Value = Now TextBox1 = Format(TextBox1.Value, "dd/mm/yyyy") Here is the code in use. Private Sub...
  7. A

    Runtime error 53

    hello friends Newly I am studying excel VBA. when i am coding one school program Run time 53 (file not found) error occurred. Me.Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(ThisWorkbook.Path & "" & TextBox1.Value & ".jpg") please tell me what is wrong in this? and explain me about these codes. Thanks Apolin
  8. S

    Force Date Format for a User Form

    Hi folks, I have inherited an evaluation form and have a couple of improvements I want to do to it. There are 2 date fields on the form, Session Date and DOB. There is no formatting control on this so I want to force the date entered to be formatted correctly and throw a message box up if...
  9. S

    Trim and concatenate from activeX textbox

    I have this code (and it works OK): Private Sub TextBox1_GotFocus() searchTerm = InputBox("Enter your ticket number here.") If Trim(Left((searchTerm), 3)) = "PKE" Then TextBox1.Value = "PKE000000" & Right((searchTerm), 6) Else...
  10. T

    Capturing date from form in UK Format

    Hello Everyone, i am struggling with a basic problem and can't figure out how to resolve it. I have a basic form that collects 4 pieces of information, one of them being the date of input which the user creates (most likely a more efficient way of doing this but they may want to back date...

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