1. B

    Formula to pull multiple matches on multiple criteria

    Hello Everyone, I don't know if this is possible but I'm hoping someone can help. I have a set of data in the A column that is all linked to one piece of data. Within that data has multiple numbers. For instance, I'd like a formula to pull every number next to tire onto each article. I would...
  2. J

    Alternative to textjoin for this function to work

    I have the following function which works great on my laptop with the updated version of excel, however my computer at work has an older version and textjoin results in a NAME error. These are the functions =TEXTJOIN(", ",,IFERROR(SMALL(IF(E5:AA5=0,$E$1:$AA$1),{1;2;3}),"")) and =TEXTJOIN("...
  3. J

    Textjoin: To show distinct and ignore blanks

    Need help to get only distinct values from a list using Text Join ID Sequence Task 1 0.1 Task 1 0.2 Task 1 Task 1 0.1 Task 2 0.1 Task 2 0.1 Task 2 0.3 Task 2 Trying to get only distinct values from Sequence column for its...
  4. K

    TextJoin Function

    Hi All, I need to create a folder path from a raw data source which will update often. The data is on this format: Material (SAP L.1-5 Functional Process Hierarchy) _Simulation Guide _eLearning Guide _Title Page _Audience and Prerequisites...
  5. H

    XML table / conditional TEXTJOIN function

    Hi I have a system which exports XML files that I need to convert into Excel for reconciliation etc. The XML table function in Excel works but puts each bit of data on the next line - for example: Ref Surname Forename 1 Mouse Mickey 2 Duck...
  6. M

    Issue with TEXTJOIN, multiple criteria. IF/AND function

    Hi I am unsure how to attach an example workbook for my query. As you can see from the image above, I have Company, which has two data sets associated with it - Product and Category. I am looking to allow someone to input the product and category then be given a , separated 'list' of...
  7. P

    Completely stuck with TEXTJOIN #VALUE error

    I'm trying to join several cells containing comma separated values in a table. I use an array formula as below; ={TEXTJOIN(",",TRUE,IF([@[Part Number]]=Table1[Part Number],Table1[Fitment],""))} The formula works perfectly if all cells contain 255 characters or less. If a cell contains more...
  8. S

    textjoin query

    i have been requested to make a simple absence viewer iin our office that is feeding from a report from our HR system and appending that report over the top of the previous one. Essentially, the report comes down like this : Name, Unique ID, Office Location, Dept and then absent date. At...
  9. szita2000

    Pull together same category winners VBA? or Textjoin

    Hi Guys. I am trying to find a solution to this. I have a list of winners and categories they won in. <tbody>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] K L 20 Jimmy John Singing 21 Billy Bob Dancing 22 Sue Partridge Singing 23 Jones Smith Guitar 24 Blake Boris Drum 25 John Wellington Guitar </tbody>...
  10. J

    TEXTJOIN with Multiple Conditions

    Hi all, Using Excel for Office 365 MSI 16.0.11 x64 version 1902. I have a scenario where I think TEXTJOIN would work, but I can't figure out how to concatenate several IF statements together. I have: - Column A (id) with hundreds of row entries, simple numbers 1-..... - Column B (category)...
  11. I

    Exclude cell value from array when using textjoin

    Okay, after working at this for several hours I'm still stumped. I'm using textjoin to display combined values from Col BF that match numbers in BH but I want to exclude the value in the current row. i.e. for row 2, I want to exclude "CP60" from the results in Col BI and display all other...
  12. S

    Need help with TEXTJOIN for Unique Values

    Need some help changing the following formula to only grab unique values: {=TEXTJOIN(",",TRUE,IF($A$2:$A$20000=A2,$C$2:$C$20000,""))} Here's an example of the data (the last column is where this formula goes for each row: <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Part Number Project...
  13. P

    Can you have a nested TEXTJOIN formula?

    I'm looking to return a single cell of values that show results matched against one column which are then used to collect their own results. Much easier to explain with a display... <tbody> Clothing Colour Place Hat Red Head Hat Yellow Head Glove Red Hands Scarf Blue Head Glove...
  14. S

    Substitution for TEXTJOIN

    I am using the new Excel formula " TEXTJOIN" and works great however this formula only works on the new version of office 360. What formula can I replace this with on older version of Excel? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance. {=TEXTJOIN(",",0,IF(J20:J23>0,H20:H23,""))}
  15. Eric W


    Opened on behalf of jmb1986 who sent me a PM. Some bookkeeping items first. If you click on the Forum Rules link in my signature, and look at rule 4, it says you should not solicit help via PM. Several reasons for this, partly because if you ask it in a post others can benefit from it, partly...
  16. K

    Index matching and concatenating more than one result.

    Dear Experts, Hope you all will be good. I want failing subjects result in one cell. Failing criteria is less than 34 marks subject. Student MATH SCIENCE PHYSICS CHEMISTRY TOTAL RESULT FAILED SUBJECTS A 50...
  17. M

    Textjoin in an array using a search string

    Hello, I have being trying to use the new text join function in a formula with the criteria being to find a search string, and then joining cells that meet that criteria. In short the following is what I am hoping to accomplish when searching for "W" in the second column: <colgroup><col...
  18. A

    Multiple Criteria with TextJoin

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows if you can use IfAnd statement within a TExtjoin to set multiple criteria. I have been able to use If statements but i am unable to get a ifand Statement to work. {=TEXTJOIN(CHAR(10),1,IF(AND(B4:B15=F16,H4:H14=D17),K4:K14,""))}
  19. A

    Textjoin with If?

    Hello, I have several columns which contain numbers. I'd like to use TEXTJOIN with IF so that if, say column J includes the number 1 and column M also contains the number 1, then the column headers will be concatenated/joined (so the result would be "J, M". I've made various unsuccessful...
  20. N

    Can you nest SUBSTITUTE in an IF syntax?

    Is it possible to nest SUBSTITUTE within an IF formula? I have a column that has a range of numbers in it that I want to combine in a TEXTJOIN string. However IF the number is a decimal, I need to substitute the decimal with an underscore. i.e. instead of 6.875 it needs to be 6_875. I'm not...

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