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    Incremental Averages using VLOOKUP?

    <tbody> Hi, First post and struggling to add a snip even! Currently using Excel 2007. I need to automate the process of calculating the incremental mean temperatures ( highlighted in red font ). The source data is from a thermometer that records hourly as shown in the right hand columns. If...
  2. V

    Thermometer chart help

    Need help setting up thermometer chart Goal to raise: $4000 (Cell B1 Raised so far" $2000 (cell B2) % raise: 50% (Cell C3) Thermometer chart to show 50% or thermometer adjust as % changes in cell C3. Any idea how to do this? I need to have one scale shows % raised and I need secondary scale...
  3. A

    Excel Chart - Themometer

    Hello! This is a math-type question. I am using this guide: To create a thermometer to show how close we are to completion. Basically I have a total of 42 sessions with 3 complete and I need the thermometer to show what % we are complete in a 100%...

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