1. B

    How to acces ADO disconnected recordset object from another workbook

    Is it possible to have a recordset object created in one workbook but access this recordset object from another workbook's vba code? I was thinking maybe getobject could be used to capture it from another workbook but I cannot find any resources on this.
  2. zookeepertx

    SUMPRODUCT formula making spreadsheet run REALLY SLOW!

    At least, I assume it's that part of the formulas that's causing the problem. I created a cover sheet for a co-worker's workbook to summarize his data from the other sheets. The main sheet that's referenced had upwards of 9,000 rows, so the SUMPRODUCT formulas on the cover sheet are very long...
  3. megera716

    COUNTIFS with OR

    Here's my formula right now: =COUNTIFS(Q$2:Q$1127,$B1136,F$2:F$1127,"Y",$A$2:$A$1127,"Provider") I want to COUNTIF $A$2:$A$1127 contains "Vendor" OR "Investor" along with the conditions for ranges in Q and F. I tried...
  4. Z


    Add numbers up in column C that don't have the word (equp rental) name in column D. I was thinking =sumif <> equp rental, DD I don't know
  5. C

    Access vs Excel

    I have a Excel spreadsheet for users to input the data and it came with all the formula for auto calculation etc. The file size is getting big. I was thinking to learn and switch to MS Access and would like know can Access able to perform the auto calculation as what Excel does?
  6. L

    Counting number of text strings in a cell

    Hello I would like to write a formula that would give me the number of EU countries listed in a single cell. So for instance if I was to check the below cell the result of the formula would be 3. CELL A1: Australia,China,Germany,France,South Africa,Spain There are 28 EU countries so I was...
  7. Y

    remove duplicate lines in text file

    how can i use a macro to remove duplicate lines in my text file such that the last one will remain, for instance the boy is good great thinking great thinking he lives the boy is good what's up great thinking it should now be like this he lives the boy is good what's up great thinking
  8. M

    Add a filter but range includes blank rows?

    HI I am struggling with this. Is there any way to add a filter to disregard the blank columns but still ensure I am reading to last row of data? I was thinking I need to do an xlup function? can I only apply the filter this way using VBA? thanks for any advice.
  9. U

    Hide Section of Tabs Based On Month

    Hello good people! I'm creating a single spreadsheet for a daily report. Since there's a report every day, I've created 365 tabs each with a brief short date (01_01, 01_02, 01_03, etc) It got me thinking... is there a method for hiding tabs based on date using the tab name as a filter? IE...
  10. H

    Data Validation in VBA Code

    hello yall Im tring to do a DV in VBA code where if A1=Yes then value in D1 must be between 1-120 and if value in A1=No then value in D1 must be between 121 - 150 Im thinking I need a DV in VBA Code. I already have a DV for D1 so I prefer a VBA. Any suggestion is greatly appreciative. Thanks
  11. John Caines

    Matching data from 2 columns to show in 1 output

    Hi All, I need an output that displays the URL in column A (Old URL) that most closely matches the URL from column B (New Url) The product name & code number stay the same in both A & B there are just some extra categories in the column B list The output needs to be Something like Column A...
  12. C

    Formula Help Please

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me with formula. I need to total pay components in one column be cost centre but the totals need to appear in a different worksheet I only want to pick up certain pay components though eg salary, Overtime etc Thinking I need an Index Match and Sumif or Sum product...
  13. A

    Logic question with Countifs function

    I have the following formula working: =COUNTIFS('Detailed Incidents'!$D$2:$D$1000,”New Jersey”,'DetailedIncidents'!$I$2:$I$1000,”Newark”,'Detailed Incidents'!$B$2:$B$1000,”January*”,'DetailedIncidents'!$B$2:$B$1000,”*2018”)) But I want to include if another corresponding column hasANY of the...
  14. J

    If - Index Match Issue

    I am trying to solve an issue. =ifs(PasteMDMCoverage!E2="",Index(PasteMDMCoverage!F:F,match('Workforce Template'!E2,PasteMDMCoverage!B:B,false),01),if(PasteMDMCoverage!E2>0,Index(PasteMDMCoverage!E:E,match('Workforce Template'!E2,PasteMDMCoverage!B:B,false),01)) if there is no number in E...
  15. M

    smoothing data

    Hi. Some background. I work on a vessel laying subsea cable on the bottom of the ocean. Usually we need to draw this cable position in XY, and also in Z. For the position in Z, we generate a profile view along the XY position. Giving the orange line in the attached screenshot. However, since...
  16. M

    VBA to Check/Uncheck Checkboxes

    Hello guys, I've written some VBA to control some checkboxes but it's causing an issue that I can't quite get my head around fixing and was wondering if anyone here had any ideas. So basically I have a stacked bar chart. I have a list of options (about 20) that can be individually clicked to...
  17. F

    Userform example for a help file in the Excel workbook.

    Does anybody have a sample they can point me to which has an help UserForm to display to user to give them help on certain attributes of a spreadsheet? I found this one on contextures, but it's a multi form and I'm thinking more like a dropdown box with choices. Anybody know where to find a...
  18. Z

    Formula Help ?

    Hi What i am trying to do is type the first number in Column E where the yellow is and drag it down. If the number dupes in Column D like you can see the 3 and 6 and others. I need the number to stay the same before it changes and goes higher. The number in E2 will always be different every...
  19. S

    Simple IF Statement

    For the life of me, this isn't working.. In Column J.... there will either be 2 texts included = "SEL-", or "INC-" If neither, then it should default to "BI" I was thinking of using this: =IF(FIND("SEL-",J:J,1)>0,"SEL","BI") But I need to it first check for "SEL-", then "INC-", then default...
  20. L

    linked list

    Hi I have a table like the one below. What I want, I want to create dynamic chart that show one grade at a time. So if a user select A then the percentage of A will appear as below and then the chat will show A and its %. I am thinking that could be done with data validation but I not sure how...

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