1. L

    ifs() not in office 365

    Hi I am reading that ifs() is in excel 2016. I have office 356 and I thought it is updated version of 2016. Thank you.
  2. willow1985

    Specific Countif formula (matching cell then counting all occurrences in column)

    Hello, I am looking for a specific countif formula. Basically in column E I have names of locations: E Blue Red Blue Green In Cell H10 I have the word "Blue" In Cell H9 I want a formula to look in Column E, find how many match Cell H10 and return the number, in the above case: 2 I thought...
  3. S

    How to prevent a table from sorting (and that's it)

    I have a simple Excel table that I need to prevent from resorting. I still need to be able to filter and enter data on it. I thought I could unlock cells and then protect the worksheet and just uncheck sorting from the protect worksheet menu, but that seems to cause Excel to be unresponsive...
  4. R

    Pointing to appropriate cells via formula with variables

    Full Disclosure: I posted a version of this on one of the other Excel Forums last night, but I haven't received an answer. I'm hoping you guys can help What I'm trying to do is create a product title for many different products based on type, color, and whether it has a charm or connector or...
  5. R

    Rank and Round Together

    Is it possible in the same formula to Rank and Round together? I have the following formula but it is returning #N/A. I assume this is because the whole reference is not rounded which leads me to believe this is not possible to do in one step. However, I thought someone may know of a workaround...
  6. A

    How to Round Numbers

    In my code, I run into values of a variable (tdur) representing duration (in hours) . These are some examples: 0.53 1.53 2.11 1.06 1.32 2.64 0.26 I would like to round these to the nearest 30 minutes. So, with these example: 0.5 1.5 2.0 1.0 1.5 3.0 0.5 I thought it was more simple than it is.
  7. L


    Hi I was doing cells.clear then I thought of doing cells.delete. To my surprise, when I click on a button to run the code below, everything got deleted including the button. So I left with a clean sheet. What I thought would happen is that the who sheet will get deleted and also why the control...
  8. A

    Listview Control Missing

    I wish to give a workbook to members of our group. It contains a listview control, but it appears that control is Missing (even though it was in the xlsm file I gave them). I thought adding a Reference would fix this, but it appears not. Is there a solution for this? Thanks,
  9. DataBlake

    VBA using rows.count from another sheet

    Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' ' Sheets("Unknown").Select Dim lastRow As Long lastRow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Sheets("Sheet1").Select Rows("2:2").Select Range("2:2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("2:2" & lastRow) End Sub is what i have, but when i ran it "Sheet1" autofilled...
  10. T

    Combine Macros

    Hi I thought I was doing it the right way but not because it throwing it out. Im trying to combine macros into one so they all run one after the other. I thought that you created a macro called combined and then just input the macro names you want to run? Tried inputting...
  11. G

    If Statement with multiple logic / lookup

    =IF(B3={"Test 1","Test 2"},$D$3,"N/A") Hello all, I'm trying to get the If statement to pull data from D3, if B3 has either "Test 1" or "Test 2" I thought I could use the squiggley's but that doesn't work. Thanks
  12. T

    Indirect function with array

    Can someone please explain what this formula is doing? =SUM(COUNTIF(INDIRECT({"a1","b","c1"}),apples)) I thought apples was a named range in the workbook but I can't find it. Thanks
  13. S

    How to design this spreadsheet?

    I need to design a spreadsheet, almost a monthly planner to yearly to show Key meetings per month by month /date Attendees (same 4 people) Pre work Post work What’s the best way to design this? I’ve thought of various designs but they don’t include all info I need. Any help on...
  14. K

    Formula gives an error but works in the worksheet

    Hello All, I am trying to using this line in some vba code: Range("AF2").Formula = "=IF('RawData Old1'!A2=0,"Base Bid", "Alternate - " & 'RawData Old1'!A2)" This is the exact formula that is currently working on the worksheet. Why is the code stopping on the word Base? I thought that might...
  15. E

    Splash Form, the open another form

    I have a simple splash form that closes after .05 seconds. At the end of the splash form closing, I want to open an other form. Private Sub UserForm_Activate() Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:04"), "KillTheForm" Form("UserForm1").Select End Sub I thought it would work the...
  16. B

    Average formula query

    Hi I want a cell to display the overall average of all cells which are either A or B. Column A = cells will be either A, B, C, D etc.. Column B = values I thought maybe it will be but not sure.. =AVERAGEIFS(B1:B100,A1:A100,"A",A1:A100,"B")
  17. J

    Fitting 2 Columns / 20,000 cells on fewer pages as possible? (Printout)

    Hi, looking for some ideas on best way to achieve this I have data in: Columns A + B (Header A1 and B1) down to around row 20000 (max characters per cell is 15) and i need to compress the data so its printable with row 1 repeating. I thought of: viewing in page break preview copying everying...
  18. M

    Extracting substrings from strings using regex.

    Can anyone give me the VBA to extract a time from a string, it'd always appear in the format ##:## but not always in the same place otherwise I'd have just used split to extract it. I did consider using split with a colon separator and then just joining 2 digits from left and right of the two...
  19. D

    vlookup basics

    Hello I am trying to do a vlookup from an assessment grid. Being a newbie, had a look on google and managed to get a formula and it pulled out the data. I thought great!!! problem solved. Carried the formula down and I could see data which I thought was great.... then realised it's not pulling...
  20. M

    [Challenge]How to get the tab name to use in formula

    Hello all, I want to use indirect formula to look up certain range in different sheets, is there a way to extract the sheet's name to use in the formula? it maybe easier than I thought but I haven't found any way to do that, thank you
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