1. A

    editing a thread short after posting

    Hello, I was posting a thread to fast. After posting my thread I wanted to edit my thread because of a mistake I made. But I could not find an edit button after posting like in other forums. Please help me.
  2. J

    Split function placement

    Hello, I am currently using a VBA code which extracts emails from outlook. I am attempting to use the split function in order to separate the body of the email using a colon as a delimiter. I am extremely new to VBA only learning what I can from forums and Google searches and one thing I've yet...
  3. C

    Formula help, several steps

    Hi, Asked for help regarding below in a different thread but since it evolved to be very disconnected from the subject/title I am reposting it as a separate thread: Please see picture, I want the formula to do the following: Divide the costs in col B with the number...
  4. J

    Question About Posting Questions Posted on Other Forums

    Hi everyone, can i post a thread present in another forum? jc
  5. P

    Pull data from cell based on max value against that data

    Hi, Hoping someone can help. This is kinda similar to my previous thread but I think different enough of an issue to warrant a new thread. I have Devices in one column, Memory in another, IMEIs in another and days in stock in another. I want to have a sheet that shows which of each device has...
  6. M

    How to Upload/Attach File to Post

    Is there a way to attach either an Excel file or a jpg a thread? What is the size limitations?
  7. R

    Posted replies not showing in thread

    Hi, I have replied to a thread i started last week, and it hasn't been posted, i did the first one about 11am AEST +10GMT and it worked fine, bu then i replied to another quote, i pressed submit, and had a meeting to go to. I came out of the meeting an hour ago and checked the thread and the...
  8. F

    Average If one criteria across multiple columns ignoring blank cells in the column to be averaged

    Hi I posted in an older thread as it helps with part of my problem but not sure if that is the right thing to do. The formula I used is from thread i.e. =SUMPRODUCT(('Updated...
  9. D

    Changing linking so instead of being between tables, it is linking between ranges

    I started a thread that had a bad name so I started a new thread with a more meaningful name. The original thread is here
  10. G

    if values in Column D matches then

    Hi everyone, I had created same thread but as i couldn't view that thread i have created this. Here i am trying to check the values in column 'D' and if the values in column 'D' matches then in column B...
  11. JenniferMurphy

    Posting screen shots

    This thread lists 4 ways to post "small screen shots of your sheet(s)": Are they only good for screen shots of cell ranges or can they be used for any screen object? I would like to post a screen show of the Name Manager...
  12. S

    VBA Read cell value character by character

    Hi All, I hope you can help. I've found below thread, and have a similar challenge. Instead of writing the text in the VBA code, I would like to pick up the text from another cell in the workbook. It...
  13. RasGhul

    Multiple criteria sales rate

    Hi Excelakos, I've started a new thread so we don't continue to hijack the previous thread with a different problem. Here is the same solution across sheets, just change the names & ranges to what you need and test if it suits; Book1ABCD1Service CodeRate Valid From (dd/mm/yy)Rate Valid to...
  14. JenniferMurphy

    Can I always have the Advanced Editor on?

    Is there a way that I can have the Advanced Editor active when I reply to a thread? When I start a thread, like now, I have the Advanced Editor. But when I reply, I get some other editor and I have to click on the Go Advanced button to get it. In my Settings under Miscellaneous Options, I have...
  15. A

    Insert Images or Files

    What is the best way to insert images into New Threads? I cannot seem to get this feature to work. I am using Snagit to copy screenshots which will assist me in posting my thread and showing exactly my issue, Thank you.
  16. M

    Duration countdown (single input)

    Greetings, As a policy in other forums, I am posting the same thread below perhaps you have a proper solution for the query ThanksGreetings, As a policy in other forums, I am...
  17. kelly mort

    Disable all controls and menus except the "close", "minimize" and "maximize"

    So I have been digging the web for a while now and I can't find the best way to handle the above challenge yet. Can it be possible to disable all the menus except the control box items as indicated in the header of this thread? Regards
  18. JLGWhiz

    multiple users with same user name prefix

    Just wondering if anyone knows the story behind the &#x2605 user name prefix. All of the threads that I have viewed that use that prefix seem to be homework type questions and I am hesitant to respond to them. The latter part of the name varfies from thread to thread but the &#x2605 is always...
  19. S

    if statement not working

    I have some problem in my excel formula. how can i upload excel file in my thread. please help. where is attach file option
  20. C


    you locked my original thread didnt know how else to get a hold of you

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