1. F

    VBA or formula - Subtotal of Non-Hidden columns

    Hi, Have a report, totals represented in cells b3:ac3. I need to hide columns at times and would like the subtotals. I tried this thread but can't get it to work. Can anyone help?
  2. H

    How to post excel sheet using HTML maker

    Hello Friends, can anyone please tell me how to post my worksheet into the thread which will help me to post a layout of my data in a much better way. Regards,
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Clicking on thread link takes me to the wrong page !

    Hi, I have never experienced this before on this board . There is a thread in the excel questions forum started by the user RyderS on Aug 6th whose title is Buttons that move and to which I responded on Aug 7th. To my surprise, today, when trying to click on that thread it took me to the...
  4. K

    Sum each 9th Row?

    I am trying to make a formula in cell D22 that will add D23 + D32 + D41 + D50 + ect. I found a thread that explained how to do this I though but when I modified to formula I couldn't get it to work properly. Original Thread...
  5. T

    Sequential Page Numbers Across Entire Workbook

    Hello, I set up my footer with page numbers and want them to continue sequentially when I print out multiple pages. I shift selected all tabs when I applied the page numbers, and also when I go into print preview, but still see the numbers reset to 1 on each work sheet. I was looking at the...
  6. K

    Anybody good with VBA?

    I went through some Index and Sumproduct solutions with AhoyNC in this thread: But ultimately my data table is too big (last post in thread has a URL) and...
  7. S

    Linking pivot filter to cell

    Hello, the topic was already discussed in a different thread, however it rather seems dead and I did not receive any further feedback. In the thread it was discussed to connect a cell within separate worksheet to a pivot table. The formula from the thread (below) works very well, however I want...
  8. M

    Convert "CR" into Negative

    Hi I have tried to look up the thread but the solution =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("CR",Cell_Format)),a2*-1,"") doesn't work. Cheers Michael1965
  9. E

    My thread hasn’t been published

    Hi, I tried to post a new thread about 3 hours ago and nothing has come through. Just wondering if this is normal procedure and if a mod could please look into it Thanks
  10. H

    Thread / Index Icons

    Hello, Is there a list somewhere which denotes what different thread Icons mean? I've gathered that a grey ribbon w/ padlock means a thread is locked by a mod. But for example, what condition makes the icon turn red? My "subscribed threads" has some with envelopes open and some closed. I'm...
  11. K

    No Option to MARK issues as RESOLVED

    Greetings, First off, great work that you do! Really a benefit to the community! Question: Would it be possible to include a column in your forums and an option within threads that shows if the issue was resolved? Something where users could mark issues as resolved once they receive an...
  12. E

    Code Really Slows Down Sheet

    Ever since I added the following code to my sheet (which is activated by a button), the performance of my sheet is A LOT slower. Are there any ideas as to why? Thanks in advance for the help. Sub insertVeryLongHyperlink() Dim curCell As Range Dim longHyperlink As Variant Dim x...
  13. B

    1 Plus Sumproduct Find 1st Instance.

    The below formula part of another thread find 1st Instance. Can someone explain 1 Plus. D2 =1+SUMPRODUCT(($A$2:$A$10=$A2)*($B$2:$B$10<$B2))
  14. A

    unable to paste code to new thread

    for what ever reason I am unable to paste a VB code in a thread. Any ideas why this would be?
  15. S

    Edit or Delete Thread

    Good Morning, I posted a thread about IF(OR and unfortunately, the site time's you out very quickly. I didn't realize that would happen and when I tried to submit my full post it ended up posting half of what I wrote. I went back and replied to my own post with the remaining information but now...
  16. N

    Is there a way to make a Slider in Excel without using the ActiveX control option

    I already attempted making one using activeX and had a glitch (issue is in another forum thread), im just wondering if there is another way to go about it.
  17. O

    Saving as and keep original open

    Hi everyone, i am hoping to get a little help with the following. I found right on these forums a solution to what i wanted to achieve in the following thread, which was to create a CSV file from an XLSM original, but keep the original open...
  18. P

    Just wondering how to edit or delete a post. And can you edit or delete a thread too?

  19. MARK858

    problem with a thread

    Hi all, I am having a problem with a thread by user Kristenisasuperstar. I read the thread and worked on a response and went to post a reply but now I can't get into the thread and get a "No thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator" message. Can someone...
  20. alansidman

    Turn off Notifications

    How can I limit notifications to only when I receive a PM. I really don't care to receive notifications when someone quotes my thread or likes my thread. These are an annoying addition to the last upgrade. I will go to settings to see if anyone has responded to a thread that I have subscribed...

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