1. A

    School Project

    Dear friends i am in need of some help. i am quite new and learning. i have done some work on it but dont know how to continue now. So basically i have a ''master'' called sheet that has a list of students from A6 TO A36 and their student ids from B6 to B36 and from C6 to C36 to have their...
  2. D

    Inserting table column name into excel formula

    I got a question answered and then I posted another question in the same thread. I forgot I needed to post new questions in new threads. I get an error with trying to insert the following formula into a cell in vba. .Range("M11").Formula = "=IF([@[Wait Time/Hrs]]<3,3,[@[Wait Time/Hrs]])" The...
  3. N

    In user subscribed threads there is no display of no(s) of views and replies

    Hello When i am logged in and viewing my own Subscribed Threads. there is'nt display of No. of Views and replies This is observed only in on Forums Page with no(s). of replies and views. which becomes quite tedious job for checking nos. of views and replies If i want to check the same when...
  4. S

    Viewing Old subscribed threads: Seems removed

    Hello Where can i see my all and old subscribed threads. ? Only last 2 months threads i am able to see and before two monthe the threads am not able view I sincerely request Moderators of this forum to help me retrive my old subscribed threads. Thanks and Regards SamD
  5. M

    Books or information on Microsoft Excel

    Are there any books written, good websites, or authors on how to learn Excel by using sports analogies, or examples ? (NFL Football ) ? I have seen numerous threads, but never any in depth books. Thank you very much for any help received.
  6. 6StringJazzer

    Two new threads do not show entire page, do not allow responses, do not allow likes, reports

    There are a couple of new threads that display only the post text but nothing below it. These are duplicates of each other, but I can't report them:
  7. Small Paul

    =SUMIF in VBA

    Hi I am sure this is very simple but having tried a variety of options from other threads I cannot solve it. I am trying to add a simple =sumif formula to a macro: Range("H35").Select .FormulaR1C1 = "=sumif(H4:H32,<=0)" I have tried without the R1C1 as well but the error 'invalid or...
  8. M

    VBA code to delete sheet if contains cell with value > X

    Good afternoon, I've reviewed many threads on how to delete a sheet if it contains a specific condition, but none that quite meets my needs. I have a workbook with over 900 sheets. I need to run a script that can be run once to delete an entire sheet if cell T7 on that sheet has a value...
  9. E

    Vlookup pulling wrong data

    I am confused as to why my Excel 2016 is pulling the wrong data. I think I have the formula set up correctly. IF(G4="2A",VLOOKUP(H4,C17:K30,9),IF(G4="3A",VLOOKUP(H4,M17:U30,9))) FYI - I have noticed other spreadsheets where I have a Vlookup in the cell is failing. It forces me to type in the...
  10. J

    multiple formulas

    Hi, I am doing a spreadsheet and most of the time I can easily find the answer to my question in one of your threads. but not this time.. here is my formula. =IFERROR(ABS(E3-D3)/D3,"") I only want an answer if there are values/numbers in cell E3 and D3. any suggestions? again I want to say...
  11. B

    HTML Image of Spreadsheet

    What do I need to do to highlight a section of a spreadsheet and copy it as an HTML image that I can post in my threads? -Thanks
  12. barry houdini

    Search New Posts

    Hello All, I haven't been around for a while and I know there have been problems with the board during that time. I often use "Search New Posts" to get all the latest activity across all forums and hopefully see any replies to threads in which I have posted.........but this doesn't currently...
  13. R

    Excel 2016 VBA & MACROS - Content Update

    After registering this great book at QUE , how do i find which content is updated. I found the inside cover to be misleading , especially Actually nothing is delivered, instead one has to login to view :( I expected an ebook/pdf with highlighted content of omissions / errors or references to...
  14. M

    Remove text in a string

    Hi there, I am trying to eliminate text that has been returned in a report. This is what has been returned...

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