1. K

    Air Quality - Want to know if consecutive value is above certain threshold for 24 hours

    Dear all, I need some help with figuring out my Air Quality Data. I have a device measuring PM2,5 every 5 minutes. To know whether the air quality meets criteria set by the WHO, I need to know if my measurements keep above 15 ug/m3 for 24 hours continuously. For this I need to know whether my...
  2. C

    Cumulative amounts at different threshold rates

    Hi, There are many ways to calculate what I need to do but I can't seem to finish any route that I've attempted. I'm trying to calculate excise tax rates for gallons of alcohol transferred. The first 30K gallons cost 1.00/gallon, the next 100K (30,001-130,000) cost 0.90/gallon, and anything...
  3. K

    Sumproduct multi-tiered thresholds

    I'm trying to find out if there is a formula to calculate the monthly billing fee based on the below table. I receive monthly reports from a customer. The below table shows the billing rate per product at each threshold level. Below the table is an example of how it is supposed to be...
  4. L

    If count formula counting hours threshold

    Hi... I'd like to ask if someone can help me to find the correct formula. I have an overtime tracking template for 31 days, the threshold total hours for the month is 303 for 30 days which is 10.1 per day, if an employee worked from 1-31, the threshold should retain 303, but if an employee...
  5. A

    Setting Up Threshold Limit Excel Formula

    Hi All, currently I have problem to solve this issue regarding setting up formula for case below. As you can see, I have a payment threshold of $1500, while the original data that I have is only the column #number & #payment made. I want to have a formula that can generate the value in column...
  6. M

    I think it's an IF formula.... but I can't get it to work

    Hi all - really hoping an Excel genius can work this one out for me :cool: Scenario is: I want to review the safety stock levels of a number of components. I've taken 2 components as an example If the percentage adherence to the agreed safety level, over a period of time, falls below a...
  7. leopardhawk

    Need help adding text to a formula

    These two formulas are in adjacent cells (I98 and J98) and I want to combine them into one formula and add a bit of additional text. This formula is returning "2019 OAS Recovery Tax threshold" without the quotes. =YEAR(NOW())&" OAS Recovery Tax threshold" This formula is returning $77580.00...
  8. B

    IF, OR and AND Nested Formula with a Threshold

    Hello Excel Gurus, I have put the Formula to compare the cell based on the cell value using a threshold of ± 30%, in some cell Formula is working fine but in some it is not at all, I cannot figure this out need help. Here is the Formula I am using; Formula...
  9. S

    IF statement (with threshold?)

    Hello, I need some help! I have the formula below but would like to modify it to include a different cell somehow. It should reference another cell saying not to go below a certain value. The current formula does take B4 up or down 50% depending on the value but the problem lies when it goes...
  10. A

    Subquery To Select Checks by Varying Age Requirements

    Hi all, I have a need to select all checks that fall within an age threshold determined by a client's preference. For example, one client might choose a 30 day threshold, another might choose every ninety days. I am receiving an error: "at most one record can be returned by this subquery."...
  11. S

    How to add filter or slicer to pivot table to use check values against totals.

    I am analyzing 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018) worth of claims data for a certain type of service, by provider. The pivot table row is the PROVIDER NAME (manually selected). The columns of data are based on PAID DATE YEAR (manually selected). The pivot table automatically calculates the GRAND...
  12. S

    Loop Structure Recommendations

    Greetings, I would like to write a conditional loop that upon meeting the condition(s) will produce a set of variable values to be placed in another sheet. I would like to be able to produce variables for all instances when a cell value associated with a row (and the counter variable in the...
  13. B

    Calculate the lowest 20% threshold for the answers to a questionnaire?

    I have some data that is the answers to a questionnaire and I need to work out the lowest (and highest) 20% threshold for each question. I am aware of the PERCENTILE.INC formula, but when I use it it gives the threshold for all the questions combined, but I need this just for the individual...
  14. R


    Hello, I have a large set of data as a function of time, and I am trying to figure out the number of peaks in the data. However, there is some noise in the data that I would like the formula not to count as peaks by entering a certain threshold that the peaks must be above to be counted peaks...
  15. K

    Add a fixed value until threshold is reached. Output is first value after threshold.

    Hi Everyone, first post. I'm generally "pretty good" with excel but I have no VBA experience. Hoping to find a solution to this problem without use of VBA. What I'm trying to do deals with dates, but for the sake of this I'm going to simplify it and I should be able to translate a solution to...
  16. K

    Conditional Format to Enter a Value in another Cell

    I want to conditionally format some values in a column based on the thresholds in the table below but I want the value in brackets to be entered in another cell. Threshold (1) Current (2) 0-30 (3) 31-60 (4) 61-90 (5) 91-120 (6) 121-150 (7) 151-180 (8) 180+ So if the value is between say 31 and...
  17. H

    How do I deal with necessary gaps in Pivot Table source data?

    Hi there I've created a formula whereby a column will post an end of week Friday date into a cell if a threshold is met. If however the threshold is not met, the column will post a blank into that column's row. There has to be a row spacing of five working days to each Friday as there are...
  18. W

    Formula or macro for value over X amount?

    Hi. I have spreadsheet where a value in a cell not be higher than 9999999.00. If so, I want to flag it which is easy enough with an IF statement, but is there a way to have tell me how many rows and of what values I need to have to still get the total but keep each row under the 9999999.00...
  19. M

    A UDF for knowing when to perform a maintenance

    I want to write a UDF (maybe multiple ones) perform calculations for a fleet of vehicles as to when to perform a maintenance or quality check. Not so simple when I factor in some time frames (rated by mileage) these maintenance's need to performed. So my first scheduled maintenance is to be...
  20. C

    Creating a list based off matrix contents

    Hello - I have been racking my head trying to figure this one out... Lots of google searches and searching MrExcel have left me still wondering. I have a matrix in excel where the top header is general ledger accounts and the left hand column is locations. When the two are combined you have a...

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