1. Jaafar Tribak

    Drag and Drop Shell Thumbnails onto the Worksheet as Shapes

    Hi, As the title suggests, the code allows you to drag thumbnails from explorer onto the activesheet and automatically converts them to excel Shapes. I've written and tested the code in Excel 2016 x64bit so I would love to know if it works in other versions as well.. If any of you tries the...
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    Extract Thumbnail preview from file

    Hi all, workbook example Extracting a thumbnail from a file (thumbnail as shown in windows file explorer) normally requires the use of a typelib but with the assistance of the handy DispCallFunc API function, one can execute a requested interface Method w/o the need of an external typelib...
  3. Y

    File thumbnail on userform

    how can one display the thumbnails of files that are in a listbox especially for .jpg, .cdr?
  4. Rymare

    PDF Thumbnail Labels into a List

    I have a giant PDF and I want a list of the thumbnail names--in just a text list--so i can use it in a macro I have. So, I want this: Into this D22 D23 D24 E22 E23 etc. etc. Now I only have the adobe reader DC, none of the frills and very basic, and I don't need any images or...
  5. J

    Help w/ show/hide on click function for vba?

    Hi Guys, Trying to click on a thumbnail of an image to reveal a full size image in a static position on the worksheet. The row on the left is a thumbnail of the full size picture on the right. What's the best method? Should I use a show/hide property for the larger picture or should the...
  6. D

    Using VBA to embed existing linked images into Excel (2010)

    I have an exising report generated in excel which has a thumbnail of a linked .jpg file inside the 1st cell of every row. There are 100's of rows each with a unique thumbnail and assosiated .jpg file. This excel file needs to be distributed to several other people. When distributed all the image...
  7. T

    VBA Automate facebook Post with thumbnail

    Hi, I'm trying to automate the Facebook post in group - Even I'm almost completed but it is posting only the Text and not the link. When I input text it posts without any problem but when I input links it pops up with error message stating nothing entered in the text box (Autally I want the...
  8. M

    I Have Macro to Populate List of Files (Need help with Populating Thumbnails)?

    I've searched the archives, and haven't found anything... I hope its even possible. I have a Video library on my server where I host Television shows and Movies that I stream to different systems throughout the house. I'm looking to use Excel to create a sort of Table of Contents sheet...
  9. S

    excel vba macro help needed for newbie programmer-search files, hyperlink, thumbnail?

    Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I was hoping someone could help. I am a newbie programmer at best. I understand a little VBA but not enough to do what I want for work. We have a bunch of files, word documents, with different numbers, sku-103, etc. I want to make a macro that can find the file...
  10. H

    Thumbnail Excel 2010

    hi Is it possible to have a thumbnail of an image display in Excel 2010 and when you click on the thumbnail, it is viewed in its normal size? cheers honkin

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