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    Adjust Sumproduct construction with Dropdowns

    Hi all Is there a way to construct an AND & OR sumproduct lookup that uses Tickboxes alongside a criteria range and also a toogle to state which of the list should be used as an OR or an AND criteria to adjust the outcome...
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    Cell values and conditional formatting

    Hello :) I am putting together a skills matrix that is to be used by other managers across the organization. There are three parts to this: 1) Identify a skill or competency required (sheet 1) 2) Score current staff skill level for each identified competency (sheet 2) 3) following, the...
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    Employee, Key Performance, Spreadsheet

    Hi Guys, I am trying to create a spreadsheet with a list or 30 or so KPIs we give to our casual staff. I am looking for a tick box system that I can tick the KPIs and it assigns say 5 points to tht employee. I then want to have the totals/percentage scored give a red/amber/green as to how...
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    How to automatically generate a user form with correctly labelled tickboxes to populate areas of a worksheet

    I have a large workbook which includes a number of macros already, one of which automatically loops through a number of different values to generate a consolidated report for each of those values. The available values in question are listed in cells C2:C101 of a sheet called 'Global Settings'...
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    only allow 1 tick box along a row

    Hi, I'd like 5 rows, with 4 tick boxes in each row. In each row, I'd like only 1 tick box that can be selected in each row. Currently I have 2 non-working versions 1: Only 1 box can be ticked in all the 5 rows !! 2: All of the tick boxes can be ticked !! Can you help out at all please? I an...

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