1. DRSteele

    Ranking with Tiebreakers

    Using tiebreakers is frequently required in sports leagues and sales data to come up with winners and losers. We can use a clever trick to rank with tiebreakers, a process otherwise made difficult by the many conditions. Here we have sales data for automobile salesmen, and we want to grant...
  2. B

    Ranking with Tiebreakers

    Need some help ranking, this is just a small sample. I found a formula on here to rank the teams based on columns D & F, but can't figure out how to use L as a tiebreaker instead of order in the spreadsheet. Obviously this is just a small sample of the sheet there are more columns so the...
  3. B

    Rank by Group with Tiebreaker

    I have searched a ton of posts to find this answer and have not been able to find the scenario that matches mine and works. I want to sort as follows: (There are 300+ Teams in 35+ Divisions) <tbody> Team Division Div Win % All Win % Rank A 1-5A 1.000 .750 1 B 1-5A .500 .800 3 C 2-5A...
  4. P

    Tiebreaker - SUMPRODUCT returning 0 Value

    Hey gang, I'm creating a very basic ranking system that essentially ranks two columns separately (Column A and Column B), then adds the value of the two columns together in Column C. I then rank Column C but am getting duplicate values where the totals are the same (no issues with this so...
  5. N

    Rank Dates with Continuous Rank and no Tiebreaker

    Hey guys, I am having some trouble with ranking dates. I want to rank a data set in ascending order. With dates there could be a multitude of ties. Is there a way to rank the dates and keep the number rolling up based off order in the list being the "first"? Ex: Using...
  6. D

    Excel 2010 Rank.EQ with Multiple Tiebreakers

    <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> <col width="64" span="5" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Cell A B C D E 1 Rank Name Criteria1 Criteria2 Criteria3 2 Ben 1 0 21 3 Ray 2 1 36 4 Steve 2 1 6 5...
  7. F

    Sports League Ranking With Tiebreakers

    Hello, I've seen numerous posts around this topic, but can't quite find one that meets my needs. I'm trying to create a ranking system for a non-profit sports league with tiebreakers. The following are the tiebreaker rules: Primary: Head to head Secondary: Team with higher points scored...

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