time calculation

  1. iosiflupis

    Interval Time Calculations

    Hello all, I am working on a spreadsheet to determine flight windows. We are trying to make a spreadsheet calculate the time window between scheduled aircraft ARR (arrivals) & DEP (departures). I will be inputting the times in as 24-hr hours/minutes. When the aircraft is a departure we need...
  2. R

    Calculating Man Hours Worked on Day Night Shift

    Shift Allocation formula = (If ENTRY is between 5am to 8am – Day Shift), else If ENTRY is between 5pm to 8pm – Night Shift; Otherwise Night Shift Note - The formula is incorrectly allocating “Night Shift” to any “Exit” as formula was focussed on capturing “ENTRY” only. Working Day [DS...
  3. W

    Time and Date task scheduling for a 2 shift operation

    This is a small part of a larger project. I am not a VBA person so please keep that in mind. I am trying to develop a task level schedule planner for a 2 shift 10 hour per shift operation. I have a list of task with start date, duration and a calculated end date based on the duration. All...
  4. A

    Calculate the difference in minutes of 2 rows

    Hi experts! I'm new to the Power BI world and I have a job to do, but I can't find the way to do that... If you could guide me, would be great! I need to obtain the time difference in minutes between a row and the one that follows. I would like to use the field "DATE" to calculate and maybe...
  5. D

    Adding up time from timestamps in excel

    Hello, I am trying to add up the total time differencebetween certain time stamps and when I do, I’m not sure how to convert thenumbers into hours for to get the correct sum. I have tried custom cellformatting but that doesn’t change the way excel sees inside the cell formulas.Below is the table...
  6. E

    Calculate Time Formula

    I would like to calculate the difference between start time and end time AND have the result appear in "quarters". Examples: B9 C9 E9 Start Time End Time Result 7:00am 10:30am 3.50 7:00am 10:15am 3.25 7:00am 10:45am...
  7. E

    Calculate Time Between Two Times In Excel That Cross Midnight?

    Okay, so I have scoured the Forum's and the web in general. There is a lot of info on how to calculate time but this is not addressed. I need to calculate hours worked between 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM when the employee works over midnight. Example: Start 9:00 AM Stop 2:30 AM should equal 3 because the...
  8. F

    Attendance After Midnight

    Hi All, I am trying to make a Conditional Formation rule to highlight employees who left early then the schedule time out. But due to Midnight, I am stuck. The scheduled timing is from 04:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Midnight). Following is attendance of an employee... <tbody> A B 1 Time In Time Out...
  9. J

    Total Time calculation for multiple start/end times in one day

    I'm trying to modify an existing timesheet that I created to track employee hours worked. I need to add some additional columns in order to calculate time with a large break in between work. For example: I have an employee that works 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM then will pick up again at 7:00 PM to...
  10. P

    time sum formula using one cell and respective rows from one column and conditional formatting

    I have a running timer in cell E3. In column Q starting at row 5 and going down, I want to have a difference equation of the running time and the time as input into column O via a clickable cell. This essential will give it a look of a stop watch. The equation for one cell is simple enough...
  11. Manolocs

    Time difference in minutes only

    Hello, I need the result in column "B" as a minutes only. The column "A" can have dates more than 10 days but still the results need to be in minutes. Any help is more than welcome :) <tbody> A B C 27/Mar/18 09:00 27/Mar/18 11:00 120 </tbody>
  12. L

    "Challenge" Time Calculation

    Dear Masters, I have a real challenge to you, I need formula or VBA that calculate the column 10 PM to 5 AM and10 PM to End. The formula or VBA need to understand: Column “10 PM to 5 AM” Calculate just time between 10 PM until 5 AM (number in hours, can be hours and minutes) Column “10...
  13. B

    A question of time

    Hi everybody:) I have read many posts on this forum and it has helped me in the past, but this time it seems that I'm really stuck and need to post my actual question (classic story I guess..). Anyways - I have a dataset that lists shipment orders and various related information. I am trying...
  14. D

    Time Sheet Question:

    So please be kind, I am a rookie and don't understand a lot of the language people use when responding to my questions. 1. I have a spreadsheet and I DON'T want to reconfigure the whole thing so I am hoping to get an answer to what I hope is a simple question. 2. I am using a customer format...
  15. A

    Given a row of start time and end time, calculate time elapsed in minutes IN EACH HOUR in columns in that row

    Hi All, I would jump directly into the problem which I have been facing. Part-I I have an excel sheet with tons of rows, and each row has one start time and one end time in 2 of its columns (hh:mm:ss format). These times can be anything in general. The end time is ahead of start time...
  16. L

    Adding and subtracting time and date within a specified date range

    Hi, I need to create a dynamic table that helps with backplanning from a specified date and time. It's meant to be used for project management, so I essentially something like this: If someone enters data into the blue boxes the full table should populate with dates and times in the format...
  17. T

    Expressing time

    Hi, What is the best way to express time traveled when you will the multiply by a monetary rate to get compensated? For example, should 1 Hour and 30 minutes of travel be 1.5 or 1:30? Time will only be in 15 minute intervals: 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 etc It will then me multiplied by reimbursement rate...
  18. M

    Calculating Cell value hours from Now()

    Hi all, Long time luker now hoping for some help. please. We wish to maintain a running log of prodcution scheduling. The format we have been attempting is (E1)Print Date & Time (F1)9/21/2016 (G1)4:55:36 PM Job Number Part Number Description...
  19. A

    Macro for calculating hours between two times

    Hi, Someone can help to me? I have two time data in column E and column F For example: ColumnE 12:30 ColumnF 18:11 The rule is the following: If StartTime is greater than 12:00pm, then show total hours (column Q) between 18:00 and 22:00 So 12:30 and 18:11 -> 0:11 or 14:15 and 21:15 -> 03:15...
  20. D

    Creating a time sheet with time calculation

    Hi all, Been a while since I last posted here. I'm trying to create a time sheet which takes hours and minutes but not the time. For example, a job takes 18 hours and 23 minutes and come out of a CSV file as 18:23, but the allocated time is only 15 hours (shown as 15:00), I want to be able to...

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